Monday, May 30, 2011

Taking Medicine

In my last post, I told you about Lady's challenge with trying to get the nasty tasting medicine in me. That was when she didn't know it was nasty. I don't have an appetite. This morning, she praised me for taking my medicine. What? I just had pancakes with syrup and plain yogurt. And after dinner, she said I was a good boy. I didn't eat quite all of my pizza, but she said I ate enough. We had house church and dinner here tonight. Everyone had their own pizzas.
Lady didn't see any blood in my poop. Thanks for praying for me. 
I wonder what she'll feed me tomorrow. If she tries to put that stuff on my chow, I will not even go near it. Lady knows that. I trained her well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm still not feeling well. I wouldn't eat anything until 6:00 PM, and even then not until Lady put some milk on it. Jerry went and got my medicine, Griptol-N. It says it is an anti-diarrhoeal. Lady wouldn't give it to me until she talked to the vet. I don't have "loose motion" as they say here. The vet called us and told Lady that I could have some bacteria that causes loose motion, or something like that. He wants me to take it twice a day for three days. So, Lady followed the directions and measured out the correct amount in the special measuring spoon, ad tried to pour it in my mouth. That stuff was NASTY! I slung my head and waggled my tongue trying to get that stuff out of my mouth. No way was I swallowing it! I splattered Lady's jeans, her hands, and the floor generously, then took off. Lady tasted her hand and discovered why I spit it out. She said, "This stuff is NASTY! Sorry, Marley!" She'll figure some way to sneak it into me. Rots of ruck.  I still have some blood on my poop. We don't know what is wrong. So, please keep praying for me. And if any of you other doxies out there can tell me what's up, let us know. Oh, and I threw up twice today, that yellow frothy stuff.
The big girls came over, and that cheered me up. They scratched me a lot.
 I can always count on Pearly to scratch me.

Good News, Sort of

We got my lab report back. No parasites, no worms. The vet said my poop was okay. But Lady still doesn't know what is wrong with me. He gave me a prescription to take for five days. We'll see how I am then. I am eating okay and pooping okay. I don't have a fever. I am not as tender as I was Thursday. Thanks to those who are praying for us.
Me, in the Word

Friday, May 27, 2011

Not Feelin' So Good

Lady is worried abut me. She's been praying over me all morning, ever since I took her out to take care of business and she spotted fresh blood in my poop. She scooped it up in a tub and called my vet. He said to send it with Jerry and he'd send it to the lab before 12::00, and get the results back this evening. He's also going to give me a worm pill and my rabies injection this evening. Lady took me yesterday but they were out of the vaccine. We had waited an hour for the taxi, and spent RS 300, and came away with nothing. The vet felt bad so he said he'd pick up the vaccine and give it to me at home. He lives down the mountain from us. Now this. Yesterday, I was tender. I cried when Lady picked me up and put me down. She couldn't figure out what was wrong. She didn't see my evening business yesterday because Jerry took me out. Lady had a meeting with visiting Americans. We had another storm last night. It was raining heavily this morning, so we had to wait for awhile to go out. I don't like to go out in the rain, even with my raincoat on.

If your the types who prays to God, please pray for me and for Lady. Waiting is tough. We looked up causes online and have posted the link from the I Love India site, and one other. Fresh blood is indicative of a problem in the lower intestines, usually the colon or rectum. Could be worms. Could be because of something I ate. Lady read Psalm 112 to me and we feel much better. We have to just trust the Lord. He knows best. After all, I am a gift to Lady from Him.
I'm just chillin' with my baby and Lady.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepless Night

When Lady doesn't sleep, I don't sleep. When I don't sleep, Lady doesn't sleep. When is she gonna learn that she just can't have caffeine after 4:00 pm? Two nights in a row she succumbed to the chocolate temptation way too late. She even had Coke after 6:00 pm!! Okay, so pair that with thunderstorms and nobody in our room sleeps! Funny how Jerry and Deborah can sleep through the banging doors and windows, the whipping of the trees against the buildings, the thunderous claps and lightning that lit up our room. I'm shaking and climbing under the covers as close to my Lady as I can.
Last night Lady enjoyed American night with her friends, eating barbecue, quesadillas, Veggies and ranch dip, tortilla chips and real salad! It was the brownie sundae that did her in. She came home late and I took her out for a walk. But still, I woke her up at 5:45. It is totally light outside and I am ready to get started.
But after breakfast, we crawl back on the bed to read the Bible. We'll have church tonight. And Lady will lock away my squeaky toys during that time. She says the baby is coming tonight. Yippee!
So, no caffeine tonight, Lady! And hopefully no storms!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Adoption Day/Birthday Party

 My thank-you bones!

