Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Chicken, I will

Still not feelin' the wheels, but for chicken, I will walk in them. The front part of the harness slips and then I won't move. I get my wheels caught on a corner and stubbornly, won't budge unless there is chicken in the deal. And it is so embarrassing, but I had 2 number 2 accidents in the house in the last 2 days. I NEVER do that! The first time, I used the bathroom, but today, Deborah's rug was too appealing -like pink grass. I peed, too. What's up with me? This is a first for me -like biting.
Well, I tried to post photos but found out I have exceeded my Google limit, so I have to buy more space.
Hey, did you watch the royal wedding? We did -all day! I wanted to chew up some of those hats!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Warm Day

I love basking in the sun. It makes my back feel better. Our temperatures continue to climb! We have a high of 75 today! It's really nice. It is still chilly at night, but getting up to the 50's finally. It's just right now. I love to be outside in the sunbeams. I finished off my Easter chicken, devoured a new chew, and pulled the stuffing out of my new baby, but not all of it.
Lady keeps trying with the wheels, but unless she bribes me with chicken, I won't budge. Any more ideas?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessings!

It's Resurrection Day! I dressed up, but I didn't go to church this morning. They don't allow little dogs, but we had house church. The bunny came! I got chicken, a new baby (which I have already pulled stuffing out of), shoe chews, and treats. I hope you have an awesome Easter! Oh, Lady saw Abishek in church and he's fine. I hope he learned his lesson.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm in Trouble

The kids from the Children's Home came for an Easter celebration. Jing was sick and couldn't help us. But our friends C. & J. came to help us. Twenty kids came. Lady told them the Easter Story and it's importance for today. Evangeline helped translate for the new little ones. Speaking of the new little ones. They didn't listen to Aunty, or Christy, or Pearly, or Lady or anyone who told them not to mess with me. Abishek messed with me too much and I bit him. Don't get excited, I didn't break the skin, but I left a little mark. He cried for about 10 seconds. Lady took care of him. I got a time out. I tried to apologize. Very loudly from the bedroom. No go. I missed the rest of that party. Lady let me come out and say good-bye. Christy was so upset she wanted to take time-out with me. She told Abishek not to mess with me. Lady says I can't bite no matter what. I didn't even get in a really good bite - I just scared him. Lady is still upset about it.
So, as soon as they left, Lady had to get ready for the next bunch of neighborhood girls for their party. Twelve came. I got to stay. Three of the girls are afraid of me. I guess with reason.
Christy sprung me from time out so I could come out and watch the last of the egg hunt, and the gift giving.
These are a couple of the new little ones from the home.


These are the big girls at the second party. I was let out and allowed to attend. I was on my best behavior -well, I didn't bite anyone.

I'm on clean-up duty at the second party. If they drop food, I clean it up. It's my job, unless it is chocolate. I'm not allowed to eat chocolate.
I loved the stuffing out of my teddy while Lady was telling the Easter story with plastic eggs!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Lady took your advice! She brought home chicken after Good Friday services up on top of the ridge. ! That's a sacrifice for a vegetarian, and Lady knows I appreciate it. I am NOT a vegetarian though I tried. Anyway, she adjusted my wheels again and again, and rewarded my efforts with chicken. I knew if I held out long enough she'd fold. After success inside, she took me out to the street. I did great. Even the neighborhood guys were cheering me on, mimicking Lady. "Come on, Mah-lee, You can do it." They don't speak quite the way Lady does. I did great until the chicken was gone. Then I put on the brakes and stopped. I can do it. I am more comfortable now, but if the front of the harness slips I stop and won't budge. I am good at reverse and turning around, but I still get stuck.
I'm helping Lady prepare all the goodies for the kids from the Grace Home for Children. That's our first party. Then we have another right after that for the Big Girls. They are all excited. They love our parties. Lady has been working on the Resurrection Eggs to tell the story of this season. We always share our holidays.
Thanks for the encouraging words and advice. Lady wants to know if you have any ideas for stubborness. Now why would she want to know that?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passion Week

I know about this time of year. I usually get an Easter bucket. One year in China, I got into Lady's basket and stole some real eggs. I accidentally ate some of the plastic Easter grass some volunteers had brought from the U.S. The next day when I tried to poop, only loops of Easter grass popped out of my butt...and got stuck! How embarrassing! I cried -loudly, attracting too much attention. Lady was embarrassed and tried to help me. Serves me right for stealing eggs. I won't do it this year. Most of our neighbors are Hindu, and Lady doesn't eat eggs anymore. I do. We usually have an egg tree. This year it is on the wall.
I hope the Easter Bunny comes to see me again this year. I will put my bucket out. Don't get your knickers in a twist Of course I know the real meaning of Easter! It's Resurrection Day. It is at the very center of what Lady believes. It is THE biggest and most important day on the Christian Calendar. I've been listening to the stories from the Bible for years. I know how Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. No more animal sacrifices. Jesus paid it all. He who knew no sin died that they might have eternal life. Lady will go to services up on the mountain at Rev. Paul's church. It's up on the mall at 7,000 feet, built by the British in 1844. My Children from Grace Home will be there, too. They are coming here Saturday for their Easter Party, right before the Big Girls Club have their party. Yippee! Back to back parties!! Lady's been shopping! She came home from the bazaar soaking wet and loaded down with stuff. Our American friends donated some Tootsie Roll Pops! Can't get those here.
So, I am dragging my legs. Lady puts me in my wheels. I whine. I don't know how to tell her why I don't like them, so I whine. She's getting annoyed. She tried to take me outside for a walk. It's sunny and up to 63. I wouldn't budge. Anybody have any suggestions for us? We both need encouragement.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back at the Home...

