Monday, May 20, 2013


I had just moved into a large apartment in a huge complex in a city of about one million -small by Chinese standards. I smiled at everyone but no one would talk to me. I heard every noise in that big apartment. I wanted a dog. So, I cried out to God. Okay, I whined. "I don't have any friends here, no one will talk to me, it's lonely. I want a dog. A black and tan dobie. Oh wait. I'm on the fourth floor. How about a black and tan dachshund?" I didn't tell anyone else. Less that two weeks later, I had a call from friends who had gone to buy furniture in the capital city. They told me a little dog was homeless and needed a home. He was almost three years old. I asked what breed it was. " A dachshund," came the reply. "What color is it?" I quickly asked. "He's black and tan." That's my dog! Thank you God! 
On May 20, 2004, I rode the bus to the capital city and  met my little guy. I put my hand in from of him and said, "You must be Marley." He wagged his tail, licked my hand and that was that. 
From the first time I walked Marley in our neighborhood, people began to speak to HIM! I would answer back in Chinese, and new relationships were forged. They called him "Mah LEE." He was featured in a commercial for the complex! He knew every noodle shop and restaurant where they saved bones or meat for him. He went everywhere with me. He rode buses with ease. He went into teahouses with me every Wednesday night for English Corner. He loved going to the foot massage parlors because he got lots of scratching. He is a constant reminder that God heard my cry, and cared enough to give me this little companion. God has provided loving families who want to take care of him when I travel. God has provided a friend who has paid for his ticket when we flew to India, and then later to Delhi.  
Marley has made such an incredible difference in my life. Today, I am still in the US and missing him so much. His Adoption/Birthday Bash will have to be delayed until I get back. The vet said he was born in May, so we just celebrate both days together. He is twelve years old this year! He still helps me break the ice with neighbors who don't know what to make of me. He greets me enthusiastically whether I have been gone for a few hours, a few days, or a few months. He is an excellent host when we have guests. He shares his treats and old toys with street dogs. He never poops in the house or chews up anything. He sticks by me when I'm sick, and licks my tears when I cry. He is my furkid and I love him dearly. It has been hard to be away, but the trip is just too far and too hard on him. Hopefully I will be back in India this week. I am waiting for my ticket. 
 From our first Christmas together in China, 2004
 At the teahouse
 Summer English Camp. Marley helped teach
  One of our neighbors in China. 
 From Last year's party
 From 2010

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Lady rides her bike on the beach about five and a half miles to the area of beach known as "Dog Beach" because pooches are allowed. It happens to be, in Lady's opinion, one of the most naturally beautiful places in the area. It is past the jetties where the fisherman climb on the rocks and try to catch all kinds of fish. It is along the inlet where the salt water mixes with fresh from the river and provides an outlet into the Atlantic Ocean. Humans park their cars in a special park and walk through the dunes to get to the beach. This beach is home to a myriad of wild life well known to Floridians. Dolphins and manatees frolic in the waves. A variety of sea birds scoop and dive, or walk along the shore digging out sand crabs. All kinds of boats and personal water craft enjoy this area. And, this is one of only a very few areas where dogs are welcome. Lady is sad that I couldn't be there with her, so she took some photos of other dogs enjoying the this beach -Lady's most favorite place.
 This is Champ, a three-year-old rescue cutie. Lady had so much fun watching him, she asked his human if she could take his photo.
 Champ couldn't wait to try and catch the bubbles!

 Flat me posed with Champ and his humans. Isn't he handsome?
 He's a lover, too!

Meet Cooper. He has two humans to pull his Radio Flyer red wagon (I'm jealous of the wagon) with all their beach necessities.

 Here's Flat Me with Cooper, under his umbrella. He has the cutest nose! Hope it doesn't get sunburned!
I think full me would really like Cooper!

 Some walk...
Some need some encouragement...
 And some just really want to get in the water!
 What's in the water? Manatees!

 Sharks? No, they are dolphins! But Lady watched as a women reeled in a baby hammerhead shark! Their pooch wanted to play with it!
This is hopefully Flat Me's last week in Florida before he and Lady head home to India. Lady, come home!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Lady went to the Magic Kingdom the first time in California when she was six. She has never outgrown it! Aunty Sheri, who visited us in India, treated her. Aunty's parents treated all of us for our meals!
 From the train station looking at Main Street
 Flat Marlley takes the train to Fantasyland. They've recently remodeled it.
 Pooh! I have a Pooh rug, blankie, coat, and stuffie!
 Lady loved the new Winnie the Pooh ride!

 Aunty Sheri and me on Dumbo
 Flat Marley piloting Dumbo!

Prince Charming Carousel

 Cinderella's castle mosaic
 it's a small world after all!

 A new area in Fantasyland about Beauty and the Beast

 Lady loves car racing. I rode with Aunty Sheri

 Mickey and Minnie Mouse
 Pirate's of the Caribbean
 Poor guy, he's stuffed! Is this what they do to dogs at Disney World?

Jungle Cruise

 Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse statute
 Swiss Family Treehouse

What a day! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thank You Aunty

I've gone back to Marissa's home, my teen human. I had such a good time with Aunty Gail and Uncle Edwin. Aunty told Lady I was fun and well-behaved, and my nails need trimming. I don't like my nails trimmed. Yes, they are long. My Lady is supposed to come home this month! She's trying to figure out how to get all my surprises back.
Usually, we celebrate my Adoption Day/Birthday on May 20, but we'll have to postpone it. I'll pawty anytime. This year I'll be twelve!

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Lady's brother had a BIG birthday, so she and my grandparents drove up to help him celebrate. 

 Flat Me and my cousin Pepper, a Havanese.
 My cousin Casey, a Pek, KCC Spaniel mix

Cousin Teddy, the persian cat. He goes everywhere in the house.
 Casey and David, Lady's great-nephew, exploring Casey and Pepper's new yard. Looks like great fun! Lots of room to run and not get into trouble.
 Flat Me at Uncle Roger's birthday party (with Aunty Allison). Well, looks like Lady had a great time with Flat Me. She said she would rather have full me! Aunty Allison and Lady went shopping at Pet Smart for a certain full-figured little black wienie dog! 
Speaking of full-figured, Lady and I have been pulling for Obie, the doxie in his efforts to trim down. He just had skin reduction surgery after dropping from 77 pounds (in August) down to 37 lbs. 2 oz. before his tummy tuck, and 35 lbs. 4 oz. after. He's recovering well. You can read all about Obie on his facebook page "Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition
 Way to go, Obie!!