Sunday, January 30, 2011

Missing Marley

This is Lady again. I am not going to be able to return this weekend as hoped. Due to visa issues, I have to stay out for longer than I thought. I know Marley is in good hands, but I miss him terribly. It is still very cold there, and more snow coming.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on Marley

Talked with Marley and Christie last night. Marley wagged his tail but didn't say much. He still has a bit of a runny nose, but is still fine and staying near the heater. The days are full of sunshine, so he finds a sunbeam in which to bask -his favorite thing to do during the day. He has shredded his Christmas toys, so I guess I better come home with new ones. Hey, he doesn't even know it yet, but he has a new baby cousin! Another male, a Havanese. When I get photos, I will post them! He was born across the street from my parents. I'm sure you'll more about Murdock. Anyway, I may be able to return to my baby this weekend! Having fun, but really missing my baby.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Marley

Hey friends. Talked to Marley this morning. He caught a cold on the snowy day, but is staying warm now and does not have a fever. He is eating well, and taking his feel-better pills. He is not lethargic, and is acting fine. He is enjoying the bright sunshine during the day. He follows Christy everywhere. He enjoyed hearing my voice and tried to talk. He's being a good boy. His back is feeling a little better. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. Can't wait to get back to my baby!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marley Says Hello

Lady here. Just talked with Marley and Christy. It is SNOWING at home! He does not want to go outside. Christy has to wait until it stops. She said Marley follows her to the bathroom and cries if she leaves him outside the door. She said he is staying warm by the heater. The neighborhood street dogs come by every morning to see him. He's not allowed to play with them, though. Christy said he cries in the crate, but I told her to keep trying so he can get some back rest. He still won't take his feel-better (anti-inflamatory and pain ) pill, even with cheese. He is eating well though.
The forecast is for sun and clouds tomorrow but a high of only 40. It's the very low nighttime temps I worry about.
Thanks for the kind comments. It's encouraging! I read Daily Doxie every day that I can. Thanks for praying for my little guy!

Missing Marley

Lady here. I've got the computer, so Marley can't post. I'm missing Marley, a lot. He's with Christy at the Children's Home, trying to stay warm. I'm where it's warm, trying to stay cool. She's says he is crying when she touches his back, but won't take his pill -even wrapped in cheese. Not good. And, he won't go in his crate. Not good. But he ate all his chicken. And he shredded his new stuffed Christmas tree. She said he's lying in the sun during the day. Hey, some comments would be nice, just to know someone is reading his blog. Marley wants to know.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

She Put Me In A Home

Just like the other kids, my mom couldn't take care of me so she put me in a home...for little humans who don't have anyone to care for them. Ha! Just kidding! I'm on vacation, helping out here at Grace Home. Lady saved some chickenMacNuggets for me to have today to make it a little easier for me. We drew some stares as we walked down the street. Little Pearly was carrying my bucket of chow, and Christy struggled to carry my kennel with all my stuff. Lady had to carry me pretty quick this am. I didn't like like it when Lady left me. But my Lady always comes back to me.

Home Again

I'm home! But not for long. As soon as we got home after riding for 5 hours in the taxi, Lady started unpacking and repacking. She is leaving again in the morning. On the way here, her plans for me fell through, and so did her back-up plans. Praise the Lord! She made a call, and I am going to stay with Christy at the Children's Home around the corner! A lot of the kids are gone visiting relatives for the school break. But Christy and Pearly are there. Lady has already packed all my stuff. I will leave before she does, I think. I'd rather be going with her, but she is leaving the country, so I can't go. Thailand quarantines, unless you are just passing through, so I am not going this time. Someone has to take care of those kids, right?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

 Ahhh, nice comforter! I didn't want to getup this morning. I like for Lady to scratch me for a good long while before I get up. I need to get my blood circulating! Tonight is our last night here. We're going home tomorrow. In a car. On Lady's lap. Four hours of getting scratched. If she stops, I just nudge her hand or lick it. That usually works. Of course, it is a very winding road around up the mountain. It's tiring for the humans. The roads aren't great. But I'll be on Lady's lap. That's where I belong.

So, can you see why I prefer the bed? Yes, that's my Pooh rug, and my squeaky tree. Yes, the heater keeps me warm. Yes, it helps my back for me to be still, but no, I don't prefer it. Remember, I'm not a crate-trained dog. I usually only get in there when I fly. Lady says I have been super good this week. She is so proud of me. I'm such a trooper, whatever that means. Well, I didn't bark, pee the bed, poop on the floor, whine in my crate, or bite anybody as we walked by. Maybe that's what she means by good. She gave me Beggin' Bacon Strips. Yum!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Both of us had a pretty good day. Lady quit making fast trips to the you-know-where, and didn't throw up so far today. She sure is tired after she carries me to take care of business though. So, today it was back in the crate for me. I was quite vocal about it when Lady left me this morning. But when she left again after lunch, I didn't make a peep. I didn't cry from pain, either! I got to have room service last night, and left-overs today. Cliff brought me chicken MacNuggets!
Thanks for thinking of us! Even Grandma and Grandpa called to check on us!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Not me...I'm fine. Boy am I glad I didn't share any of the spaghetti and salad Lady ate last night! She tried to go to classes this morning but came back in a hurry. Poor Lady! I have been a super sweet boy, not asking for anything. Thank the Lord she had already taken me out this morning before she really got so sick. When she's through getting rid of all the bad food, she'll feel better. She could barely help me write my blog. Now she wants to sleep again...after she gets back from the you-know-where!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hotel Life

Lady and I are staying in a nice hotel, although the room is pretty small. Lady is taking some Hindi classes. I continued to be home-schooled; I don't go to class. I stay in my crate while Lady goes to class. I don't like it but I don't complain. Lady is SO proud of me. I am getting the rest my back needs, and not complaining. I sure am glad to get out of my box at lunch and after class. Then we go out again, for some fresh air and to take care of business. We spend the whole evening together, just like at home. I have my own blanket, my own rug, and my own dishes. So, it's okay here. I'm walking better and I am not crying.
The hotel people didn't want to clean the room. Lady wondered how they could be afraid of a dog in a Pooh coat INSIDE A CRATE. They finally agreed. She is just thankful they let me stay here. I've been a very good boy. I had chicken Mc Nuggets for dinner. Yum!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Year, my friends -even you humans. I'm starting the new year with a bad back and a new adventure! Lady didn't want to leave me when she went to another city for language classes, so she called the hotel and got permission to bring me. She brought my crate. She says i need crate rest. Oh boy. At least she brought my toys and my blankie and my clothes. It is warmer here than in our city but it is still cold. Our room has a heater, so I am happy. I was fine this morning until after I walked Lady. Then my hind legs just gave out and i cried-loudly, when she picked me up. I did fine on the four hour taxi ride, except when Lady moved me. I like car rides. I sat on my blankie on Lady's lap as we wound around the mountains. It's a rough ride, but I don't get motion sick. We saw lots of humans puking on the side of the road. We saw lots of monkeys, goats, and of course cows. We had clear blue skies most of the way, then we got into clouds, and it was gray.
 Here's my first photo of the new year, at the park with my downstairs neighbors.
 I love just hanging out in the sun, even though it was not even 40 degrees!
 May you have lots of sunbeams in which to bask this year!
Padma likes me. I make her smile.
Let me hear from you, okay?