No, Lady didn't put me back in the home. We just went for a visit. Lady is taking photos for their blog of the kids on their way to school. I was happy to see them.
My two Aunties who took care of me were so happy to see me. Premlatta was ill for four days and didn't leave her room. So, I didn't either. I just stayed by her side and watched over her. They had to come get me to take me out to take care of business. She told Lady this story this morning. We were up early to see the kids off. They don't have a camera so Lady takes photos for them with her little camera. I made myself right at home.

I've missed Pearly!
It's a bad back day. I'm dragging. So Lady put me in my wheels. I'll walk in them, but I'm not happy about it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I know

I know I'm a good boy. I know I'm smart. I know Lady loves me. I know Lady thanks God for me. How do I know all these things? Because Lady tells me every day.
I know if I look pathetically at my dry food, Lady will add some milk or gravy or dal.
I know if I nudge her hand, Lady will keep scratching me.
I know if I put on the brakes while I'm walking Lady, she'll back up and let me lead again.
I know if I keep sniffing, I'll find the right spot.
I know "meat" in four languages.
I know how to open any package all by myself.
I know if I bang on a door, it will eventually get opened for me.
I know how to make Lady feel better when she's sad or mad or having a pity-party. I lick her face.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Road Trip

These are my wheels for our road trip. Lady and I had the back seat with the printer and the snacks for the eight-hour trip up and down and around the mountains. I love road trips!
Pit stop. Nice waterfall.
We drove through a hole in the mountain like this truck did.
See? You couldn't even see the side of the road. It just went down, down, down.
Here I am in the back seat.
We made it! Snow is still on the mountains, but not in the valley.
Dinner time! I like rice and dal.
Taking a walk.
I helped at the small mountain school...supervising.
"If you're happy and you know it feed the dog!" Well, something like that.
This is from today, headed home. It's still really cold for a little dog.
In our little village high up in apple country, the apple trees weren't quite blooming, but further down the road they were.
Apple blossoms!

It was a l-o-n-g day, but a pretty trip. I had lots to smell along the way. I am glad to be home in my own home tonight, by my heater.
I took my wheels, but I am still not crazy about them. Where we stayed had rough wooden board floors -not good for wheeling around. And the roads were muddy and rough as well as steep. But I tired them again today for just a bit.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

How Do I Look

Lady tried to make me more comfortable this morning, as we prepare for our journey. How do I look?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Road Trip

Lady is packing our bags for another road trip. We're going in a car for about 5 hours over some pretty treacherous roads. The mountain hangs over the road and no shoulders! We have to wind wind wind around the mountains. Lady is helping the teachers in a very small school. Lady said we'll be there for a week to ten days. There's no internet in that village so we'll be out of communication for awhile. She's taking tons of stuff for the little school. I tried to play with some of it but got scolded. She's packed my wheels, too. Oh boy. She adjusted them some more and I did walk, lie down, turn around and walk a bit more.
I'm all clean and have my flea and tick goop on. My Pooh coat is clean and ready to go. Lady says it's pretty cold there so she's bringing my heating pad.
I'll take lots of photos and share them with you when I get back.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Not Lovin' It

I'm just not lovin' these wheels yet. I get stuck on corners, my feet are off the ground and my butt in the air. Lady keeps trying to get them adjusted just right, and I love her for it, but... I'm not feelin' it. I told Lady to get me out...please. Then I drag my feet. I know, I know. That's what the wheels are for, but I'm just not so sure about them yet. If any of you wheelchair users have any advice for me, I would sure like to hear it. Will it get better? Lady bought me Doggles once and I never liked them. I would wear them in the taxis as I stuck my head out the window, but I would never walk with them on. I can be stubborn.

I've Got Wheels!

Lady went to the post office just as soon as the package slip arrived. She barely made it back for Big Girls Bible CLub meeting. After the meeting, I opened my box. The girls helped Lady figure out how to put my wheelchair together. They were really good at following the diagram. They had to make several adjustments, but it wasn't hard. My hind legs go through these loops. My back feet don't touch the ground, which is good, but I am not so sure about these wheels. I am used to wearing a harness, so that is not big deal. But I am not used to having my butt in the air and loops touching my privates. Maybe Lady doesn't Have this thing adjusted right. How's a guy supposed to take care of business? I couldn't even figure out how to pee. I whined at the sand pile and Lady took me out and let me go. Yes, it is still difficult, but at least I know how to do it.
So that was a bit traumatic, but nothing like when India won the World Cup for Cricket tonight! The cherry bombs sound like they are out on our balcony! Fireworks, car horns, shouting, and more cherry bombs! I've been shaking for the past hour, and will not leave Lady's side. Maybe they will go to bed soon. Us little dogs need our sleep.
I think Lady's a little disappointed that I didn't just love the new wheels. Maybe tomorrow I will try again. Beats dragging my feet. She said I was brave and that I tried, so I got treats. The most fun was opening the box.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Still No Wheels

Still waiting. And we have a trip coming up. I helped Lady organize and pack a bunch of stuff for the little school in Apple Country. I hope there's room in the taxi for me and all my stuff!
Aunty Sara, Aunty Marilyn and Buddy Boy sent these craft supplies for Lady to use with our kids. We will use them at our Resurrection Day party.
Lady found most of these supplies locally. Aunty Glenda sent money to help pay for these supplies for the small school we're going to next week. I love helping Lady with stuff! I take care of the trash.