 Paw print chapattis!
 Corbin and Hannah gave this to me last year. I miss them this year!

 Jerry makes chapattis for me!

 Look at all my loot!

 Paws off the chicken -a gift from Wyatt, Lindsey and Levi
 I was busy chasing the bones the were tossing.
 A Marley cake for the human guests

 My cake.
 Jerry gave me a softie

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's My Special Day!

Seven years ago today, Lady adopted me. I was living in the capital city of Yunnan province in southwest China. My family left me with the house helper for six months before my human dad came back only to sell the furniture...and me. He asked the  humans who bought the furniture if they wanted me. They said no because the Man has allergies. They called Lady because they knew she loved animals. What that has to do with me, I don't know. What they didn't know, is that Lady had asked God for me less than two weeks earlier. She was in a new city and a new flat. She didn't know anyone in the neighborhood, and they were afraid to speak to her. She was lonely in her new big flat. So, she told God about it. She wanted a black and tan doberman pinscher, but she lived on the fourth floor. So, she asked God for a black and tan dachshund. She didn't know little dogs like me were hard to find in Yunnan. But God is big, and He heard her cry. He blessed her with me.
The first time she saw me, the house helper was just about to take me out to take care of business. She said to me, "You must be Marley," and she stuck out the back of her hand so I could sniff her. She smelled good, so I set my happy meter in motion and I kissed her hand. I didn't quite know what to think when all my stuff was put in a paper sack, and we got in a taxi. I let her pick me up and hold me in her lap. Chinese is my first language, but I understood some English as well. Mainly, I understand kindness and love. 
Lady's friend had called the bus station and they said as long as I was in a box I could ride. So, the taxi driver got us a box. Lady put me in it with my toy, water,  and a towel. We tried to get on the bus but the driver stopped us with a firm, "Bu!" No. I'd heard that before. He said I had to ride with the bags. Lady cried and begged but the answered was still, "BU!" Lady crawled in the baggage compartment. I thought she was going to ride with me, but she was just making sure I had air and it wasn't hot. It wasn't. Lady says it was the longest two and a half hours of her life. She prayed for me the whole way, and worried about me. After two hours, I got tired of being down there and started calling her to come get me. My cries broker her heart. As soon as the bus stopped she flew off and ran to open the door of the baggage compartment. I was no longer in the box, but was sitting atop one of the softer bags. I turned on my happy meter to let her know I was fine. Everybody laughed. I leaped into her welcoming arms, and we got in another taxi to go to my new home. 
Lady had invited the family that told her about me. They have three short humans. They came over for my welcoming party. And now, every year Lady and I celebrate my "gotcha day," and my birthday. The vet told her my birthday was around this time, so we celebrate both. That makes me ten years old today! And guess what???? I am doing SOOOOO much better! I am not aching. I am not dragging my legs. I am not crying. My left hip is still weak, and I wobble a bit, but I feel good! Lady is so relieved! 
It is the tradition in India that on your birthday, you give out sweets. So, today Lady and I will hand out dog treats to the street dogs. And tonight, the poor children from the Home are coming over. I will share with them, too! 
We'll post more photos of my party when we get them from our friend, but here's some of me opening gifts.
 Baby Wyatt came to my party. He and his mommy made me some dee-licious bacon flavored biscuits! They are so yummy. He even made me a card. He signs his name the way I do, with a paw print!
 Christy gave me some of my favorite cookies, and some cheese! I don't have any trouble opening my own gifts.

  Jerry gave me a new baby. It didn't take long for me to chew the leg off. I love it! I also got a squeaky purple football, chew bones, and more doggie treats.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Cake

1 cup Atta (wheat flour)
1 tsp. baking soda
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup oil
1 cup shredded carrots
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup honey
1 egg

Mix the dry ingredients, then add the wet ones. Pour into a round greased and floured bread pan (or nonstick). Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees C.
After the cake cools, put on a rectangular platter. Cut an arc out of each side of the cake, and a V section out of each end to make it look like a bone. Frost with the icing below.

Mix 1 cup of soft cream cheese with 1/4 cup honey and a tsp. of vanilla.Mix well and spread over the bone cake.
Lady decorated mine with home made dog treats.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I like

