Friday, April 22, 2011


Lady took your advice! She brought home chicken after Good Friday services up on top of the ridge. ! That's a sacrifice for a vegetarian, and Lady knows I appreciate it. I am NOT a vegetarian though I tried. Anyway, she adjusted my wheels again and again, and rewarded my efforts with chicken. I knew if I held out long enough she'd fold. After success inside, she took me out to the street. I did great. Even the neighborhood guys were cheering me on, mimicking Lady. "Come on, Mah-lee, You can do it." They don't speak quite the way Lady does. I did great until the chicken was gone. Then I put on the brakes and stopped. I can do it. I am more comfortable now, but if the front of the harness slips I stop and won't budge. I am good at reverse and turning around, but I still get stuck.
I'm helping Lady prepare all the goodies for the kids from the Grace Home for Children. That's our first party. Then we have another right after that for the Big Girls. They are all excited. They love our parties. Lady has been working on the Resurrection Eggs to tell the story of this season. We always share our holidays.
Thanks for the encouraging words and advice. Lady wants to know if you have any ideas for stubborness. Now why would she want to know that?


  1. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Marleigh, that is wonderful! So glad that you were able to move forward using your wheels with some tasty chicken as motivation. You'll keep getting better and soon it will second nature to you. Your legs will rest and after a while, hopefully you won't need the wheels.

    You and Lady have a Blessed Easter!

  2. The only way I have found to get Doxies to do what they don't want to is bribe them with snacks (chicken) then cover them with lost of praise. They know my the tone of your voice what you want them to do. Happy Easter Marley