Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm in Trouble

The kids from the Children's Home came for an Easter celebration. Jing was sick and couldn't help us. But our friends C. & J. came to help us. Twenty kids came. Lady told them the Easter Story and it's importance for today. Evangeline helped translate for the new little ones. Speaking of the new little ones. They didn't listen to Aunty, or Christy, or Pearly, or Lady or anyone who told them not to mess with me. Abishek messed with me too much and I bit him. Don't get excited, I didn't break the skin, but I left a little mark. He cried for about 10 seconds. Lady took care of him. I got a time out. I tried to apologize. Very loudly from the bedroom. No go. I missed the rest of that party. Lady let me come out and say good-bye. Christy was so upset she wanted to take time-out with me. She told Abishek not to mess with me. Lady says I can't bite no matter what. I didn't even get in a really good bite - I just scared him. Lady is still upset about it.
So, as soon as they left, Lady had to get ready for the next bunch of neighborhood girls for their party. Twelve came. I got to stay. Three of the girls are afraid of me. I guess with reason.
Christy sprung me from time out so I could come out and watch the last of the egg hunt, and the gift giving.
These are a couple of the new little ones from the home.


These are the big girls at the second party. I was let out and allowed to attend. I was on my best behavior -well, I didn't bite anyone.

I'm on clean-up duty at the second party. If they drop food, I clean it up. It's my job, unless it is chocolate. I'm not allowed to eat chocolate.
I loved the stuffing out of my teddy while Lady was telling the Easter story with plastic eggs!


  1. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Hi Marley, know you are sorry about the bite. It can be tough when one is the smallest in the room and it is crowded with little ones who sometimes can be a bit rambunctious with you. It can be overwhelming. When we are out on a walk with our Doxie, sometimes the very young ones dash quickly up and that can be scary. We ask the young children to wait and let our Doxie approach to sniff first. Also, ask them not to do direct eye contact at first. Most younger children don't know that and the quick moves can be sort of scary. Older children seem to know this or politely ask if they can greet and give a pet before approaching. My guess is you get along with very well with children as you have been with so many over your many travels. Today was just a bit overwhelming and I am sure Lady will forgive you and with time, hopefully Abishek too.

  2. You bit out of fear thats natural. Be a good boy the rest of the day Marley. Happy Easter.

  3. Thank you, Bruce, and Annon. I've been good. I didn't get scolded -only a time out. I went under the table to get away, but the kids came after me. It was his fault, but he is just a little kid. I am older and I know better, but as you said, I reacted. I think I am getting less tolerant as I get older. I don't want to mss the action, though, and get stuck in the bedroom. I really don't think the little ones will mess with me again.