Friday, April 29, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here. Butt I think I have a new first name: Dadgumit Teddy. I've heard it quite a few times like when I chewed the zipper on Mommy's test kit that I stole from her purse. I can open plastic shoeboxes. I chewed Mommy's flip flop again. I chewed another leash through. I chewed the new one licked split. I ate Mommy's toaster strudel off her plate. I discovered what fun toilet paper is. I tried to help Grandpa as he gathered up the trash. He didn't appreciate my sorting. As Mommy packed, I tried to help by unpacking and stealing her clothes.  I chewed up another pen. I was trying to write. Yes, I have lots of chew toys. I just like variety. Mommy is ordering some treat balls from
Pray for Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy is flying away to see her godkids in NC. She'll be gone from Friday to Tuesday. Aunty Donna across the street is checking in on us. She offered to keep me butt she might keep me. She really likes me too.
 In training news, I walked with my Burmese Mountain Dog furrend, Lily, without barking or getting stepped on!  I'm letting more people pet me. 

Mommy reconstructed my de-constructed new cap. How do you like it? I would not sit for a photo so Grandpa had to help. 
See ya later, World!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hello World! Teddy Don't-Eat-That here. 
I chewed up another leash. Mommy didn't have a spare (I chewed it) so she and Granpa went to buy me another one. They came home with a new ball and a new shirt as well! 
I ate my other ball. 
All tuckered out. 
Mommy wants to know if muffin liners are biodegradable. I ate two. Yum. Have a pawsome day!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Hello World! This is Teddy No! At least that's what I heard yesterday and today so far. I opened my mommy's plastic shoebox ( which bought to keep stuff away from me), took out a green Stabilo market and chewed it up. Did you know that will turn your tongue and whiskers  green? Mommy was afraid I'd eat the small cap.  And did you know your poop turns black after you eat a carbon tablet? Or maybe it was the chocolate. Lady saves this name for urgencies. Like when grandpa let me out last night when he went to look at the moon. He left the door open. He got a "Daddy, NO!" we were both in trouble. He said, " Hey how do I get the dog back?" I was heading for the busy road. Mommy yelled " Teddy, NO!" I stopped. Then she called me Teddy Come!" when I come, I get a Cheerio. So, I went. I got a big hug and a Cheerio. Grandpa didn't. "Daddy, look at all the cars!" Grandpa replied, " I see the stars but look at the moon!" 
 Grandma got up to get her juice and that quick I got her eggs. 
Lady got up to get her tea and I got her muffin wrapper. NO!" I ate it. 
This morning Mommy was able to get photos of my new friends Chelsea and Snicker. They're really old. Snicker is blind. They just moved here from Texas. Snicker is the right.

This is Bella. At first I was terrified of her. She's the one I told you about. Now we're friends.

And we saw Scooter again this morning. 

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello World! This is Teddy Down! At least that's what the peeps call me fortyeleven times a day. Sometimes they use my middle name, "Get."
My mommy said I used up today's, tomorrow's and part of Friday's patience.
Our day started out with a beautiful sunrise.

I checked out the bid sand box. 
I found some seaweed that was fun.

I am king of all I survey...

I found a crab hole. Nasty things. They bite noses. 
Time to move on. I got this day started. 

Other activities today:
* Stay underfoot in the kitchen so I don't miss any droppings..
* Steal Grandpa's sock.
* Take Grandma's nylons
* Dance with Mommy's leg.
* Chew Mommy's shoelace on her Keene's.
* Get in Mommy's purse and steal her m&ms- dark chocolate ( had to eat a charcoal tablet but at least it came in cheese).
* Dance with Mommy's leg. 
* Bark at old female dogs and young men.
* Shred several tissues and Kleenex from the trash.
* Chew on Mommy's fingers and hair.
* Drink leftover cereal milk in a bowl on the table.
* Help Grandpa nap.
* Lick everbody in the house! 
Until another sunrise, I'm Teddy Get Down.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I'm good. Lady thinks she puts things where I can't reach. Wrong.

 I like purple shoelaces. I chewed Lady's every time I could. I pulled them down from the desk.
I like purple pens, too.

 Lady bought me a new hat. I chewed it up.

Caught in the act when Lady got home. I had to work hard to dump that trash bin from the desk. Lady gathers up all the good stuff and puts it in these white plastic bags. I have to get to it before she takes it outside. If she puts it down for even a second, I can attack it and shred it and get out the good stuff. Once it is outside, I don't have a chance. Some men in a green truck come to steal our stuff. 
When Lady forgets to zip her purse, I can find good stuff. 
I found Lady's glucose tablets. If I'm out of Lady's sight and quiet, she comes looking for me. Foiled again. 

Worn out.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here.

I now like sand. I chase crabs, lizards, and butterfly shadows.
A huge American bulldog moved in next door. He's friendly but scary. 
I made friends with Lily the ginormous Burmese Mountain Dog, but she's still scary. She weighs 140 pounds. I weigh 9. 
Lady tried putting Tiger balm on her flops so I wouldn't chew them. I like it. 
Lady put ointment on her bites. I licked it off, stole the tube, and tried to eat it.
This morning: 

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Lady's friend Sheri came to meet me. She came bearing gifts!
She even made me card.

Checking out my gifts.
Barkery treats!  I've never had any!

Look at all the good stuff! 
Thank you Aunt Sheri! I feel welcomed! I know you were close to Marley and went to visit Him in India. Thanks for loving on me. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


These are my first friends here:
Saying Hello to Dudley.
This is Scooter. He's super friendly.
Isis is just my size. 
Oh Dudley has another end. 
Watching the sunrise today.
I have the biggest sandbox ever!

Monday, April 11, 2016


I've been busy:
* played tug of war with Grandma's lacy bra
* snatched Lady's chocolate cake ( she snatched it back and ate it)
* took Grandpa's shoe and hide it
* grabbed Grandma's slipper 
* jumped up on Lady's desk and stole her flip flop. She thought I couldn't reach.
* ate Lady's flip flop
* stole Lady's hairclip off of desk.
* chewed clip
* borrowed Lady's colored pencil and tried to draw. Didn't work so ate it
* drank Grandpa's water off the end table. 
And that's just yesterday. 
 Well, it has paw prints on it

 I need a haircut

 Don't know how to color

It's just water!
We had guests visiting from Georgia. They had a cute little dude who liked me. He was good for lots of good dropped stuff. 
Here's today's sunrise for ya .

Have a pawsome day!

Friday, April 08, 2016


Hello World!
I get Lady up before the sun appears. I take her to the beach to greet the new day!  Every day is a new adventure for this pup and his Lady. 

So this is how we start our day.

Lady took me to Pet Supermarket to get some things to aid in my training. 
Here are two products that do not work:

She sprayed it on her flip flops. I licked it off.
She sprayed it all over the kitchen and laundry room. I went in undeterred. She sprayed it on the chairs. I jumped up anyway. 
Lady is not happy to have spent so much money on products that don't work. 
Cherrios are cheaper. And they taste better.