Sunday, December 28, 2014


I love Lady, no doubt, but she's vegetarian and I am not. So, I am a happy boy when meat eaters come to visit. We Lady got up at 5:30 to help them get off to the train station. Lady bought my little buddy Pallu her own window seat on the train. After all, she is a big five now. They will ride the train for four and a half hours, then go by bus for an hour and a half to where their car is, then they have another four and a half hours to get to where they live now in HP state. Pallu took the huge Santa balloon. Whew! I do not like balloons. They move around and scare me. Lady made her keep it in the guest room while here. 
Our flat was the only one in the 'hood with lights and a star. Christians hang these large stars outside. Some of our neighbors came by to wish us a happy Christmas. All of the workers came by. Normally, people give the garbage collectors, street sweepers, night and day lane guards, stairwell cleaners, iron wallas, and their helpers a bonus at Divali, the Festival of Lights. That is the biggest Hindu festival which many faiths also celebrate. Lady doesn't give bonuses then. It is not our main festival. So, they all come by at Christmas to get their bonus. Lady gave them all a very special Christmas card that friends in America gave her to give out. We like to share the real meaning of our festival. We gave the guards gloves this year, as well. Our helper, Mani came to our party. She was thrilled with her new shoes. She let Lady know that her shoes from last year were too tight, so Lady bought her new ones. 
I gave the two street dogs on our lane doggie biscuits. I think they like Lady's scratching better. I am still not allowed to play with them. They are not inoculated. They are very dirty. They will act all nice and then try to bite me in the face. I try to bite back. 
The malls and big markets where the foreigners live were all decorated so many people spent their day at the malls. But mostly, you couldn't tell it was Christmas. The fundamentalist Hindus chose December 25 to forcibly reconvert Christians to Hinduism. It was all over the news. They want India to be a Hindu State. But, the Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, and Christians remind them that India is a democracy with freedom of religion. And there's no caste system any more, so they say. Balabir had the news on any time Pallu wasn't watching Nickelodeon channel. I prefer the news. Her programs are annoying. 
When I woke up, I went looking for my friends. Gone. Lady says that next year, we are going to HP to spend Pallu's birthday and Christmas in their home. We'll have to take a taxi all day. She doesn't want me to ride in baggage on the train. 
Well, I didn't lose any weight this week, but Lady says that's okay -it's Christmas! I guess I'll get some exercise helping with the mountains of laundry, dishes, and wrapping paper!
Happy Sunday.

Friday, December 26, 2014


The doorbell rang before 7:30 Christmas morning. Lady thought it must be the night guard wanting his Christmas bonus. It wasn't. It was Nancy and Vicky from our old city! They had ridden the bus all night to get here! We were so so happy!
 My Nancy!
 My buddy, Vicky!
 We gave her the hat set!
 Our helper brought her daughter and granddaughters for Christmas!
 Ho! Ho! Ho!

 I love opening gifts!
 Grandma sent me a Harley Davidson dangle for my leash, and a Harley Davidson patch for my tee shirt! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
 They had lasagna, rice and dal. I had fat chow, hummus and pita, carrots, and decorated doggie biscuits from the Barkery.
 We always have a birthday cake for Jesus. After all, it is all about Him. I like to think it is all about me, but I just get to come to the party! And with a houseful from the mountains, we had a great Christmas party! I am a blessed little hot dog!


Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas Blessings to our Blogville furrends! 
 Every year for the past four years, Pallu and her family have come down from the mountains to spend Christmas with us. We love it. She drops food.
 I lost 1/2 of a pound. Lady let me have a doggie Christmas cookie!
 My friends Brooke and Erin dropped by to bring me a sqeaky doughnut!
 Earlier this week they came over to make ornaments.
 Our Advent candles. We light one every Sunday.
 Our Jesus tree
 Lady let me have my Christmas blankie early. I love it. 
Our neighbors will come by tomorrow so we've been busy. I can't wait to see what Santa Paws and Lady brought me!
and love from Lady

Friday, December 19, 2014


My secretary has been sleeping busy since returning from the USA. She's upside down or something like that. I gained 2.2 pounds while she was gone, and I really tried. But somebody had to clean up after Ezra. My hormones are out of whack. My hair is still thinning and I am lazy lethargic. It's not my fault. I weighed in at  28.4 pounds! Lady says we're gonna have to try the thyroid meds. She drug briskly walked me around the block three times a day and I'm still a mota batcha.
But I got a new blankie from Wal-mart in the US!
 This is how I roll in the taxi coming home from Ezra's house. See the unsightly spot? 
Well, Lady got the heater out for me because it is 65 inside. It's about the same outside but really cold in the mornings and evenings. And I am wearing sweaters. 
We're all decorated for Christmas. I'll post some photos when I get get my secretary back under control.