Monday, June 06, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here, sharing a bit more of my beach life with you. 
My town had its annual kite festival this weekend. I went yesterday but couldn't get out of the car. No dogs on the beach. Butt we could see everything from the car. Mommy, Gandma, and Grumpypa went Today again. Mommy took more photos.

Those things are huge! 
In other news: 
1. Chew Mommy's bra in half.
2. Empty out a storage container I'm not supposed to be able to get into.
3. Bark like I'm being killed when a big dog walks by.
4. Eat Mommy's pretzels.
5. Chew up Grandma's puzzle pen. 
6. Shred the dryer sheet. 
7. Pee twice in Grandma's room.
8. Dance with a visitor's leg. 
So, I'm still learning. 
I am protesting my dog chow. Mommy bought a new kind and I refuse to eat it. I am NOT a vegetarian. 
That's all for now, world. 
Teddy the adorable

Saturday, June 04, 2016


Hello World, it's me, Teddy! 
Did you notice? For my birthday Mommy changed the name of our blog! She was inspired by other bloggger transition. 
It was time.
In other news, Caretta the black poodle invited me for a pool pawty yesterday. When the temps are in the 90's, swimming is a welcome idea! It
was my first time. 
The two big dogs kinda intimidated me. But it was a brown dog that was not as well behaved as the others. I did fine though. I wouldn't jump in but I swam. 
I had another bath when we got home. 

We weren't there very long. They were going to eat hotdogs. Mommy didn't like that idea. And she went to dinner at a longtime friend's home. They have a basenji!
Well, another day of our garage sale today. I worked so hard yesterday!
So many people asked if I were for sale. Mommy replied, "Not today!" I made many new friends. I earned lots of Cherrios and played with my new toys. We're ready for the day!
Until next time,
Teddy, the HEADLINER!

Friday, June 03, 2016


Hello World, it's me, Teddy! 
I'm a year old Today! I had a pawty this morning. Even my grandma and grandpa got up early to join me. 
Mommy made a sign that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEDDY! My pawty was in my carport. 

I had whipped cream on my pupcake and a cheese candle. Tummy!
Mommy made four kinds of treats.

Mommy had a drink station for the humans, with orange cranberry muffins and iced dog bone sugar cookies.

My guests got to choose a toy from the toy tub, and they got a doggy bag of treats to take home. 

Chelsea and Snicker walk with me every morning. They have me a cool toy. 
 This is Snicker.
This is Chelsea!
This is Dudley! He was very well.behaved!
This is friend Caretta. She had to come late because her mom is a turtle watcher. That means she goes out every morning checking for turtle nests and marking them so they won't be disturbed. 

Nancy lives across the street. She has five little dogs and 13 cats. She came by herself and took them treats and bandanas. She gave me a turtle!

Me in my hat. 
The garbage truck broke down in front of our house so the drivers came to my pawty!
I got to choose toys from the toy tub. 

I chose a red car. 
Well I am one pooped pup and my special day is not over yet. 
Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here. 
TOMORROW June 2nd is my first birthday!!!  I am so excited. I am helping Mommy prepare.
When she got back from the store, I helped her sort out the supplies. 
I helped deliver the invitations. 

I tried on the hats. Well, I ate one.
I tasted all the treats Mommy made: peanut butter banana, and sweet potato. Yum. I got to taste one of my Apple and peanut butter pupcakes, too. I liked it all. But then again, I like broccoli and dill pickles. 

Tomorrow I will help decorate and then Thursday is my big day! Be sure to come back by for pictures.
Oh guess who hiked his leg like a big dog for the first time today? ME, Teddy!!! 
See ya Thursday!
Teddy, the big dog