I like having guests. I am a very good host. I announce the arrival of my guest, greet them at the door, and run to show them my baby, or my blankie, or another toy. I invite them to play with me -such as my favorite game, tug-of-war. I kiss my favorites, and lick bare toes.
I like raw carrots with ranch dip. If I smell dip and you give me a plain carrot, I will refuse it until you put dip on it.
I like Beggin' Bacon Strips from the US.
I like stuffed toys.
I like blankets that I can chew a hole in and not get in trouble.
I like chapatti's (like a wheat flour tortilla, popular in India)
I like rice and gravy-preferably meat
I like body massages.
I like my anywhere scratched or rubbed.
I like milk, eggs, and cheese- love cheese.
I like chicken.
I like beef.
I like bone-shaped chews.
I like squeaky toys.
I like digging on my carpet, and digging in the dirt.
I like sniffing EVERYTHING outside.
I like watering bushes, trees, and car tires.
I like puppies and human babies.
I like men.
I like female dogs -especially fat pugs.
I like bacon-flavored treats.
Just in case you were wondering.
Oh, by the way, Friday is my Adoption Day, but my party is tomorrow (Tuesday) so that Christy can come. She's at boarding school but will be home Tuesday. She does not like boarding school, and would cry if she missed my party. She took good care of me in Jan. and Feb. So, Lady changed my Adoption Day/Birthday Celebration to tomorrow. We've been busy getting ready. She made some dog treats today. We cant decorate until tomorrow because we have house church tonight and Lady's serving dinner. We will be celebrating 7 years together, and my 10th birthday!!! Wanna come join us? We live up in the mountains in India. If you can't make it, I'll tell you all about it after! I always enjoy my parties!

The Moms and Friends came over Thursday. The twins came, too. Lady had to tell them I bite so they wouldn't hit me. They are trying to pet me, but it's more like a hit on my back. Ouch. She let them play with some toys. I entertained the ladies.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trip to the Vet

We thought you might be interested in what a trip to the vet involves for us. We think it might be quite different than where you are. 
I had a bath first, because I am getting my annual shots and won't be able to have one right after. Besides, I am very dirty. We have a lot of mud due to the big storm I told you about. Lady has a shower head  with a handle, so it is fairly easy to bathe me. The power was on so I had hot water. Then I do the after-bath dance to dry myself. Lady calls for a taxi. He doesn't answer. So, we walk down the mountain to find one. Lady doesn't have a car here, and I am not allowed on the bus. It costs $3.40 one way. Jerry goes with us.
The driver drops us off after a 20 minute ride. We climb down some stair at the Government Veterinary Hospital. We must pay 5 cents to see the doctor. Nobody is there, so they don't get our five cents. Lots of dogs already. A guy in a white coat comes and gets us. We go into one of the large treatment rooms. There are two steel tables. One has a cocker puppy on it, and the other has a big yellow lab who has chewed all the hair off his tail. Lady tells the vet what we need and gives him my records. I am getting my distemper combo inoculation today. He writes on a piece of paper the vaccine to get, and sends Jerry up the mountain to the chemist (pharmacy) to go get it. We already have our syringes. Lady and I wait and chat with one of the many vets and vet helpers here today. My vet finally comes, and asks about my back. I am doing much better. The vet gives me a sample of Paws Up to help me with my arthritis. 
After 40 minutes, Jerry returns empty handed. She went to two chemists -both closed. They tell her where another chemist is in the other direction. Another customer offers to show her where it is, as they are going there to get their dog's medicine. She comes back 10 minutes later with my vaccine. It cost $6.75. They tell Lady to put me on the cold steel table. She told them to please clean the table first. A Llasa Apso with a very itchy problem had been on that table, and the old lady didn't clean it yet. Lady puts me up on the table and holds my head with her body. I have a tendency to snap at the vet when getting injections. I didn't even cry or try to snap!! We're done and I am out of here. He says to come back in 15 days for my Rabies vaccination. We walk down the busy road to the taxi stand and a driver we know waves at us. Jerry and I head on home, and Lady goes up the mountain to shop. I get a treat.

Baby Comes to Play

I was a very good boy when the baby came to play.
 Just checking. He smells interesting. 
 I think he needs a bath. I'll just take care of that.
We have a basket of baby toys. I am not allowed to touch them. I am a good boy. I don't. After all, I have my own toys.
Gabi, Elijah, and Hope gave me this baby for my 5th birthday. You can check out photos in my archives. This must be a record for how long I have kept a baby without shredding it. This things is like carpet!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I Don't Like

