Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Lady says it is the last day of 2010. This is the year I moved from the south to the north of India. I didn't like New Delhi, but I like where I live now -except when it is cold and wet -like the last three days. It snows, but it doesn't stick. It just melts. Yesterday, it was thundering and lightning. I hate that. Scares a little dog. So, I didn't want to go out to take care of business. Lady put on my raincoat and carried me out. I wouldn't budge, so she took me to the tree to take care of my business, but I didn't finish the deal. Nope, one clap of thunder and I am ready to get back where it's warm.
So, our international guests came back for dinner. The Korean girl stayed all day because she didn't want to go out in the nasty weather either. Smart girl. It was her birthday, so she and Lady decorated the house, made balloon bouquets, and a birthday cake. The Australian, Indian, and American guys came back for dinner. They brought Chinese! I had chicken fried rice, momos, and a piece of chicken tikka. But just as they arrived I had an accident. My hind legs weren't working so well. My guests saw the evidence on my blanket. I was SO embarrassed. I waddled over and hid under the table. Lady didn't scold me, she just cleaned it up. She felt sorry for me, but she reminded me that she tried to take me out. And I didn't ask to go out. It was an accident. My first here. SO embarrassing with guests.
JeeYoung really likes me. She gave me a lot of attention. She spoke Korean to me. I understand Korean because I lived with two Korean boys for six months in 2009. I spent last Christmas with them. JeeYoung left this morning. I got up to see her off, then went back to bed. It's another yucky day, but I took care of business when Lady took me out. It's another bad back day. The roads are treacherous for motorcycles when it is wet and snowy like today, so the guys are not coming. Just me and Lady. We're having veggie burgers and soup for dinner. We're staying near the heaters. Last night the power went off. Hope it doesn't go off tonight! At least there's no thunder or lightning! Praise the Lord for that! Be safe tonight!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Guests

We had an interesting bunch for dinner tonight: an Australian, an Indian, a Korean, and two Americans. Lady fed them (sort of) Italian food. I really like the Korean girl. She looks Chinese and reminds me of home. She also scratches me in the right spots.
So, I put myself to bed while Lady was getting ready for bed. She laughed and took my picture. I don't know why. Woke me up.
Here's a shot of that baby telling me good-bye.
So, I convinced Lady that I was better. She's still restricting my activity and making me rest my back -and stay warm. And, I get my feel-better pills, hidden in a piece of cheese. Like I don't know! I just like the cheese. Better than getting it shoved down my throat. Its just a little pill, and I only get half. Anyway, it does help me feel better.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, I'm not crying this morning! Lady gave me a feel better pill last night. Yesterday our house guests left so Lady just sat on the floor with me by the heater and we watched movies. She wanted to keep me still and warm, and not leave me. I do much better after I have warmed up and rested. We had lasagna from the freezer for dinner -in the living room. Lady was tired of Indian food and missed traditional Christmas cooking. I am enjoying my Beggin Bacon Strips I got for Christmas, and my new squeaky toys. Lady has to carry me to take care of business, so she's getting a good workout. I might have to go back to the vet today. We'll see how I do. If they give me a steroid shot, I can't take the feel-better pills. Right now they are helping me. Lady doesn't have much faith in the vets here so far. We may have to take a long trip to see another one. I love car rides! And buses, and scooters, and auto rick-shaws, and pedi-cabs... not so much flying because I have to be crated. I just like to go!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas, Friends!

My day didn't start of so well. I couldn't support my hind legs. I was hurting. Lady gave me a feel better pill, carried me to take care of business, and put me in the small, heated room with no furniture (so I can't hurt myself again). I didn't even feel like opening my stocking! That's a first. But after Lady and our guests came home from church, I was ready for Christmas gifts!!
I don't feel good.
 Oh, boy! My favorite! Beggin' Bacon Strips! I unwrapped these super fast!

 Lady took video of me opening up my Christmas tree toy. I LOVE squeaky toys!

 Tug-o-war! My favorite game!

Feeling much better now.
Merry Christmas! God bless you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Party for the Children's Home Kids

I'm having a bad back day. But there's nothing that will cheer a little guy up than having a bunch of guests...who eat meat. The kids came for my Christmas Eve party at 3:30 pm and I walked them home at 8:00. They dropped plenty of good stuff, and of course, Lady had special treats for me. She ordered Chinese! I'm Chinese, you know, so I like fried rice, noodle and dumplings. 

 They played lots of games after Lady told the Reason for the Season. They made crafts. They made a huge mess!
 Hosting a party for 15 kids is a lot of work. I'm pooped.
 Because all the kids got gifts, Lady let me open one of my gifts tonight. I don't need any help. I am expert at opening any type of package.
 It's a squeaky reindeer!!! I love it! Don't even think about trying to take it from me.
 Lady made a bunch of cakes and cookies for dessert.

