Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Meet Teddy. He came to his new furrever home on March 16,2016. He was so matted that his first trip was to the groomer's. His fur seems to be a mix of soft poodle hair and coarse dachshund fur running through it. He rides in the car well, sitting quietly in the back seat. 
We are in love. He slept through his first night in the big bed with me. He wakes up early and needs to go out qickly. He's had a few accidents but we'll keep him! He follows me everywhere, but he also loves my parents. He helps Dad take naps. Dad can even walk him. This is great as Dad had stopped taking his daily beach walks. This photo was taken at sunrise on Easter morning.

Of course the Easter Beagle came.
Teddy nearly gave Grandma a heart attack last night after I left for Bible Study. She opened the door and Teddy ran out the door and down the steps lickity split. She ran after him crying out his name. He ran all around the house and into the busy road! PTL the cars all stopped until Teddy ran back to my mom. She said both their hearts were racing!
Today we went to Pet Supermarket to look for a new harness after he chewed up the first one. By the way, Easter gift Lambchop already got deaded. Anyway, he got loose in the store and took off to the girl who had given him a treat. He tripped the automatic door giving me heart failure! This little guy is quick! He stole a chocolate chip pancake, my flip flop, Mom's slipper, and anything he can reach! He shreds any tissues or napkins he can steal.
He is so sweet! He is timid around people he doesn't know. He won't let anyone pet him yet. He barks at other dogs but has made a few friends on our walks.
I am without a computer for now so I'll give the blog a face lift soon. I can't get the before photos off my camera because I don't have the right plug adapter. I'm trying to find Teddy's voice. Unlike Marley, Teddy is very young and hasn't been to school yet. Marley was highly educated. I still miss Marley but Teddy is filling the gaping hole. I love how different he is. He's his own dog. He is so stinking cute! I am in love!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I miss him every day. I have such a huge hole in me. I have now moved back to the U.S. to help my parents. My stuff is unpacked in my room. I have Marley reminders everywhere. I still cry.  I prayed to God for another little dog who needs a home. I think I've found one. I read so many doggie profiles on rescue sites. Many were senior dogs, but emotionally I just can't handle a senior dog right now. One little guy especially caught my eye. He's a nine month old doxiepoo. This is already his second home in his short life. First home had allergy issues. He was there five months. Second home has three other big dogs, and say he needs more attention than they can give him, and personal issues. They care enough to find him the home he needs. I plan to go pick him up in another city Wednesday. I can't wait. Being back in the U.S. is weird. I've lived in Asia since 1996, except for three years. I'm thankful to be here to help my mom. 
So come back and meet Teddy. I'm trying to decide whether he'll have a blog or not. What do you think? Title?