Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rain Rain Lots of Rain

Hello World, Teddy here, reporting from the World's Most Famous Beach! It's 36 miles long stretching from Ormond Beach to Canaveral National Seashore. Were near the south end. The last hurricane passed us by bringing only lots of rain and high winds. This latest tropical wave has brought more rain and wind. I mostly stay inside because a little dog like me might blow away. I'm not a kite to fly at the end of my leash. I do like the puddles, much to Mommy's dismay. 
Been helping with the recycling. It's not appreciated. I empty out any water bottles I can reach and I crush them. Okay, so the water squishes out all over. It's just water.
Found a Florida box turtle. I tried to have a chat but he escaped into his shell. 
If you've missed me, talk to my Secretary. I have lots to share butt she hasn't let me online. It may have something to do with the now 8 mechanical pencils I've tried to eat. 
And maybe it's leaving all the surprises in the house. Its raining! 
All for now, World.