Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aunty Grace and Me

Aunty Grace loves me. What's she going to do when i go home to Lady? She'll be lonely without me underfoot. Perhaps she'll invite me for a sleepover another time. I hope so.  She eats meat.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Thanks, Aunty Grace, for helping me Skype with Lady today. She misses me a bunch. Aunty told her I have been a sweet boy, and have only had two indiscretions (so far). I supervise everything Aunty does. We go on long walks and I am doing well, except for one thing. My vision is not so good again. I'm starting to bump into things again. Lady will be home in a few days and take me back to my vet. Probably means more steroids. 
Here are some photos of my cousins, who came down to visit Lady and their grandma and grandpa. 
This is cousin Casey. He's five. He's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/Pekingese blend.
 This is cousin Pepper. He's a Havanese and is four.
 This is the giant cat neighbor, Nicholas. He's a Maine Coon cat. I don't want to meet him. 
 Just a few more days and Lady will be home!