Sunday, June 09, 2013


Lady took me to a new vet in our 'hood. It's a chain, Max Vets. We took a bicycle rickshaw because it is very close but much too hot to walk. Lady carried me out to the main road to catch the rickshaw. We had a lady vet. I liked her okay until she examined me and touched my owie. I snapped at her and yelped quite loudly. I had to let her know what was bothering me. I had two x-rays, which were very uncomfortable. I had to lie on my back and the assistant held my legs. I mad eit through that one but then the technician wanted another one. A different assistant held my legs and pulled them down to the table. I cried loudly, and this time Lady snapped at the assistant! She scolded him for causing me more pain.
The vet said my spine is fine. The problem is in my hips. She said it due to age -degenerative arthritis most likely. She put me on an anti-inflamatory, bone supplement, and a joint supplement. Lady asked about changing my food back to Royal Canin Mini Adult. The vet said that would be best. I really like it, but it is more than four times the cost of my Pedigree. Lady says I am worth it. 
I am a but fluffy -I weigh 10.5 kgs. I need to be under 9. 
Lady had already restricted my movement, but the vet echoed that. Lady got my crate down but I haven't been in it yet.  The anti-inflamatory feel better pill helped me. My bill was $65, but $28 of that was for the food. Lady was pleased. I am all up to date on my immunizations, and I got wormed. I also had my nails trimmed. They muzzled me and I did not like that one tiny bit.
Tomorrow we are going to Aunt Sarah, Uncle John, and Marisa's good-bye party. We're having chicken biriyani. Lady brought back lots of thank-you goodies. Lady goes away and always comes back, so maybe Marisa will, too.

Friday, June 07, 2013


 Aside from the crazy eyes, check out my smile. Lady's was bigger!
We are both back home together again! Oh happy day! Special thanks to my families who let me have extended sleepovers! I love sleepovers but I love to be back home, too.
Lady brought me a new blankie from the Daytona 500 car race in Florida! Isn't it cool? I also like my new beaver! Grandma and Grandpa sent me Beef Jerky! Thank you! Lady had a friend fly back with her, and Aunt Lindsey and her friend came yesterday. We only have AC in our bedroom, so all of us slept in there! It is so hot in Delhi! Lady is melting. We go outside for walkies at 6:30 am. It's already 93 by then but gets up to 114. 
I'm having back issues again. I can't support my back on one leg. While at Aunt Gail's, the vet came and visited me and gave me injections. Lady has to take me back again for x-rays and blood work. Yesterday, Lady moved the big suitcases out of our room and closed the door (AC on). She told me she'd be right back, but I saw those suitcases and panicked. I jumped off the bed. Yes, I got scolded. I'm paying for it, too. Normally I know better, but I know what suitcases mean and I don't want Lady out of my sight. 
My girl Marisa is moving to another country. I have to say good-bye to her on Sunday. I will miss her so much. I have stayed with her the most. 
Well, time to take Lady out. I have to make her put on more clothes first!