That baby arrived about 6:00 with her parents and her aunty -four more for the party! Lady was NOT happy that she was on her laptop. Her dad took this picture and thought it was cute. Lady didn't.
Well, I better get to sleep so Santa can come. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Please let me hear from you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Packing Presents

This is what our living room looks like when Lady prepares presents for kids. This is our first year in this city, and the gifts are for the kids at Grace Home for Children, around the corner. You've seen their pictures from when they've come to visit me. We're having a party for them.
I wasn't much help tonight. I was naughty and I am paying for it. I never jump on the furniture when Lady is home. But while she was shopping I jumped up on the sofa and the chairs. By the time Lady got home I was hurting. I cried. I left evidence, so she figured out why. She gave me a feel better pill, and turned on my heater. So, I mainly helped in a supervisory role this year.

Lots of stuff! Aunty Yvonne sent cups and kazoos and paddles and stickers!

Finished. I will help with the party.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Washer Fixed

Lady was so happy to finally see the Whirlpool engineer come. So was I. I greeted him enthusiastically. Lady's not sure why, except that I really like men. Neither of the guys spoke English. Made it interesting. So, Lady started to try to catch up on her pile of laundry, but she can only wash as much as she can find a place to dry! It's going to take awhile.
I think we're having another party. Oh boy. But I want to open some gifts! Of the ones under the tree, none have a smell that says it's mine!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


The party's over and I wiped out! It's a lot of work not getting stepped on, greeting all my guests, cleaning up the food they drop, seeing them to the door...
This little one was better today than yesterday. I was VERY good today. I let them all pet me. Lady fussed at the girls who were teasing me and pretending they had treats for me when they didn't. She stopped what she was doing and went and got me one of my treats. She told them they were being mean. They dropped a LOT of stuff on our rugs. There were almost 30 humans in our house today. As soon as they left, Bill and Rae came! Full house!
I feel ridiculous, but it gets me one of the special treats the girls made for me!
Busted! The little human wasn't supposed to give me this one!
I wouldn't keep this on long. Lady's got to put ties on it. I have gotten too fat for the velcro tabs to meet. Aunt Debbie and the kids brought this to me from the US.
In my younger days, I used to chase the snowballs and disrupt the game, but not anymore! I took a snooze while they played the snowball toss game.
Our living room was FULL. Lady rearranged the furniture an brought in a new mattress for extra seating. I really like the new mattress. Lady let me put my blankie on it and lie by the heater. Now, someone is sleeping on it. Uncle Bill and Aunty Rae came and brought Rae's brother with them. They are on their way home back to apple country. They will be back in a few days to spend Christmas with us. They are bringing that baby, too. 
When do I get to open any presents? I've been good.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Mess

Some of the neighborhood girls came to help Lady bake for the party tomorrow. Boy did they make a mess. I get scolded when I make such a mess. Two of them brought little sisters with them and they drove me crazy. They took my chew bones and chased me around the house with them. They teased me with a stuff snowman I KNOW I am not supposed to play with. I hid under the table. Lady told them to leave me alone or I might bite. She praised me for being tolerant of two three-year-olds! They are coming back tomorrow. Oh boy.
I didn't make a mess, but I did get in trouble today. When Lady came home for shopping I was out of my sweater and I had rearranged the pillows on the sofa. I also pulled my big yellow blanket up on the sofa. I forgot to pull it down again before Lady came home. I am not supposed to jump up on the sofa because of my back. Well, I needed to see out the living room window. I also pulled off the cushion covers. That's how Lady knew I had been looking out the window. The power was off so Lady was concerned I would get too cold. She wasn't happy that I was out of my sweater. Well, I was sunning in the big window. I was good. I didn't open any packages under the tree, or the gift bags for tomorrow.
It's gonna be crazy tomorrow, but I know all the big girls. It's the little humans like the ones today that drive me nuts. I will try to be sweet. I will be a good host, as always. I can't wait to have the special crackers the girls made for me today. They made Wheat Thins, so they made some plain wheat crackers for me, and cut them with the people cookie cutter and the bear cookie cutter!
We have power tonight so I am cozy and ready for bed!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Just staying warm. Lady got a package from Grandma and Grandpa. She left it in the brown paper and put it under the tree. The guys came over to have Christmas with us. They were opening presents. Lady opened he present. So, the one under the tree must be for me. I started opening it. Justin noticed and ratted on me. Turns out it isn't for me. I felt left out. Every Christmas I get gifts. St. Nick comes and fills my stocking. Lady gives me a gift too. When is Christmas? We had a party. We're having a big one Saturday night for the girls, the moms, and their families. We've been working all day getting ready. Lady bought a mattress for the floor for extra seating. She put my blankie on it so I can use it too. She put my heater near the mattress. Nice and cozy!
I walked too much last night and was in pain this morning. Lady gave me a feel better pill. I've just been taking it easy. I took Lady to see Shrutee. I might stay with her while Lady is out of the country in January. She already told me she has to go. Something about her visa. I wish Jerry could come back and stay with me. Gotta go help Lady makes some more stuff for Saturday.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lady, Me and Our Jesus Tree

