Thursday, November 29, 2012


Lady is happy. No rat poop to clean up today. The landlord sent someone to cement up the hole, and it held. So far. 
I'm happy because Tate and Wyatt came over for the day! Both had poopy diapers, so good smells. I also cleaned up after their  PB&J and noodle lunch. Wyatt was acting all scared of me at first, but he finally got used to me again. I helped him have his afternoon rest as usual. Tate wasn't scared at all. I was such a good boy, helping Lady.
They are coming back with their parents tomorrow and staying for the weekend. Uncle Tyler and Aunty Erin are coming, too! And they eat meat!

My little Tater Tot! Ten months old.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lady took me to the vet yesterday, by auto rickshaw. They were closed. She had another sleepless night due to the rats. This time she used half a box of aluminum foil, but the rat chewed through it, and walked into the sticky trap. But it is too small. The rat fell into the sink with a ka-BAM, and flailed around trying to get unstuck. It drug the trap around until it managed to break free, making an enormous amount of racket.  It made another mess for Lady to clean up. She called the landlord to come fix the hole. 
We went back to the vet today. I look pretty bad. I have lot of spots on my back -the hair came off. I'm a spotty dog and don't look my best. I wore a hoodie to try to cover some of the bad spots. Saw my old vet. He remembered me. I weigh 10.3 kgs. He gave me two oral antibiotics (yea cheese), a new medicated shampoo, and a topical lotion. I have to go back Tuesday. We took a bicycle rickshaw home. It goes slower than the auto rickshaws and I can enjoy the scenery. My vet bill altogether was $20.41. In my old city it would have been $4.23. The big city is much more expensive. Lady's food bill is three times what is was in our other city. My dog chow costs the same. 
I hope those rats don't keep Lady up tonight. She wakes me up.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Rats! Yuck. We had them in China. They were always chewing holes in our screen to get inside. Well, a rat chewed a big hole in the wet rag Lady used to plug the hole in the glass. She found it in the sink. More poop in the drawers. It stole my dog chow. She tried to get one to fall into the trashcan by putting a piece of Pupperoni on it. The rat took the Pupperoni. She put out a sticky trap but it got out of it. She's going to try foil and duck tape tonight and bigger sticky traps. YUCK. Lady is NOT happy.


I'm home with Lady!!
 The three little humans I spent half my vacation with.
 This is how I roll... I've got my eyes fixed on home.
My mattress! My blankie! 
Guess what? Lady accidentally caught the RAT! Yep, it wasn't a mouse! She carefully put away any food, and also covered the traps. She didn't want to come home to a dead smell. Well... It ate a candle, a box of matches, and a LOT of butter Lady accidentally left out (covered)! Then, it climbed on top of the covered trash can and fell through! Before she left, Lady cleaned the new can with Lysol, so the rat (what was left) didn't smell gosh awful. She had a lot of chewed-up plastic and rat poop to clean up, and lots of containers to wash!!! But the rat is gone. Wouldn't want him to get my new bag of Pupperoni! Lady also went to Pet Smart and got me a new harness. It fits well and it's soft. It's called a Non-Pull Mesh Harness by Sporn. I think I might like it, but not sure yet.
Tate and Wyatt are in town and coming to visit me tomorrow!! Wyatt now calls all other dogs "Mahwee," after me! He's not yet two! Well, Lady and I are happy to be back together. We sure appreciate the two families who let me come visit with them! I had a pawsome time.
This is what Meri drew in my book!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This year I am thankful for:
* God who created me and Lady
* my new home
* for vacation families to stay with when Lady travels
* my toys that friends have given me this year, especially the beef jerky and the hedgehog squeaker
* that I don't need my wheels
* that Lady can visit Grandma and Grandpa
* that the street dogs didn't bite me
* sunbeams for basking
* friends who eat meat and share with little black dogs
* my adventures in Apple Country, in Kaza, and my horse trek
* Grace Home for Children for taking care of me when Lady
* Nancy, Vicky, Tyler, Erin, Sonya, Wyatt, Tate, Padma, Christy, 
   Pearly, and Ashish- my besties
* Blogville friends who encourage and pray for Lady and me 
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!
 I am thankful for my cousin Casey, a 3 year-old Spaniel/Pek blend
  and cousin Pepper, a two year-old Havanese
 And my two-legged cousin, David.


Thursday, November 08, 2012


So, I survived the three short humans, and I was a "gentleman," according to my host. I didn't snap even when the middle kid sat on me. She was quite impressed with me. After all, I am eleven years old, and a dachshund. Now I am with another family new to me. They are dachshund lovers. I explored their house, checking everything out. My stuff's here, so all is okay.
Lady is in the US. She says she's learning a lot in her meetings, and having fun seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. She misses me.