Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Wheels

Lady took the package slip to the post office, hoping it was for my wheels. She missed her stop on the bus and had to walk walk walk -without me. She got so lost. People just keep saying "age," which means ahead. Well, even after she hitched a ride with a school van, she was still a long way away, climbing up the side of the mountain. ANd no wheels. But a very nice package of crafts from Buddy Boy's human, Aunty Marilyn. We'll use those crafts to teach about Resurrection Day, and for spring. My kids from the Home will love the crafts!
We have a trip soon, but Lady doesn't want to go until my wheels come. She paid extra money for "three to five business days" almost two weeks ago. But this is India.
It rained most of the day yesterday and all night. The power kept going off, so my heater went off. I haven't cried in a week, but I did this morning. Lady gave me a feel-better pill and let me stay in the warm bed while we chatted with my grandparents, and caught up with my mail.
Maybe my wheels will come today!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Yippee! Lady got back quick! And she brought Jing with her! I know her from Bangalore. She used to live with us and take care of me. She brought me chicken MacNuggets! Lady said Jing threw up all the way through the mountains. It takes about five hours to get here once your winding around. I've eaten at that MacDonald's. They had an interesting day. Jing was in a different train car than Lady and fell asleep. Lady searched and searched for her, but she not at their stop. Lady had to get the station master to find her -still on the train! So, they took care of her until Lady could take a taxi to the next town and get her. Remember she is a foreigner, too. She is Chinese, like me, only she is from Myanmar. She speaks my first language to me. I enjoyed the chicken she brought me! With her in the house, I will be getting some eggs and meat!
My wounds are healing on my feet. Lady was pleased. The kids at the Home took good care of me. Hopefully, my chair will come tomorrow. Lady didn't get a package slip yet. Lady says I am going on the next trip. She doesn't want to leave me. That place is even higher than here, and still cold, but we'll take my heater. They have lots of sun for me to lie in! And I get to go to school! And they eat meat there!
It's good to be back in my own bed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back in the Home

Well, Pearly, Evangeline, Emman and Jevan came to pick me up early this morning. I should have known something was up when I saw the suitcase on the bed. I didn't see Lady pack my stuff. I was happy to see the kids. Well, not as excited as I get when I see Lady. She packed my gauze and tape, my cheese and feel-better pills, my blankets, my chow bucket, my coats, and my bowls. Yep. Takes a lot of stuff for a sleepover.
Lady and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of my wheels. I am still having a hard time. Lady said she'd be back next Sunday, and maybe my wheels would be here, too! I'm not sure what to expect, but Lady says we'll be able to take long walks again, and I won't hurt so bad. Any other handi-capable dogs have any advice for me?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This from last year. I'm not in the mood to dress up today, and it is too cold for me to wear my tee shirt. Lady and i are decorating our house and will have our own little party with Jerry. Maybe the little boys from the Children's Home wlll come!

I'm Getting Wheels!

Lady looked into Walkin' Wheels from and Eddie's Wheels. For me, Walkin' Wheels Mini seems to be the right choice. It's adjustable, and comes apart for transporting. The other model requires 13 exact measurements and is welded. It is not adjustable. And if my size changes, or Lady made a mistake, we live too far to send it back. Lady paid $85 for express shipping so it should reach India in 3-5 business days. But who knows when I will actually get it. It costs $249 for the mini. Lady says I am worth it. I could not take care of business tonight. I just dragged my legs. The temperature dropped and I started shaking and crying. So, we came back in, got on the computer and ordered my new wheel chair. In blue. Pink was on sale, but Lady wouldn't do that to me. Lady just can't watch me drag my feet another minute. Sure hope my new wheels don't get stuck in customs.
Lady hopes that if I can give my legs a rest, my back will get better. I spent time in my crate today to rest. We're going back to the vet, but Lady doesn't have any faith in them. She has faith in God, though.
Oh. Lady gave me a wrapped gift to open at Jerry's birthday party. She got in about 10:00 last night. Anyway, I got a white bear with long long arms. I am so happy to have Jerry back even if just for a visit.
When my wheels come, we're going to have a party.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clean and Bandaged

Lady bandaged my feet for me. She went on a couple of websites looking for wheels for me. I love to walk, but now Lady has to carry me up and down all the stairs, and I can't even walk to the Children's Home anymore. She found something called Walkin' Wheels that look good, but they are very expensive for our budget, not to mention getting them shipped here. Lady says if they will help me she will get them for me. We live on the side of a mountain. There are so many smells I am missing because I just can't walk that much anymore. Pretty much take care of business and go in. We've written to Handicapped Pets to see if they will ship the wheels to India, and what size I should get. How am I supposed to poop with wheels? I am having a really hard time pooping now, and I pee like a girl (I'm not allowed to write the B word).
Well, thanks for thinking of me, and asking about me. Two months isn't as long as six months. My Lady always comes back to me. And she always lets me stay with cool kids when she leaves. When we were in China, she left me for five months one time, and six months another. She goes home to see my grandparents every two or three years. Humans think I will forget, but I don't. I am always happy to see my Lady.
More good news! Aunty Jing is coming to stay with us for three months and help at the Children's Home, and with other stuff we do! Maybe she'll go with us when we go to help the school in Apple Country. Yep. I'm going this time! Lady will train the teachers, and I will train the kids! Well, a little bandaged dog needs his sleep, so good night.

Lady's Back and We're Both Home!

Oh happy day! I was just hanging out on the balcony in the sunshine when who should come up the stairs! It's Lady! I was so happy! My legs weren't working real well, but I tried to do my happy dance. When we got home, I kept following her around everywhere. She finally had to crate me so I would rest and not drag my feet. I'm not crying.

In the arms of my mommy.
The little boys helped me get home. They hung around for awhile and played. It's Emman's birthday so Lady gave them all treats. They also wanted some of the Christmas cards Lady still had out. She didn't know she'd be gone so long!
Lady thinks I have lost weight, and she saw the sores on the tops of my hind feet where I've been dragging them. The left one is bad. Lady bought stuff to clean my wounds and wrap them up. She gave me a nice hot bath. I haven't had one in 65 days. She said I didn't smell my best. After my bath, she bundled me up in a warm towel and put me by the heater. Lady is not sure what to do. She said something about trying to get me wheels. When she was here and I was like this, she crated me and i improved, only to get worse again. PTL the cold weather is just about all gone. It is hitting low 60's now in the day, and cold at night. Beautiful!
More good news: Jerry is coming in tonight. She lived with us for six months. The family she lives with now is out of town. So she is coming to help Lady get our house back in order. Tomorrow is her birthday. Lady and I already decorated. The house is dirty but very festive. Lady brought me all kinds of treats. She also has a wrapped gift for me, but she didn't let me have it. maybe it's for Jerry.
I am all clean and bandaged up, ready to go to bed in my own bed with Lady, right where I belong.