Monday, July 30, 2012


Lady, Nan, Pallu and her folks went on a horse trek higher up in our mountains. I didn't go. They went to a nature place with some of the wildlife found here. She is sharing some of her photos so you can see some of what we see here.

 Pallu dressed up!

 Barking deer
 Himalayan black bear. It's not a fuzzy photo -it's a cloud!!
 Brown bear in a cloud, too
 Leopard in an enclosure -it's a large area but he chose to be where he could see the people.
 One of a bazillion monkeys.
They went on a horse trek, too. Don't worry -He who got left behind got pizza.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's Thursday, and Pallu is still with us, having a blast. I took her out for her morning walk and introduced her to some favorite spots. We even ran into my newest buddy.

 Pallu likes to think she is in charge, but she's not.

 Some good smells in here. The surrounding pot plants are huge, and a little dog could get lost in there!
 I know, I know, I am one handsome dude.
 Normally there's about 12 street dogs in this pack, a couple of moms and their pups. The tan one is my buddy. We call him Curly. I think the other ones were praying and I interrupted.
 Curly spotted me and came over to tussle. Lady doesn't like me to tangle with the street dogs because they are not inoculated, but sometimes it is difficult for her to say no.

 Sorry, Curly, I gotta go in now.
Butt, butt, butt...I wanna play!


She's back! My little buddy from Apple Country, Pallu. We stayed with her on our last trip. I've known her since she was nine months old and now she is 2 1/2 going on 13. She thinks she is boss! Ha! Good thing she is so cute!
 I gotta take the little one out for some exercise.

Pallu stepped in wet cement.

 Pallu likes to help Lady bake. She let her lick the spoon!

The best part is, they eat chicken!! Bill gave me some, and Rae gave me rice and dal!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


So, Lady made this sign for me for my closing ceremony photo shoot. I cooperated. We left it here on the step, inside our gate when I took Lady for her evening walk. We weren't gone long at all, but when we returned, my sign was nowhere to be found! We asked the downstairs guy and he looked as well. Our best guess is a high school boy or a monkey- both are known for mischief! 
I'm entered in several events: swimming, destuffing (my fav), couch potato peeling, Cross Neighborhood Walkabout- Solo and With Human, Keep Away, Crazy Sleeping Singles, Snack Sack Race, Roaching and Rolling, and digging.  Can't wait! We may not all be wieners, but we are all WINNERS!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Soooon! Very soooon! The Olympics are coming! So I wrote a song:
by Freddie Mercury and Marley
I've heard the news
It's almost time
I'm training hard
in the summertime.
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
But I won't give up in the Blogsville Olympics
I'm coming through!!!!!
WE are the champions, my furrend!
And we'll keep on trying to the end!
We are the champions! We are the champions!
No time for biters
'cause we are the champions
of Blogsville!
I've taken my stuffies
ANd all my balls
We'll all compete and have fun
And then thank you all.
I've practiced digging,
couch potato peeling, too
And I've been de-stuffing as much as I can
I ain't gonna lose!
We are the champions, my furrend
And we'll keep on trying to the end!
We are the champions! We are the champions!
No time for biters 
'cause we are the champions
of Blogsville!!!

 Breakfast of champions: pancakes!
 Reading my Bible and praying to do my best!
 Dinner of champions: cheese quesadillas

Furrends, it is important to get enough rest, too. 
Well, I've got to make my photo for the parade of athletes sometime today. We have rain all week, a bit hard to train outdoors. This is monsoon season!!
Happy training! OOO! Rhymes with raining! I feel another song coming on!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Boy did I get a surprise at almost 1:00 am this morning! Lady showed up at the Children's Home! She just couldn't wait! She slept with me on the sofa! Turns out, when the taxi dropped her off, the landlord had locked the ground floor door. Lady had no key! SO, she had to sleepover with Christy and me. Later, his brother opened it for us so we are home now! 
Lady put me in the shower when we got home. Said I am a dirty boy. Not anymore! Whaddya expect during monsoons?
 Lady brought me a handmade felt pig from Nepal! Thanks!
 Mmmmmm! Pork butt!
 My little buddy Wyatt came back after six months in the USA! He brought his new little brother Tate with him and introduced us! Tate was still a bun in the oven when they left. I'm showing them my new toys. We're so happy they are back in our city!!!
So, it has been an eventful Tuesday morning!

Monday, July 09, 2012


These were taken in "The Garden of Dreams," a restored garden in the city.

I'm safely back in India, but not home yet. I miss my baby! I'll pick him up Tuesday.