Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Chicken, I will

Still not feelin' the wheels, but for chicken, I will walk in them. The front part of the harness slips and then I won't move. I get my wheels caught on a corner and stubbornly, won't budge unless there is chicken in the deal. And it is so embarrassing, but I had 2 number 2 accidents in the house in the last 2 days. I NEVER do that! The first time, I used the bathroom, but today, Deborah's rug was too appealing -like pink grass. I peed, too. What's up with me? This is a first for me -like biting.
Well, I tried to post photos but found out I have exceeded my Google limit, so I have to buy more space.
Hey, did you watch the royal wedding? We did -all day! I wanted to chew up some of those hats!


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Hi Lady and Marleigh, it might be that the inclusion of more chicken in your diet has slightly altered your digestive habits. One of our dachshunds ended up being fed a diet augmented with chicken. We always made sure it was done bland and boiled so there was no addition of any other items (oil, etc) which might have upset the stomach or bowel movements. Hopefully, there has been no repeat of the last two days. Not sure what portion size being used for training with the wheels. Perhaps if the portion size were a bit smaller? Too bad about the front harness issue. Perhaps a web search on the brand of wheels you have would yield an FAQ on how to adjust it.

  2. Lady has adjusted and adjusted and adjusted. I think it's better. I actually did better today even without the chicken.Lady just gives me little bits -broiled boneless skinless breast pieces.
    I don't know why I pooped in the house.
    Thanks for the suggestions.