Thunder and lightning. And we had plenty last night. I normally sleep at the end of our king sized bed at Lady's feet, although she tries to get me to sleep on the other side. She started putting my blanket on that side, now that I don't need the heater. It's the side closest to the window -the huge window with a clear view of the lightning. We had several windows open. The winds were so strong, Lady had to get up and close them all. She had a hard time, but I couldn't help her. I was keeping the sheets warm. When she came back to bed I was in her spot. She scooted me over. A thunderous boom sent me barreling over her to the far side and under the covers. We hid under the covers together and finally, the storm passed. This morning the streets were not as messy as we thought, but there was debris.
I don't like cherry bombs and fire crackers. Tonight, we're sitting in the living room watching TV when BOOM! Ka-Boom! I quickly crawled into Lady's lap. She said I was shaking like a leaf. I was just cold. I dread the holidays that call for crackers or cherry bombs -Divali, New Year's, Chinese New Year,weddings, and a few more.
I don't like helium balloons. They're creepy, drifting around and making shadows. I don't like them. I don't like balloons period, but especially not helium balloons.
I don't like kids getting in my face when I retreat under the table, clearly indicating I don't want to play.
I don't like people who come into MY house and ask Lady to put me behind closed doors.
I don't like Lady behind ANY closed doors.
I don't like fruit.
I don't like other real dogs, only puppies, eunuchs, and ladies (I am not allowed to use the "b" word in print, although it is the proper term.
I don't like my sunglasses.
I don't like my wheels.
That's about it. What about you?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I don't really understand this day. For me, every day should Mother's Day or Father's Day, or Kid's Day. I love on my mommy, Lady, every day. I greet her every morning with a kiss or two and a wag of my happy meter.I stay with her when she's sick, I stick by her when she's sad, I rejoice with her and do the happy dance when she's joyous, I hide under the table if she's mad. I wait for her when she leaves and I great her enthusiastically when she returns, whether it's been 2 hours, 2 days, or 6 months. I let her know if someone I don't like is walking by outside, or if someone is at the door. I'm quiet when she prays and still when she cries. I'm a good co-host. I great our guests and make sure everyone is happy. I help clean up and I don't pee in the house. I know which toys are mine and I don't chew them up.
Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, Tuesday, Wednesday, doesn't matter to me. I love my Lady every day. I am her good boy, I am her sweetheart, I am her baby (even though I am ten).
So, love your Mommy and Daddy every day -not just on one day a year, but it is okay to make today special -maybe an extra kiss, or give her your favorite toy (to borrow for the day). Jerry and Jing gave Lady flowers and gifts.
I gave her me.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Not Even for Chicken

I just am not comfortable in my wheels -bu shufu, in my native tongue. I keep trying to tell Lady. I am aching today because it is rainy and chilly. She gave me a feel better pill. I finally convinced her to let me out. She hates to hear me cry. I don't know how to tell her what's wrong. She keeps trying to adjust it to make sure it is comfortable for me. I just don't like them. Yes, I still drag my hind legs, or I walk like a drunk. My left hip doesn't work right. Makes taking care of business difficult. I don't hurt though. Only on days like this when it it is cold or damp. They don't do the kind of surgery I might need here. And even in Delhi my vet didn't suggest it. That would be an extremely hard and very long trip for me. Going down the mountain is very painful if I am hurting. It's at least a nine hour trip. Only one airlines flies out of here and they don't take little black dogs. I can tell Lady feels bad for me. It's running off her face. Other than walking funny, I am happy and wag my happy meter a lot- just not when I am in my wheels.
I am so glad Jerry is back. I get lots of attention, and Jerry made me chapattis last night. For those of you who don't know, a chapatti is a round flat bread like a tortilla. It is made with atta (brown wheat flour). I love them. I like the dal and rice she makes. And Lady gave me some chicken bits.
Don't like the lightning and rain today. I'm sticking like glue to Lady.
I talked to my grandparents this morning. Grandma got the Mother's Day flowers we sent. But we weren't first -my Uncle Roger's flowers arrived first. My grandma is loved so much! She is blessed with three granddogs. I've only seen my grandma on Skype as I have never been to the US. But she sends me gifts. She's a good grandma. We love her. We'll Skype her again on Mother's Day. I've got to stick real close to my Lady on Mother's Day so she won't be sad.
Any suggestions for us?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Roger


Out on my balcony

Today is my human Uncle Roger's birthday. He's even older than I am, and I'm pretty old. Lady doesn't know exactly when my birthday is, so we celebrate on my Adoption Day, May 20. I usually have a pretty big party, unless I get bit in the butt and have to postpone, like in 2009! Anyway, I've chatted with my uncle over Skye, and met my cousins. They are adopted, too. One is a white designer rescue dog, and the other is a fancy shmancy Havanese named Pepper. He's black like me. Casey is white with fluffy ears. Casey had biting issues, so he could relate to my recent problems.
I drove Lady nuts this morning, whining in my wheels. She gave me chicken when I got myself unstuck. I like a little chicken with my whine.
Satiya came over for some tutoring in English. He had the day off from school. He is a naughty little boy, but Lady loves him and wants to try to keep him out of trouble. He loves me. He's not the one I bit. I tolerate him pretty well. He gets into everything.
Guess what? Jerry's back! She used to live with us before. I gave her a hearty welcome. She's not vegetarian either! Yippee!