Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My friend's last night in our city. They were hosted by some of Lady's teacher-friends at the western food restaurant. They were happy. Posted by Picasa

Today, they walked on the old street. Posted by Picasa

In the Karaoke bar (tea, not beer). Posted by Picasa

After dinner, my friends went to the new Karaoke Rooms at Margaret's hotel. They sang and danced, if that's what you call it. Posted by Picasa

Christmas night was the English Corner party at Margaret's hotel with a delicious buffet, including turkey! My friends were the entertainment! Posted by Picasa

After lunch, they had another class to share with. Posted by Picasa

Lady usually eats with Katrina and Elaine on Mondays, so she brought Lasagna, salad, broccoli and yeast rolls for Christmas lunch. Posted by Picasa

Ellery with her small group. Posted by Picasa

Christmas morning, after homemade donuts, the students went to Lady's university class, and talked in small groups. Posted by Picasa

Lady and our friends went to church on Christmas Eve, and even sang in the program. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Eve, Lady and our friends went to church, and sang. Here's the opening. Posted by Picasa

Lady made donuts! I got a hole. Posted by Picasa

My friends got stuff, too, in their silk stockings. Posted by Picasa

See what I got? Posted by Picasa

SANTA CAME!  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Here's just part of the crowd of very excited Chinese teens. They have been anticipating this night for a couple of months. Posted by Picasa

Here's Ellery, Candi, and John in their play. Posted by Picasa

My guests played for the teens. They loved it! Posted by Picasa

Lindasey shared great stuff at the Saturday night English Corner Party.130 kids came! Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 22, 2006

Here's John, Candi, Lindsey, with the university English teachers, Katrina, Elaine, and Carsten. He's from Denmark. Posted by Picasa

Tonight, Lady took the group to her university for a Christmas program for students in the ENglish Department. About 250 students came. Katrina did a great job with a power point presentation telling the history, meaning, and traditions of Christmas. During part of it, Lady and our friends did their musical. It was a great evening, according to Lady. I was home sleeping in the warm bed. Now that Lady is home, I am ready to play, but she wants to go to bed! Posted by Picasa

Here's Candi and Ellery doing the play. Posted by Picasa

Wow! Look at all those students! My guests went to the #2 high school for two programs today of 400 students each. Their strength came from Someone else, because three have been sick. These kids had no idea what Christmas was about. They were so excited and so attentive! Posted by Picasa

Lindsey received a beautiful gift from the students. Posted by Picasa

Ellery received a big bouquet of flowers! Posted by Picasa