Sunday, March 21, 2021


HELLO, World, it's me, Teddy! Talk to my Secretary about why I've missed everything! I've been having issues with her about doing what I wAnt! Grandpa and I have been keeping her busy. She says we're challenging. 
Here's my Christmas portrait. Aren't I cute? Santa Paaws was good to me. My grandma's cousin came from Texas. I took her to my beach. 
I took her to the river see dophins and water birds.

We’re Back!

 Hello World, Teddy here. My secretary (Mommy) FINALLY figured out how to get back into my blog. So here’s an update:

* Grandpa went home to Jesus two years ago this month. I still sit in his chair.

* My best friend Scooter got killed by a car earlier this year. His dad still cries. 

* Mommy has been training me to be a medic alert service dog for her. I’m still in training cuz I have issues. I still don’t do well with beasts, but I am now very well behaved ( except for that) and am working on consistency in alerting. 

* Grandma and Mommy have stayed close to home during the pandemic, butt now both have their shots.

* We’re still by the beach in the same house in Florida. 

* Can you believe I am five years old now? 

I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Here’s some photos to help you remember me. See ya later, World! 

Checking for crabs on my beach.
My best Buddy Scooter
My girlfriend Caretta, me, and Scooter at my birthday pawty.
Super Hero Teddy
St. Patrick’s outfit for th St Patty Paws 2K Run/Walk.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello World from the World's Most Famous Beach! We survived Hurricane Matthew! Our house is still standing. We lost some roof tiles, all the soffit and fascia (whatever that is), gutters and drains, and some trees. Butt we are all safe, the roof doesn't leak, and we are grateful! Lily ( the Burmese Mountain Dog) needs a new roof and all new furniture, and a new wall. Butt they are okay. Taco and his family just lost stuff like we did. Sammy and some of my other friends are still out of town. 
We evacuated on Thursday to our friend's home in Daytona near I-95. Their 'hood had lots and lots of tree damage. Everybody lost power early Friday morning. We just got ours back today (Monday) at 4:30! We lost all our food in the freezer and refrigerator. I tried to retrieve some of it butt was thwarted. 
We came home Saturday afternoon. Mommy was cleaning up the yard and I was enjoying the grass on my cable. Then I threw up. Twice. Then Mommy said I fell over and got all rigid. Scared her to death! She thought I was dying right then and there. Then I relaxed butt couldn't hold my head up. Mommy called the emergency vet I went to when I ate the dark chocolate. She was afraid they didn't have power butt they did! They said come on up. So Grandma held me in the back seat and we all went to the hospital. By the time we got there I was coming out of it. They say I had my first (and Mommy hopes my last) seizure! I had a blood test butt didn't have to stay. I am taking a liver booster for a month then they will check my blood again. We don't know why I had a seizure. Maybe the stress of the hurricane and being in a different home. We don't know. 
So, we are feeling very blessed to survive both the hurricane and my seizure!
Mommy hasn't been able to take any photos. Maybe later. 
All for now World! Teddy signing off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rain Rain Lots of Rain

Hello World, Teddy here, reporting from the World's Most Famous Beach! It's 36 miles long stretching from Ormond Beach to Canaveral National Seashore. Were near the south end. The last hurricane passed us by bringing only lots of rain and high winds. This latest tropical wave has brought more rain and wind. I mostly stay inside because a little dog like me might blow away. I'm not a kite to fly at the end of my leash. I do like the puddles, much to Mommy's dismay. 
Been helping with the recycling. It's not appreciated. I empty out any water bottles I can reach and I crush them. Okay, so the water squishes out all over. It's just water.
Found a Florida box turtle. I tried to have a chat but he escaped into his shell. 
If you've missed me, talk to my Secretary. I have lots to share butt she hasn't let me online. It may have something to do with the now 8 mechanical pencils I've tried to eat. 
And maybe it's leaving all the surprises in the house. Its raining! 
All for now, World. 

Friday, August 05, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here at the World's Most Famous Beach, stretching 36 miles down the east coast of FL.
Down the road about an hour or so is Cape Canaveral. We can see launches from our balcony or from the beach. Here's a recent launch -top secret payload!

Mommy survived three days without Grandma. Grandpa and I were pretty good. We kept Granpa busy.
They left me the other day and I wasn't happy about it. So I left a surprise on our bed. Mommy wasn't happy about it. No Cheerio for me. I've been sneaking up stairs and leaving little logs here and there, when they are home. Mostly when they leave, I don't leave any surprises. I do it when they are home- just to keep them on their toes. Mommy doesn't appreciate my efforts. I pee on the pads butt that's it. Now if I take care of business outside I get a Blue Mountain treat!

Mommy went to see Donald Duck ( or something like that) yesterday, along with 8000 other people. I wasn't invited. I don't do pawlatics, butt I'd vote for meat, dog parks with separate areas for little dogs, no-kill shelters and more access into AC'ed stores. Oh, and better representation on prime-time TV.  
Can anybody recommend a pet insurance policy company?
 Well World, this is Teddy, looking forward to tomorrow's Pawlympics!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here! 
Wednesday night, I went to the downtown church to speak in Children's Church. I got to ride in the car thirty minutes each way. How did I do? Well, I earned a lot of Cherrios!  Lady was invited to speak about my brother I never knew, Marley. Then, she introduced me. I did some tricks that I trained Mommy to give me Cherrios for. 
I was very well behaved. The kids were pretty good, too. They got a cookie. 
Mommy forgot to give Aunt Sylvia her camera. So, no photos. 

Guess what? My cousins came from Atlanta!! We had a great time. Rocky, the puppy , and I got along great.

I got on well with Pepper. But I didn't understand that Casey was the alpha dog. I haven't had any dog visitors in my house. And he's been so sick. Mommy said I had to be extra sweet and let him have the way. He almost died, you know. He is eating by mouth now and can even climb stairs! He took more naps than Rocky and I did. 
 You can still see where he was shaved for the surgery, feeding tubes, and IVs. 

Pepper sits with Grandpa.
Here's the cousin bunch: Pepper, Rocky, Casey, and me!
Grandma had to go out of state to a funeral. I'm helping Mommy take care of grandpa. We're having fun. He's being pretty good. He gets ice cream or cookies when he is good. Dog! Can he eat a lot!
All for now, World!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello World, Teddy here from the World's Most Famous Beach! 
It's hot. How do I stay cool? Wet grass! Inside in the AC! Eating ice! In the evenings the ocean breeze is nice.
 This is my friend Sammy. He stays cool but getting a haircut! He's a sheltie.
 We catch up on the news before tangling our leashes!
Here comes the sun!

Well, Mommy laced my ice cream with hydrogen peroxide and I threw up again and again. I got into things I shouldn't have...again! I ate a whole handy wipe and a pantyliner. I stole them and ran. Mommy was afraid I'd get stopped up. They aren't very biodegradable. I have passed dryer sheets though. It was a sucessful purge. Mommy felt bad for me but was afraid those items would absorb my liquids and get stuck. So don't eat pantyliners!
I stole baby back rib bones off of Grandpa's plate but I was only fast enough to get barbeque sauce all over the carpeting (that Mommy shampooed last week). I didn't get to keep the bones. It was an eventful day.
Time to help Grandpa nap.
Teddy signing off.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Hello World! 
I don't really care where we go as long as I get to go. 
I love to ride! CVS, Publix, doesn't matter but I do like to where I can actually get out and go inside. 
Let's go!