Saturday, July 26, 2008

Party in the 'Hood

Lady's friends held a party in my hood today. I went until they started blowing up balloons. I don't like balloons even a little bit. Lady was so busy making animals she didn't notice that I was shaking like a leaf. Auntie Sandi did though. Auntie Sheri asked if I were cold. The Lady suddenly remembered what the problem was, and she took me to the safety of my home right away. I like balloons even less than thunderstorms, and you know I don't like thunderstorms. Once home, I stopped shaking, and climbed up into the safety of my chair. After the party, everyone came back to my house to visit with me. Lady doesn't know why I am so afraid of balloons. All I know is that they scare me to death! Even when they don't pop, I shake. Well, you know I love company, os I was glad to have some of the students and Lady's friends here. Auntie Virginia and Auntie Floyd visited me in my home in China in 2004. They love me. There's another party this afternoon but I htink I will stay home where it is balloon free!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Street Life

When Lady comes out with her camera, the kids come running. They want her to take their photo.

Oops! Every morning we see seens like this on our street. I take my bath inside with warm water.
There are several big, black and tan dogs on my street.Most don't try to mess with me anymore. Lady's friend, an older man, feeds this guy and the other black guys, plus their mother. He is very kind. He won't let them mess with me. He scolds them for being rude to me. The black bully that bit me on the butt doesn't live on my street, but he looks like this one.

Not on the lips!!
This is the big bully that bit me on the ear and neck recently. I am all healed now, thank you.
This guy lies in the middle of the road, protecting his territory.
This black guy doesn't really belong on our street. Raju tries to run him off. We heard them all night last night! Street dogs are very territorial. They will bark like crazy when other dogs come on their street. This isn't my girlfriend, but I try. She's just doin gher morning exercises.

Lady calls this pup Hope. There are two more just like her. One moved to another street. Faith is still here. Their mother is the one who torments and teases me.

Street Dogs and Life on My Street

I've mentioned how many street dogs there are on my street, but I thought I'd show you. And, some were off scrounging for food, so this is not all. Some of the little humans came out and wanted their photo made, so I will post those as well. This is Raju.
He's really goofy. He sounds as if he is speaking human language instead of barking.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm a dog. Dogs do trash. Lady doesn't it like it. She left me this morning, so I left her a surprise when she got home. Well, what do you expect when she leaves the chicken package in the trash can? I could smell it. I know how to step on the foot pedal to open the can and tip it over to reveal the contents. No chicken. Yesterday she cooked chicken for me. Now for a vegetarian, that's love. She has a special pan to cook it in. She doesn't want to cook chicken in her pots. She made us both veggie rice in the rice cooker. I was naughty to dump the trash can after she cooked chicken for me. I'm just a little dog, and I love meat!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photos from Lady's Trip to Northern India

The Himalayas are beautiful this time of year. Lady saw several waterfalls, and followed this river. She was the first foreigner these children had ever seen! They were very curious about her, but friendly.

Me, Bite??

So did you read the latest about the most aggressive dogs? Don't believe it. It says wiener dogs, or sausage dogs top the list. I am a dachshund, thank you very much, which means "badger dog" in German. They surveyed dog owners and asked them how many times their dog bit them or others, and pit bulls, rottweilers, and German shepherds were all beat out by dachshunds and chihuahuas. Like pit bull owners are really going to tell the truth!!Right, and get sued for having a dangerous dog that knowingly bites. I don't think so. And I don't think much of that survey! A better way to get statistics would be through hospital emergency rooms, doctors' offices, and paramedics who have treated dog bites, as well as police reports. The Book Of Lists puts poodles and terriers at the top! Anyway, if I bite somebody, they will have deserved. I must admit I have wanted to bite several kids who wouldn't leave me alone. I growled to warn them off. Lady says I am not allowed to bite kids no matter what they do to me, but I can bark at them to scare them off. By the way, I don't mind being called a sausage dog because I happen to be very fond of sausage, and wieners as well for that matter. You are what you eat!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Lady's Home!

Lady's home and she brought me a new "baby." She got in at 5:00 a.m. but I was still glad to wake up and greet her with lots of kisses. I've been home for almost two weeks, waiting for my Lady to come home. Our landlady has been taking care of me. I much prefer to be at home. Lady also brought me a chicken sausage! Now that is true love for a vegetarian! Lady had a good trip and brought back lots of stuff for friends. My goodness, she slept for hours, but I let her. Then it was time to hit the road and get some exercise. Of course the local kiddos came running, "Auntie, Auntie...biscuit!" Lady gave them soem American sweets, and of course the milk biscuits they have come to expect from her. There are some new tent families on our street, and new kids. But they have already learned to wave to Lady, hoping she will give them treats. Lady buys biscuits by the case. It's almost time to buy another case. Well, I am just glad to have my Lady home and see those suitcases go back in the closet. I hope they stay there for a very long time!