Friday, September 28, 2012


Lady, Susan and I check on the pups at least twice a day. The mama dog was looking ragged and her teats are very dark. We took her some warm milk but she wasn't there. The pups smelled it and woke up. In they dove! They got it all over each other and then licked it off. Three are dogs and three are girls. Now when they see Lady, they waddle towards her. They try to bark at me! SO cute!

At my house, things are a mess. Lady has suitcases and trunks and stuff everywhere. All my blankets and rugs and clothes are being washed. My suitcase is half-packed. All my toys except three have been stuffed in a pillowcase and packed away. All the books are off our shelves. Lady is anxious so I am anxious. I am sticking right by her ankles. She's fussing that she is going to step on me, or fall over me. Change is int he air. The Big Move is here. Lady said a big truck is coming Saturday night. She said tonight is our last night here. I'm going to the Children's Home tomorrow night. My Lady always comes back for me. I'll be there for about three weeks until she gets us in our new flat in Delhi. I know she'll come back for me, she always does, but it doesn't mean I like it one little bit.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

WANTED: New Girlfriend for Old Heart

Handsome older gentledog with a broken heart seeks adventurous, fun-loving female furrend. Age not an issue. Nationality not an issue. Color not an issue. Height could be an issue. Please leave resume'.

Friday, September 21, 2012


 Little Tater Tot came to play with me
 This is MY toy. I can't play with his.
 Oh great. Now both of them want to play with my stuffie.
 I was good. I didn't bite. I let him play tug o war with me. I was gentle. If I'm not, I get scolded and have a time out. These boys love me and I love them, too.
 This s*&% dropped her litter just down from my house. Kind humans give her some food. Just what we need -six MORE street dogs! They are cute, aren't they? And this young mama is realy gentle and sweet. She doesn't fuss at me at all when I stop by to visit her and check on her puppies. I just love puppies, and I won't let Lady walk past without checking on them. I even shared some of my best treats with her. Gandhi says, "Whenever possible, be kind...and it's always possible." Lady always says the same thing to me. 
I'm still broken-hearted about my Lily, but I'll get over it. She gave me an award. I don't feel like posting it right now. And, I have a houseful of human guests to take care of.

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Except for me, of course.


Friends from FL came back to visit us this year bringing gifts for ME! My grandma sent me a squeaky brownie sundae, and a bunch of folks sent me Beggin' Bacon strips! And Susan brought me Snausages. They helped me feel a bit better about Lily Belle choosing Newby over me. She broke my heart. I have her photos on my wall. She's black like me. Well, I just hope she's happy. Long distance relationships are tough, but I guess we can still be friends. Be happy, Lily.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Thanks, Sarge, for this ultra cool back pack. I sure enjoyed my classes. I think Lady did, too. After my classes, I went out into the sunshine for recess. Padma came out to play with me. She's really getting big big! She couldn't even walk on two legs when we moved here.
 Just licking my chops for what I can find!
 Look! I'm a pointer!
 Lady says I get more handsome as I age.
 Padma came out to play with me.

 Okay, enough sun. I'm ready to go back in!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


 Wyatt's mouth is full of animal crackers. I hang around waiting for the fall-out.
 Tater Tot has his own way of moving about. He tastes so good.
 He's always trying to play with me. I am not allowed to play with HIS toys, however.
"Come on, Marley, play wif me!" I am rewarded with biscuits when I behave and play nice.

Sunday, September 02, 2012


Hey, did you see me on PET BLOGS UNITED? If not, click here! It's all about ME! I have had so many more adventures since writing that, so I hope new followers will read about my adventures to the high mountains. 
We have more adventures coming up. A group from FL is coming later this month. They came last September. They bring treats! And here's my BIG NEWS: we're moving back to New Delhi at the end of the month. Lady's work is requiring more and more travel, so we need to be closer than a whole day to the airport. Lady and I  very sad to be leaving these mountains, our cool weather (high of 68 today while a high of 91 in Delhi), and all our friends. Butt, God has other plans for us.
Our friends here are not happy. They all seem to say the same thing, "This is not good for me." And everybody is going to miss me -especially my kids at the children's home. Whatever will they do without me? Aunty even told Lady she should leave me there until she gets back from her trip to the US in Nov. Lady said no. She can't manage without me. If home is where the heart is, our hearts must be together to be home.

 My morning routine is to check things out from one of my balconies. Then, I'll take Lady out to give her some exercise while I read pee-mail. 
I hope you stop by often!!