Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Pallu and her parents came all the way from Apple country to get me -took two days. They left their van half-way, and took a bus. They woke me up at 5:00 am Sunday morning!  This is a different camp than last summer. I'm going further away. Pallu loves me and wanted me to come to her camp. I bought her a new Barbie bag.

 Lady booked an Inova so I could have my own seat in the middle row. I won't roll around like I would on a bench seat. Got my blankie -I'm ready.
 All buckled in. Wait! Where's Lady going to sit? Why did she close the door? Where's her suitcase? We usually make this trip together! Oh, poo.
 This trip to get me to the mountains is expensive! Costs more than Lady's flights to Kolkata and Mumbai. Cost more than my flight from Bangalore! Butt, I can't take the train inside, and I can't ride the bus inside, so taxi is our option. Lady wants me to just be in one place for the summer and not move around. And she wants me out of this heat. She says I am worth it.
"See you later, Marley! Be a good boy! I love you! I miss you!" cries Lady as I travel off to summer camp.

Friday, June 05, 2015


This post is over due, but my secretary has been out of the country. Now that she's back she is swamped getting us ready for summer events. 

 This one's from Hannah. Hannah asks, "what is your favorite food?" Meat. But Lady feeds me carrots and hummus. Thank you, Hannah!
 This is from eight year-old Emily, who asks: " Did you see any monkeys?" Not so many in my neighborhood, but occasionally. We had lots up in the mountains! I don't miss them. They try to steal my toys.
 This one is from Winter: She asks, "what is your favorite thing to do?" Well, that changes. I used to love to play tug of war, but now I just like to be scratched.
 Bridgett sent me this one and asked about Duke. Thanks, Bridgett! Duke is annoying!
 Duke makes it almost impossible to take care of "business." He tries to take my leash and play tug of war, or drag me around.
 He is so big now. He just walks over me.
 Thanks so much Aunty Marilyn and girls! We love mail.