In my other Christmas photo, I showed you my Around the World tree. This is Lady's Jesus Tree. All of the ornaments have something to do with the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus. After all, Christmas IS the celebration of His birthday, right? Sooo, He should get His own tree. We'll even have a birthday cake. Of course, mine will be different. Lady makes my cake with beef or chicken flavors!  I get Christmas cookies, too! Lady makes them special for me. I'm not allowed to have the sugary ones. Well, I sneak them sometimes or eat the ones the babies drop. Speaking of dropping, Lady was making lasagna today for our Christmas party tonight. She dropped cheese on the floor! Yum!
Neighbor ladies came to our house this morning. They were going to make a cake, but the power went off. No heaters. Cold. So, they made chocolate balls from Sweetened Condensed Milk, cocoa powder and butter. You cook it over the stove. They rolled the balls in sprinkles or coconut. They really liked that. They left a BIG mess. Lady has to clean it up before our party. Well, I better be going to help Lady get ready!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pallu Didn't Come

Pallu's mom and dad came last night but they left Pallu with her grandmother. Lady had baby-proofed the living room and put her toys out. I still wasn't allowed to play with them. I keep watching my stocking. It's still flat. Two others are fat though.
Pallu's folks were in time for a big dinner and Sunday worship time. They lit three candles this time. The first was for the prophets, the candle of Hope. The second was the candle of Bethlehem, the candle of peace, and the third was for the Shepherds, the candle of love. Lady made candle holders from flower pots and painted "Hope," "Peace," and "Love" on them. Our living room is still cold so the guys wrapped their feet in blankets! You know that fudge Lady and the girls made Saturday? Gone. But Lady made more today -chocolate fudge with crushed peppermint candies on the top. The guys are coming back tomorrow to have an early Christmas with us because they are going out of town Wednesday.
Rae took one of my sweaters to make a new one for me. She can keep that one. The legs are too long and it is very difficult for me to get in and out of. I do look dashing in it however. Rae made colorful socks with a big toe in them! She also made a head covering that most of the ladies where in the cold areas here in the mountains. It is colorful. Lady loves it. I sure hope my new sweater is not that colorful. Even Bill's socks have colorful designs on them. Not for this guy.

Still Busy

Lady worked all day trying to get the guest room ready. She had to move a bed from the small room to the guest room and make a big bed like ours. Usually we let Bill and Rae stay in our room, but it is too cold. The guest room gets nice and warm. The electrician came last night and fixed the fried plugs. We could have heat last night! We gave our fuzzy blanket to Bill and Rae. That baby didn't come but she will be here for Christmas. Lady is so excited! She found a bed warmer she didn't know she had inherited. It was with the blankets. We had one in Ch!na. They are GREAT as long as you have power! You just put it under your sheet and plug it in! No more cold bed!
Cliff and Justin came for dinner to night as well. I had a big dinner! Of course I was on clean-up duty while lady cooked, so I had already had my appetizers. They guys really liked Lady's peanut butter fudge. I am not allowed to have any.
Last night the baby from downstairs came to visit. I make her laugh! Lady has baby toys for her. I wanted one of them, but got scolded. Okay already. Now I know they are for the babies.

Here are our downstairs neighbors. The baby really likes coming up to see me.
Here I am by my heater and on both of my blankets. The neighborhood girls came over for a story and crafts. They also made that fudge I mentioned. It's really easy. I watched. Take a 12 oz. jar of crunchy peanut butter, 1 1/2 cups of semisweet chocolate and put them in a microwaveable bowl. Heat for 1 minute then stir. Heat again for about 1 minute until melted. Stir in one can of sweetened condensed milk. Stir until smooth. Pour into a buttered 8 X 8 pan and chill till firm. We didn't even have to refrigerate ours. It got firm in an hour! Then just cut it up into little squares.
Here are some of the girls working on their craft at my dining table. The girl in pink is afraid of me, and if I come by her feet she either gets up or lifts them up. How can anybody be afraid of a little dog in a red coat?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy Days

It's been crazy at my house! Lady went to Delhi and left me with Jerry's twin, Sheila. Then, Uncle Joey shows up and moves almost all the furniture out! I didn't know what to think. But, my stocking is still up, and my trees are still here, so all is okay. In a few days, Lady returned and is helping me catch up.
Here's my Christmas photo for 2010. Aunty June and Uncle Joey brought the Ho-HoHo sweater from the states. Thank you! It's warm and I look dashing -well, Lady thinks so. That's our "Around the World" tree and my stocking in the background.
Close-up of me!
It's quite cold these days for a little dog, so I need a sweater every day. My hind legs are still wobbly but I am not in pain. I walk pretty well, but I just stop when I have had enough and ask Lady to pick me up. Our big room is too hard to heat so we are in the smallest room in the house with the heater on. I get to lie by the window and look out over the 'hood and the mountains while Lady works on her laptop. We are having some electrical outlet problems so we can't heat the bedroom yet. We have a gas heater but the gas man hasn't come. The washer engineer came again today. I didn't bark. But, he has to order yet another part and won't be back for a week! Poor Lady has to hand wash so many clothes, and no dryer. It takes SO long for clothes to dry now.
We've had lots of folks coming by to see us. The big girls came Wednesday, and the Moms came Thursday. The baby downstairs came ot see me as well. I make her laugh. Pallu is coming Sunday. Oh boy.