Thursday, November 26, 2015


I am so blessed! 
I am thankful today for my American mom, treats, sunbeams, my blankie, meat, friends, my human friends, and my Blogville friends. 

Marley and Lady

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I think I'm in a time out. 
Yep. Pretty sure. Lady spotted the pile in the living room, picked me up and deposited me on the balcony and closed the screen door! 
Same thing happened yesterday when I squatted on the rug and watered it. She had me on the balcony in a hurry. Then came the rug to dry.  
I have no excuse. Both balcony doors were open. I knew what to do. Just wanted Lady to take me downstairs. I didn't go bump the door or stand and stare at her to let her know I wanted to go out. I just ... went. 
She didn't say anything. I think she was biting her tongue trying not to scold me. 
Don't think I'm getting a treat today. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


(I edited the title because I worried my sweetheart).
Yesterday, I posted a photo of Duke's baby brother. Well, today we went to give his mom treats (I tithe, you know) and check on the baby. He was deaded. He didn't move. We don't know how he got that way. We are so sad. That is the tough life of a street dog in India. Duke's mom was so sad. Lady petted her as she gobbled up her biscuits. 
Somebody finally moved the puppy away. 

 Our guests left this morning. Pallu is sporting her new backpack I got her. Lady got her some new clothes, hair clips, sticker book, and a pair of new shoes. We sent a bunch of Christmas decorations with them because we will spend Christmas with them and they don't have any. We gave them our biggest tree, not that it is very big. It takes 18-20 hours to get to their house. When we go, we will travel by taxi to Shimla, and they will pick us up in their van. Lady and Pallu made big plans for her birthday party on Dec. 23. Lady and Pallu's parents made big plans for Christmas programs on Dec. 24th and 25th. We might get to have a white Christmas! I will pack my Santa sweater, and my coats. We'll also get to visit our friends in our old city on our way back to Delhi.

Princess Pallu 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Guess who showed up at our house early Monday morning?
 Pallu! She and Lady made her favorite pancakes, and guess who got some?
 Pallu is always good for some eats. Although she is almost six now, and is a less messy eater.

 She comes with us when I walk Lady. We stay out longer.

 Guess who had another puppy? Duke's mom! We have only seen Duke once since Lady returned from Malaysia. Maybe he got booted from the nest.
 One puppy is all she can handle. You may remember Duke's litter mates all got deaded by cars. Pray this little guy stays out of the road.
 Princess Pallu!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


It's that time of year in India again that I dread -Diwali, the Festival of Lights! You'd think we're in a war zone, with all the bombs and crackers and fireworks exploding! The kids on our street choose right in front of our gate to light the. And, more in the alley behind us. Oh, they are having fun, and our street is all pretty lit up like Christmas, but I DO NOT ENJOY THIS FESTIVAL. I stayed glued to Lady's lap or heel. And I will NOT take care of business outside, or even on the balcony. Lady understands. 
 These are taken from our balcony.

 I am still have "issues" with the prednisone. I peed on Lady's lap. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

THIEF - A Poem by Marley

Stealing treats from Lady's pocket
What could be better?
I think I'm being sneaky
A real go-getter.
I didn't wait or calculate 
I'm not on a fetter.
Stealing treats from Lady's pocket
Should I feel remorse?
I've been kind of leaky
The prednisone, of course.
 I couldn't wait or hesitate
Lady knows the source.
And yet i still get biscuits.
I know she knows it's me.
She is not an idiot, and Lady can still see.
I appreciate all I ate,
So will you forgive me?
By Marley

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lady's Trip to Malaysia

While attending a conference in Penang, Malaysia, Lady got to tour Georgetown and see the wall art there.



 Hey! My cafe!

And Lady's favorite place...the beach. I have never been to a beach. Lady got up early each day to walk the beach before her meetings. 
 And me at home in our own bed. Yes, I have to use a bedpad because I am back on prednisone. Yea!! I went from bumping into everything and not being able to see anything to being able to get around just fine, and run again! I kept Lady up all night for the first two nights with my excessive thirst and constant need to pee. Last night I made it until 5:00 am. I pee a lot. I keep hanging out at my water bowl, looking into it and then at Lady. She is reluctant to keep filling it because she would like to sleep tonight. She can nap the way I do! Oh. Maybe not when she is working. Anyway, I can see light and find my way again!