Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Well, they don't celebrate Halloween in India. They have enough festivals! And some scary ones, too! My human grandma and grandpa already called me this morning to wish me a happy Halloween even though it isn't Halloween there yet. It is here! For some reason our day is their night. Weird. They thought of me when they went to the local Halloween Parade and there were dressed up wienie dogs like me! Lady dressed me in orange but praise the Lord she didn't make me wear a mask!
So here's my Halloween photo for this year:

I've just gotten back from taking Lady for a walk and I'm tired. My hind legs aren't working right. They wouldn't support me while I took care of business. I promise I haven't been drinking any funny stuff! It only looks that way. Guess it's time for the vet again.
Anyway, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Here are some photos from past embarrassments of dressing up:


Friday, October 29, 2010

Lady's Home!

Lady's home! Oh happy day! I was quite vocal in my enthusiasm, and lavished her with licks! Of course I have had fun with Aunty Jerry and her twin sister Sheila, but I missed my Lady. She went to the beach for a few days to be with a bunch of other American human ladies. I wonder if they left their little dogs. I sniffed through her suitcase to see if she brought me something. I found some fishy selling shells that I unwrapped for her. I also dug out all her dirty undies onto the floor so she could find them easier. I try to help out as much as I can.
My back is much better, much to Lady's relief. She has been calling home to check on me. I am afraid of the cell phone, but she tried to talk to me. The vet has come twice to shoot me in the butt. He says I am doing better. Lady picked up some more of the imported anti-inflamatory as she came through the capital city on her way home. It took her two days of travel to get to the beach. She had a really good time, but was glad to get back to the beautiful mountains and her little boy! She missed me lots!
The days are getting colder. The high today is only 58 F and it got down to 34 last night. It is already snowing n some parts of our state! It usually doesn't snow much here. I remember snow. It didn't snow that much in our last city in China, but it was deep for me!! Lady could find me because of my bright yellow Pooh coat!
I'm dragging my yellow blankie around to lie on because the floors are so cold.
Oh, and Lady is feeling much better. She didn't cough last night! Of course, I was there to keep her warm and snug.
Lady took this of me while I was snoozing on my blankie.
This little guy reminded Lady of me and he made her miss me more. But he wasn't friendly.
This is a view on the beach at Goa. I would have had fun!
Lady saw all kinds of wildlife on the beach!
This guy might pinch my nose!
Water buffalo on the beach???
I would have liked to get get into this basket!
Sunset on the beach.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The vet came after 7:00 pm last night and watched me walk. I am doing much better. Lady and I got in the front seat and she held me tight. Uh oh. I know what's coming, and it isn't a car ride! He shot me in the butt and it HURT! I cried and tried to get lose. Then, he had me walk again and watched me in the car lights. I have to have another shot on Saturday, then again on Monday.
I'm not the one in need of a doctor in our house right now. Lady's sick. She's miserable. SHe has a bad throat, and coughed all night again. I slept through it though, but she woke me up this morning. Gerry had to take me out because Lady is still in her pjs. The other human ladies are supposed to come today for a Story and learn how to make banana pudding, but Lady had to cancel. Her teeth hurt. She sounds terrible -not like my Lady at all. So, I'll be taking care of her today. She's staying in. Sure hope she feels better before her trip on Saturday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House Call

The vet is coming to my house, can ya believe it? He had an emergency so he is late. Maybe I will get a reprieve. I'm not any worse, but Lady says I still walk like a drunk. Being hurt has its perks. Lady feels so bad for me that she gives me pretty much whatever I want-except for chocolate of course. Hey, I know I am not supposed to eat chocolate- I don't even try, especially since Lady guards her dark chocolate as I guard my chew bones! Don't mess with my chew bones, and don't mess with Lady's dark chocolate! The momo man came today to bring me chicken momos. Those are steamed Chinese dumplings. I am Chinese, you know. She also ordered veg chow mein for me. I've already eaten half my momos. Lady also bought a new rug by our balcony door because the marble floor is so cold for me. Two guys walk up and down the street yelling about selling rugs. You'll see it in the next photos. I wasn't sure if it would be staying or not, as so many were on the floor today, so I avoided it. Temperatures are dropping these days, so I am happy to have that rug. After dark, I figured it was ours, and tried it out.
Lady packed a bag today, but didn't pack mine. I'm no dummy. I know what that means. She's going somewhere and I'm not. Maybe that's why I am getting all my favorites, and extra attention. When Lady goes away, I can count on a guilt gift when she returns. She's trying to find me a new squeaky baby, as I managed to disembowel my stuffed sheep and kill the squeaker. I still have blue baby though. Sheep has no ears or legs, and is getting pretty nasty. I've lost interest since it has no squeak. I wait until it is quiet around here, then I squeak away! Lady can't find any suitable replacement anywhere near here or in the capital.
Hey some really cute little humans came over to play yesterday. They live at the children's home around the corner. They weren't afraid of me. Should be. I didn't like it when they patted me (too hard) on my sore back, and took Sheep or Blue Baby. I was good, though. I just hid under the table when I was tired of them. They LOVED jumping on our soft sofa, and they loved looking at Lady's children's books. They made wooden bead necklaces and a fall leaf decoration to hang on their beds. Lady was going to have them back today but she coughed all night. Two of the little ones have really bad snotty noses. She thinks she picked up the cold when she taught there last week. But, Lady isn't mad. She loves the little ones. They all have sad stories. They're okay-they shared their Tiger Biscuits with me. I'd post photos, but the system is down for maintenance.
It may be awhile before I can post again, as I am not allowed on the computer when Lady is gone. But, maybe before she leaves she'll help me post. I'll let you know how the vet visit goes.
Hey all you hot dogs out there -take a lesson from me and don't jump up on the furniture, and get your humans to help you on the stairs. While it builds a nice-looking chest, it deteriorates the vertebrae. That means it hurts your back, and you will need many injections -or worse! I don't consider myself old, but I am over nine.
If you have any advice for me, please write me! I love hearing from you. Ha! Sometimes I get mail and Lady doesn't! She doesn't like that!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visit to the Vet Hospital

