Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have been waiting for this day! Pet's Day out at the mall! Erin and Brooke went with us. First, we got to ride in an autorickshaw. I was good and kept my doggles on. 
Lady should have realized they'd start on Indian time. We were the first ones there! They had a big grassy park with shade for us to hang out in. I loved it. They even brought me water! I just love lying in the cool grass.

 Now Brooke is holding my friend Charlotte. She's an Indian Spitz. We stayed at the same timeshare family's home last year. She did a better job of keeping her muzzle on. Not me!
 We enjoyed just being in the shade and watching the pups go by.
 This is Moriah, Charlotte's human sister. Erin, Brooke and I hung out with them a lot today.
 I love the grass, but I love frozen yogurt more -just a little. High today was 97.

 I was officially welcomed with a bag of goodies!
 Thank you, Select Citywalk event planners! You did a great job today! 
 Brooke was our photographer most of the day. We checked out the many stalls with lots of good stuff! Lady liked these journals.
 Doggie Dabbas served me a delicious chicken liver carob frozen yogurt. Lady and the girls ate from the booth on the right. I wondered why she wouldn't share her paneer sandwich, and then my yogurt arrived! A really nice guy held me in the shade until Lady got all the food. Everyone was so nice and helpful. 
 I only ate half and Lady brought the rest home for me.

They even do home delivery! I got their number.

 They asked me to sign the wall!

This was the bad thingy that grabbed my toenails. I cried. A nice guy from K-9 dog trainers came to Lady's rescue and helped get me out and calm me down. Charlotte got her nails stuck, too. Perhaps the Citywalk folks should have covered these grates with mats. I cried one other time when Lady put me down on the red carpet and it was too hot for my tootsies.
 After being knocked out of musical chairs, a very tall very nice dude helps Brooke cool Charlotte off. We're still in and we win! That tall dude was nice and helpful all day.

These are the cool prizes I won in musical chairs! Lady got a journal after all, and it has a weenie dog on it!

 This is Star, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dude is huge! But guess what? He got in my face and I scared him off. Lady said I was rude.

 Erin eating lunch.
 Charlotte is pooped!
 A little dude!

 That is one long tongue! Lots of pups trying to keep cool. They had water stations, and fans blowing mist all over the place!

 The last even we pawticipated in was the cookie decorating contest. The human decorates and the dog eats!
 Charlotte's bigger human sister is decorating one for Charlotte.
 I wait with anticipation.
 Bruno waits, too. His human won!
 The finished products.
Thanks, Erin, for decorating my cookie in the contest! You did a great job. Thanks to the barkery that supplied the cookies. Mine was delicious. I was too full to eat it until I got home. Lady let me have some toes. 
I am one pooped pup. But I am also a grateful happy pup. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


So, we're eating dinner and the phone rings. Well, actually we were finished but I was still asking for more chicken fried rice. Lady's American friend Vicki is in town and is NOT vegetarian. She and I had chicken fried rice and spring rolls. Lady had the veg version. She only lets me have half a cup, but I was working on Aunt Vicki with my big brown eyes. 
It's the vet on the phone, wanting to know how I'm doing. How's my skin? How do I like my Royal Canin Saiety Dog Chow? Am I losing weight? Can he please give my name to the Royal Canin people who are doing a study as to the effectiveness of this chow? You see, the Indians aren't consistent with feeding their dogs the fat chow. They feed them human food, too, and the change the brand, you know, so would you please participate in this study? 
Lady has this "OOPS" look on her face and just laughs. She confesses to having just given me chicken fried rice. The vet says, well, a little slip now and then...but surely you can give Maahley just the Saiety chow for two months for the study?

Furrends, help me! I want my hummus and carrots. I want my occasional corn chip and dip. I want my occasional chicken friend rice. What happened to," Oh Marley you deserve to be happy in your senior years so I will give you fat chow in the morning and you can can a snack in the evening"? 
Granted, I do like my fat chow. I stand by my bowl and wait for it. Uh oh. Do you think I won't be able to have my salmon oil supplement every other day? Or my milk every other -other day? Oh no. This isn't looking good. You gotta help me convince Lady that I should not be part of this study. We have to go back to see Dr. Kunal. I lost some of my weight gain, but I am still a bit fluffy.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Remember this little dude, Duke? Lady and I went back to the park today and guess who had to tag-a-long? Have I mentioned how annoying puppies can be? They have no OFF switch. And he is getting SO big! He is full of energy! I just wanted to relax in the cool grass and watch the world go by.

 Duke chewed up three corners of my Daytona Beach racing blankie. He carried off Lady's flip flop but she got it back.

 "I told you I don't want to play. This is rest time."
 Lady was trying to read. Duke kept taking her pencil as she tried to write in her journal. He went and drank from a puddle, then dribbled on Lady and her Bible! He wiped his muddy chin on my blankie.

 He kept trying to chew my leash. Dude. No.
 Chill, little dude. "Mere saath aiye!" Come with me!
" Sukriya??" (please)
 He kept insisting Lady scratch him.
 He decided he'd go see if the fruit walla wanted to play, only he was snoring!
Poor guy! He pushes his cart around all morning, then goes over to the market and sells there in the evening. Duke almost made off with his shoe, too! He scared Duke off.
Finally, it was time to head home. I couldn't even take care of business with this dude walking all over me and pulling on my leash! I gave up and went inside. Lady said we'd sneak out later! 
We're praying we can find a good, loving home for puppy Duke. We don't want him to get smashed by a car.