Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Mota Bacha means "fat baby" in Hindi. Lady and I both are too big in the middle, but our diet isn't going so well. I need to lose five pounds. I'm not getting extras (much), but it is too hot to exercise. Normally in August, the rains keep the temps down around 90 degrees or less. But not this year. All week it's been 103 plus. It's 90 in our living room. So we hang out in the guest room. The AC in our room isn't working well. The AC man is coming tomorrow. 
The vet said I can have 140 grams of dog chow a day. I am on Royal Canin Adult mini, plus some supplements for my bones. He suggested a weight reduction dog food, but I don't like my food changed unless it is my idea. I like this chow. 
Any ideas furrends on helping me get my buff bod back?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Vicky, Nancy, their Dad and I took a taxi down from the mountains -a nine hour drive! But I love car rides. It was slow going in the mountains due to fog. We were two hours later than they told Lady and she was busting at the seams! Yep, she missed me. I waddled right into her arms. Yep, I might have put on a little weight. Lady put me on the scales today and I gained 1.4 kgs at summer camp. Well, they are omnivores! They gave me eggs, chappattis, meat and cheese! Yum! 
One evening, Nancy and her mom were walking me on the mountain and they heard a low roar. Nancy asked her mom if she heard it. She did. They heard it again and we took off running home! Remember I told you have a leopard that took care of all the stray dogs in the area? 
It is still hot in Delhi. I like the AC. I will have to get used to this heat again. I sure liked being in my own bed with Lady. I followed her around all evening! My little buddies Dee, Erin, and Brooke came over to welcome me home. We all had noodles together. 
Home again. Lady says home is where we are together.