Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passion Week

I know about this time of year. I usually get an Easter bucket. One year in China, I got into Lady's basket and stole some real eggs. I accidentally ate some of the plastic Easter grass some volunteers had brought from the U.S. The next day when I tried to poop, only loops of Easter grass popped out of my butt...and got stuck! How embarrassing! I cried -loudly, attracting too much attention. Lady was embarrassed and tried to help me. Serves me right for stealing eggs. I won't do it this year. Most of our neighbors are Hindu, and Lady doesn't eat eggs anymore. I do. We usually have an egg tree. This year it is on the wall.
I hope the Easter Bunny comes to see me again this year. I will put my bucket out. Don't get your knickers in a twist Of course I know the real meaning of Easter! It's Resurrection Day. It is at the very center of what Lady believes. It is THE biggest and most important day on the Christian Calendar. I've been listening to the stories from the Bible for years. I know how Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. No more animal sacrifices. Jesus paid it all. He who knew no sin died that they might have eternal life. Lady will go to services up on the mountain at Rev. Paul's church. It's up on the mall at 7,000 feet, built by the British in 1844. My Children from Grace Home will be there, too. They are coming here Saturday for their Easter Party, right before the Big Girls Club have their party. Yippee! Back to back parties!! Lady's been shopping! She came home from the bazaar soaking wet and loaded down with stuff. Our American friends donated some Tootsie Roll Pops! Can't get those here.
So, I am dragging my legs. Lady puts me in my wheels. I whine. I don't know how to tell her why I don't like them, so I whine. She's getting annoyed. She tried to take me outside for a walk. It's sunny and up to 63. I wouldn't budge. Anybody have any suggestions for us? We both need encouragement.


  1. Bruce8:20 AM

    Happy Easter Marley! Be a good boy!

  2. Marley, consider yourself lucky that Dachshunds weren't amongst the animals Yahweh demanded as sacrifice to cover sins!

    As far as convincing Marley to use his cart, perhaps a trail of eggs could entice Marley to move around? He seems to like them enough to not bother eating around fake grass!

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Hi Marley, perhaps if you have a special treat, Lady could use it as an enticement to do training with you while you are in the wheels. Doxies will do much for food. Also, there is a therapy Dachshund named Frankie who is in wheels. Perhaps his Lady can offer some advice or provide some other names of those who could give you advice. Frankie is at http://www.frankiethewalknrolldog.blogspot.com/. Perhaps you've already been to the site as you have link already to Dodgers list already on your blog. It is very tough for you getting used to wheels but please don't be discouraged. Lady and all of us want your back to get better. The wheels will help.

  4. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope Lady reads the part about special treat and gets me some MEAT! Maybe the bunny will bring me some. He usually brings me really good stuff in my bucket. I am having a bad back day today. I think I'm off to the vet's tomorrow. I have already had a feel-better pill so I can't get a shot today.

  5. Nothing makes a Dachshund happier than a belly full of meat. Perhaps some positive reinforcement with a small steak is all that's needed for Marley to accept using his wheels.

    Enjoy your Easter holiday!

  6. I'd love some beef but all we can get here is chicken, and some mutton. Cows are holy here. They rule the roads and the garbage piles. Lady keeps telling me how smart I am and "You can do it, Marley." I really am trying. I just don't like it. Maybe if I had some good meat...
    Happy Easter to you, too!