Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Again

Lady, Tyler, and Erin all came to get me at Sarah's house. I got to ride home in the auto rickshaw. It was cold bt Lady wrapped my blankie around me. I love riding in the auto rickshaw's because they are so open and I can see and smell everything. Lady brought me treats from her trips. She even met a cute little doxie puppy, but said she is way too young for me.
Here she is helping her little human take a nap.
Here she's tired from helping her other little human with math.
Maybe someday she will have a blog of her own. Puppies sure do sleep a lot!
Of course Lady and I are glad to be back in our own bed! We have friends coming from Apple Country and our old city! That is, if the roads are clear of snow! They've had a bunch! My little friends Tate and Wyatt played in the snow. Well, I don't miss it. I like the sunbeams.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today is Lady's birthday and I can't be with her. I know she is missing me. I am usually the first one to lick her face and wish her happy birthday. I don't share her chocolate cake, but I help her celebrate nonetheless. She is far away in Bombay! Here are pictures she sent me from the coast.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The big street dog on our lane is not nice to me, but the three puppies LOVE me. This is the little female.

 My treat is color coordinated! Grandma sent them to me.
 My little buddy Wyatt came back from America and stayed with me. I took him for a walk outside. It was his birthday.
We got him a riding car. I supervised.
Lady went on another trip, this time to Mumbai. I am at a sleepover with Marissa, Sarah, and John.  It's pretty cold here in Delhi. Lady said it is warm in Mumbai and they went to the beach!! I have never been to a beach, but I have been to that beach on a lake way up in the high mountains!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


This is how I choose to celebrate the New Year -hiding from all the cherry bombs and crackers! It's loud and smoky outside. Lady was invited to a party but decided to stay home with me when I started shaking. I've been at Marisa's since Thursday and got home today. Lady flew away to visit two families. She missed me so much she didn't want to leave me today. So, just Lady and me ringing in the New Year.
In 2012:
I didn't get bit by street dogs
got spots
didn't have back trouble
rode a horse
sat on a yak
swam at 13,000 feet
played in the snow
rode a motorcycle
went on road trips with Lady
and we moved to Delhi
made new friends
old friends came to visit
In 2013:
love Lady
have pizza nights with Lady 
make new friends
share my chow and treats with the poor
be a good guest when I go for sleepovers
won't chew up Lady's stuffies or the babies' toys
protect Lady and let her know when people are coming
lie in sunbeams
take naps
eat treats
try to stay out of trouble