Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suitcases Again

I moped around this morning as I saw my guests all packing their suitcases. Lady has her suitcase out as well. At lunch time they all headed out the door. I wouldn't even eat my breakfast. But Lady asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, too, and I said YES! We went to the Home for lunch. Aunty fixed a very special lunch for my guests. She was very happy to see me. She said, "Oh Marley I have something special for you!" I had rice and chicken! She asked if I were going to stay with her. Lady said no. Aunty Sheri is staying with me while Lady takes my guests back to the capital city to fly home to America. Lady says she is bringing even more friends to visit us. They arrive a few hours before these friends leave. Then, we're all going back up into the mountains to Apple Country. Yippee! I get to go!! And I am taking my new winter coat because it is cold there. We're staying in a hotel this time. I'll take photos and tell you all about it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We're All Safe

Some friends have e-mailed asking if we were near the bomb blasts or recent earthquakes. No, we're not. We're all just dandy, but thank you for asking!
Lady's friends brought tons of stuff. It was all over my living room. Looks like when Lady plans for Christmas events. But, my snooping paid off! I found a Slim Jim beef jerky. No one could figure out why it was in there. I know why. My grandmother in America sent it to me! She also sent me my new winter coat from Dachshund Delights! Everyone here thinks I look so handsome! I had to seek shelter under the table or I might have been lost in the piles or stepped on. I finished off my chicken Mac Nuggets today. Yum.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Again Home Again!!

I'm home! I'm home! Lady's back and she brought with her some old friends of mine! Sheri visited me in South India, and Sylvia visited me in China. I never forget a friend. And guess what they brought me? Chicken McNuggets! There's one a couple of hours from here. I did my happy dance. Lady made them lasagna for dinner but I had Mickey D's McNuggets!!!!! Happy boy. My other friends will arrive tonight. And, I have a new friend, Susan, who really likes me even though she is a cat person. Oh happy day!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to the Home

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.
I standing here beside my door
I hate to wag my tail and say good-bye.
But the kids are callin' they want me to come,
The taxi's comin' for Lady soon.
Already I'm so lonesome I could whine.
So kiss me and give me a treat,
Tell me that you'll be back quick,
Scratch me like you'll never put me down.
You're leavin' on the next train
I'll be here when you come back again
Oh,  Lady please don't go....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Animals Died, Too, on 9/11/2001

Lady and the other Americans are all remembering the terrible, awful day when their country was attacked by terrorists. Many humans died that day. Lady and other Americans are also remembering those left behind. But don't forget, animals died that day, too. A bomb-sniffing yellow Lab named Sirius died in the World Trade Center. After the first plane hit the North Tower, Sirius's partner, Sargeant Lim, put him in his kennel in the South Tower and ran to check out what had happened. He told Sirius he would come back and get him. The rest is history. Many tributes have been made to Sirius, including a dog run in Battery Park, a dog memorial in his honor in Canada, and some web sites remembering him. His remains were found on Jan.22, 2002, and they were treated with the same honor as the other victims. Sirius's partner called him a "big mush," a 92 pound lap dog -not your typical bomb dog. He said he was a very methodical worker, and he enjoyed watching him work. 
So, as you are remembering those who lost their lives on that tragic day, I hope you take a moment to remember Sirius, and other animals who lost their lives that day, and the people who loved them.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Monkey Watch

 Marley the monkey-watcher...
 There's one....
 and another...
 Ha! I can still see you behind the plant!! The most common monkey in north India is the Rhesus Macaque. They are smaller and more aggressive than the black-faced Langurs.
Marley the Monkey-watcher at rest.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day! (Oh happy day)
Oh happy day! (Oh happy day)
When I get pizza (when you get pizza)
Oh when I get pizza (when you get pizza)
When I get pizza and jiaozi on the same day!
Oh happy day! (Oh happy day! )

For those who don't know, jiaozi is a filled dumpling. I used to eat them in CHina. Here, they call them "mo-mo's." The mo-mo man brings them to our door. Lady and jerry don't particularly care for his mo-mo's but I do. Lady feels sorry for the man when he comes all the way here, so she'll buy a plate of 8 for me for $0.65. 
Today, the neighborhood ladies came and learned how to make pizza dough. They made a pizza and some bread sticks as well. After they left, Lady made a pizza just for me for my lunch!! Later on, the mo-mo man came. Oh, happy day!!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's My Walk by Marley and Diana Ross

I can cover up my poop if it's on the path
I play it safe and walk with a harness
And if walking for myself is what I'm guilty of
Go on and punish me-
I'll still be free!

It's my walk!
I'll go just where I please
I hope you'll understand
This time is just for me,
Because it's my walk!
With no apologies
I've given up the heel
To wet bushes and the trees.
 But now it's my walk
If I don't walk so straight and steady
At least you know
I'll move when I'm good and ready!

So I'll let it rain
Cause the rain ain't gonna hurt me
I've got my raincoat on
The rain can't stop my peepee.

It's my walk!
With no room for compromise
Unless you're running late,
I'll hurry up and rise.
And now it's my walk!
Just let me choose my way
But you can keep me safe,
To walk another day.
It's my walk!
It's my walk!