Friday, May 27, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here, sharing more of what I am learning at the beach. So far, I've introduced you to a garter snake, a possum,  and a gopher tortoise. Today, I'd like to tell you about the ghost crab. Mommy is teaching me about animal life. I learned about camouflage. The ghost crab blends in with the sand. 

Now, can you see me?
It's me, Teddy, saying stay out of trouble!

Monday, May 23, 2016


Dory is sponsoring a dress up day in memory of Whitley who joined my brother at the bridge earlier this month. Mommy wanted us to pawticipate and send barks and kisses to Marley and Whitley.

Hard to imagine but I did not fully cooperate for the photo shoot. Belly rubs finally got me to stay still for a second.

And here's one of my Angel brother Marley.
This is one of Mommy's favorite photos of Marley.
We pray you are running free with our beloved Marley, Whitley! Barks and kisses! 


Hello World, Teddy here.
So who could possibly believe I could get into so much trouble? Training the peeps is really hard work. I just keep trying. Mommy has to learn that if there is ANY way I can reach even just the handle of her purse I WILL get it and then it's fair game.
I got into Mommy's test kit and chewed up the tiny bottle of control solution. The carpet hadnt recovered. Maybe they'll buy another rug to cover up more of my mistakes. I wouldn't hold still for photos. I got it all over both paws and my beard. Its fading.
Mommy bought me a new toy !
Then Grandma discovered four surprises on her carpet upstairs. Well, I didn't want to interrupt the movie.

Do you think I'll have to give it back?
Mommy thinks she can keep me out of the garbage with new cans that have lids. Ha! All you have to do is poke your nose under the edge and then put your paws in the space and pull it over.
The laundry basket doesn't have a lid so it's fair game.
Blue markers taste good. I can open the marker box.
Sometimes I scratch, so Mommy bought these special soothing wipes. They have a bitter taste to keep me from chewing. I ate the wipe.
Hey! Do you know what this is? Its a gopher!
We saw it in the dunes. When I try to sniff it, it just pulls its head in. No fun. Hey this dude is big!
Okay World. Be curious and look in EVERYTHING!
Wags, Teddy. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016


My dear Marley- May 20, 2001 - January 21, 2016
Thank you for your life, your unconditional love, and your companionship. You were a gift from God, an answer to a very specific prayer request for a black and tan daschund. You were always a reminder that God hears my prayers and knows what I need. Before you, none of my neighbors in China spoke to me. You broke down the barriers. You did this in every city in which we lived. You never forget a friend. You stuck by me when I was sick, when I was lonely, when I was hurt, and when I was discouraged. You were so adaptable. You adjusted to your time share families and to our moves. I had hoped that you would get to see my homeland, and meet your many fans. But it was not to be. I had to say good-bye in January. 
I am so grateful to have had you in my life. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here in this embarrassing photo. It's wet in FL. I got muddy. I got a bath.
This happened on our walk:
mommy's nuts. She wanted to pick it up, butt I objected.
Look who we found! Mommy wanted to adopt it. I had other ideas.
Mommy thinks it's cute. She wanted to pick it up and play with it.
We didn't bring the baby home.
I got to go for a car ride early today. I'm a good rider. I love it. I just stay on my quilt and I am quiet.
Grandpa Still doesn't appreciate me helping with the garbage. And Grandma doesn't appreciate me bringing her undies downstairs for her. How else is Mommy going to know that I have done my job and woken them up?
This how our day started. I've now been in my fourth home for two months. I like my family. I think I'll stay here furrever. 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Hello world! Teddy here with life-saving information. Mommy says I'm going to give her a heart attack. I just haven't finished her training yet. If I can reach her purse handle hanging down, I will pull it down. If it is unzipped even a little, I will get into it. Mommy has to carry snacks for when her blood sugar gets low. I found it. She doesn't normally have RAISINS in It, but this mix did. She didn't remember how many raisins were left. Raisins cause kidney damage. The treatment protocols are even longer than chocolate. Grapes are TOXIC as well. 36 raisins could cause renal failure and death. So Mommy laced my small bit of ice cream with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and I threw out- everything. She was relieved to only find two raisins. She also found stuffing, a pencil eraser, chewed bits of plastic, hair, and a piece of string. I got lots of attention because she felt so bad.
So furrends, don't eat grapes, raisins, chocolate, avocados, onion, or garlic. And do t eat the eracers off pencils. You might have to throw out or go to the hospital and get shaved and stuck and have to stay still for IVs. 
Guess what? Lady won first in her age group in the 5 k Trail Run and second overall ( ladies) in over 50. She got a beach towel. And poor people in Cambodia are getting clean water. 