Uncle took Lady and me to the government veterinary hospital today. The vet watched me walk and felt my spine. He sent me to another room downstairs where I had to lie ON MY BACK on something very hard. Lady and another uncle had to hole me. Lady said I was  very good boy -I didn't wiggle or cry while a machine took a picture of my back. I had to lie on my side for another picture, but that wasn't as hard as being on my back. I didn't cry and I didn't move. I had to wait in Lady's lap for the pictures to dry. The vet looked at what the vet in Delhi said was my problem -something with my disks. But the pictures showed that I didn't have that condition the other vet thought I did. I need an MRI, whatever that is, to correctly diagnose my problem. Guess what? No doggie MRI's in India. This vet said he thinks I have a bulging disk that is causing the nerve problems I am having. He watched me walk like a drunk, and lose control of my hind legs -especially the right one. He gave me two shots. I didn't bite and I didn't cry. I was a very good boy. I have to have more shots every other day. The vet lives near us so he said he'd come by and give it to me. That's nice.
I don't know anything about America, but Lady said it would have cost tons more there. It cost $0.45 to see the vet, and $1.81 for my injections and the syringes. The pictures didn't cost us anything. We had to pay lots and lots more in Delhi, but that was a private doctor. This is a government hospital. And, thanks to Uncle, we had a free ride. I do like to go for a ride. The medicine I take, Carophren, that helps me the most is imported, and not available here. Lady has to get me some more in New Delhi. She gives me half at bedtime, so I am not so sore when I wake up, and i get half when I wake up before I take Lady for a walk.
We watched a funny movie tonight, but I fell asleep. It was called The Ugly Dachshund. Lady laughed. The doxies in that movie were very naughty! Lady feels so sorry for me that she brought me some chicken chow mein last night. I am Chinese, you know. Well, time to get back under the heating pad for a bit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad Back Days

My back is killing me! I'm even peeing like a girl! Lady gave me a doggie ibuprophen, and put the heating pad on me. I am also wearing my Pooh coat because it's chilly for a short-haired wiennie like me. I'm walking real slow. Night before last, I told Lady I didn't even want to go out. That was a first! She was shocked, but she took me anyway, because she didn't want my bladder to explode. Once outside I took care of business in short order, and just wanted to go home. I like lying in the sunbeam that comes through our living room window. Lady put my mat outside on the balcony so I wouldn't have to lie on the cold tiles. I'm whining a lot. I can't help it. But I DON"T want more injections like in Delhi. Ouch. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow. I still love it when people come over. The ladies came yesterday to hear a story from Lady. My happy meter went full speed. Lady was happy to see that, as I had been mopey up to that point. I'm eating good. I haven't lost my appetite -especially for Jerry's home-made tortilla chips, or pita pockets.
The kids lit fire crackers again last night. So, bad back, AND firecrackers! What's a little black dog to do?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Fell

Finally! Monsoons are over! We've decorated for fall. I'm sporting my nice coat because there's a chill in the air! No complaints here, I haven't forgotten the awful heat of New Delhi. I just find a sunbeam and lie in it. Lady takes me up on the terrace so I can bask while she reads. Our days are 63-65 and our nights are 43 down to 38 forecast for next Friday!
So, the weather is super nice, but fall means it's festival season. I hate festival season because of all the firecrackers and fireworks. Just down the hill they have a big colorful tent set up. It's for Dussehra which celebrates the victory of good over evil. Lord Ram and his brother Laxman gathered an army to defeat Ravan and get his wife Sita back. Soon it will be Diwali, or "festival of light." For days they shoot off firecrackers and fireworks! For days I shake and don't want to go out.
Tonight I took Lady out for her evening walk and I heard the fire crackers. I turned around and wanted to go home, but the kids were right in front of my house! They threw crackers towards us! Lady scolded them and they said sorry, and went back down the hill. Still, I high-tailed it in the other direction. Finally Lady coaxed me to go home. I stick close to Lady or Jerry. I don't sleep well. They celebrate all night it seems. The loud music upsets me. No, I don't like festival season, and India has so many of them. Plus, tomorrow is 10-10-'10, and auspicious day to get married so lots of pre-wedding celebrations tonight. My aunty Allison is marrying Kelby tomorrow in the US. She used to live with us when we lived in the south. She tried not to love me but failed.
Our fall sunset.
Look at the size of this guy! Lady saw him on the mall. He makes me look small! Bet he eats a lot of chapatis! She keeps meeting males! I am all for arranged marriages  -find me a girl!