Lady, Grandma and Grandpa are much better at pushing on their chairs if they get up during a meal. I still managed to get blueberry coffee cake, pizza, some napkins, and Mommy's mechanical pencil. 
I added more scratches to Mommy's leg. She hollered so loud it scared me. I haven't done it again. "OUCH!!"means don't do that anymore. 
This is the $419 chocolate bar I got caught eating that sent me to the hospital. 
Until next time...

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here.
Mommy and I say hello to the rising sun each morning. 
Mommy's training for a 5K Trail Run on Saturday. We mostly walk fast but I get her to run about a mile. 
You know those spots I added to Mommy's bedroom floor? We got a new rug! 50% off. 
That's my new kennel in the background, but Mommy wants to send it back. It was very expensive and I don't need it for potty training. 
She bought a new gate for the stairs and kitchen. Its free standing, very lightweight, and easy to move. I don't like it. It keeps me out of the kitchen. I'm a tripping hazard. But I am also a super fast mess cleaner upper. That fact has been ignored.
I decorated Mommy's legs with deep scratches on both legs. I'm just trying to dance with her leg. Love hurts. Or maybe it's lust- I don't know what I'm doing, I just do it.
I try to lick them clean but Mommy doesn't like me to. I think I'm getting the Drimmel again. 
Until next time,

Saturday, May 07, 2016


Hello World! 
How do you like my haircut? It's compliments of the vet techs at the hospital. 

At least both front legs match. They really bother me. I've been licking and biting them.
I redesigned Mommy's bedroom carpeting when I spewed charcoal all over. At least it is lighter now. Mommy shampooed it. Now she has to buy a new rug.
Grandpa's in the doghouse. I went next door and was barking at the American bulldog next door. He was restrained so I just let him have it. The neighbor scooped me up and took me home because Chopu has broken his cables. Grandpa can't remember to close the bathroom door so I continue to redecorate with the trash. So it's a good thing I'm cute and the whole family loves me!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here. I spent the night at the veterinary emergency clinic. I tried to help Mommy unpack and I found a ginormous chocolate bar. I tried to eat it all but Mommy interrupted me. After researching online, she called the poison hotline. They said because of the amount of dark chocolate I ate I needed to go to the hospital. We got there at 11:00 pm. Mommy left me there.Grandpa told the vet tech, "That's my grandson- take good care of him."
The vet made me throw out all in my tummy. She gave me activated charcoal. They stuck needles in both legs for fluids. They monitored my vitals. Mommy said that was a very expensive chocolate bar! Butt she said I am worth it. The amount I ate could cause severe issues. 
I came home very thirsty. I drank lots of water. Then I jumped on Mommy's bed and threw out all that charcoal water. Mommy tried to clean it and I jumped down and covered the white carpet with black dots! She called the vet. She said it happens and to limit my water for now. I have a black beard and shaved legs.
I'm okay world! Thanks to those who prayed for me. 
I'm sleepy and ready for a nap! 


Lady here. Granma and Grandpa survived my trip to North Carolina. The casualties were two more pencils, Grandpa's steak dinner, and the contents of the bathroom trash. He got out in time out. He drug stuff from under the bench and chewed it. He expressed his displeasure at time out with a puddle and a pile. He had a good day Monday so Mom didn't sell him on eBay. I came home today and brought home a one pound bar of Trader Joe's 72 percent dark chocolate bar. Teddy found in in my suitcase under clothes. He was quite for a few minutes so we chanted our mantra "Where's Teddy?" I found him on my bed covered in chocolate, as is the blanket. He ate three squares. I called the pet poison hotline. They calculated the amount of theobromide he ingested. It was significant enough to cause seizures and heart arythmia and recommended he go to the hospital. It was 10:00 pm. Grandma and Grandma went too. The hospital is 25 minutes away. He had to have induced vomiting, activated liquid charcoal, fluids, and stay overnight. I've already called to check on him. No fever. Vitals are good. They got lots and lots of chcolate out of him. I have to call at 6:00 for an update. He might be released at 7:00 am. 
It's going to be a long lonely night. We appreciate prayers and power of the paw. 
He gets into everything! I live in fear of this kind of thing. I pray he outgrows it. 
That was one expensive chocolate bar!
I'll write an update tomorrow.