Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back From Vacation

I returned from my vacation on Monday morning. Lady was anxiously waiting my arrival, as I was late. The handler didn't pay attention to Lady's instructions not to let me climb the stairs. I was anxious to get hom and see my Lady! But I paid for it. I am paying for all the jumping up on the beds I did while there. The evidence is on the video they sent Lady showing me at the doggie spa. I told you we've been going to the vet's for injections a lot. I finally worked up to only once a week and I wasn't crying. Well, even though I had an injection Monday, and was supposed to return in a week, I still had pain. Last night I cried quite a bit when Lady picked me up or put me down, or I tried to jump on the bed. This morning was the worst. I cried when I stretched, when I moved, when I got down, when I rolled over. So, it's off to see the vet first thing this morning. We arrived half an hour before they opened, but my vet had just arrived and let us in. He touched my spine and I yelped. He said it's " very bad," We already knew that! So I got three injections and go back tomorrow. He told Lady to put hot compresses on my three times a day. And something else- he said to make chapatti dough (like a wheat flour tortilla) and put it on my back. I love chapattis, but not raw...and on my back? I enjoyed the auto rickshaw rides this morning because it is cooler. Well, I ALWAYS enjoy them, but some more than others. In heavy traffic and heat, the exhaust and fumes are really bad.
After the injections, I already feel some relief. I didn't cry when Lady put me down. I am walking okay. I think I am doing better than Lady! She was a mess this morning when I was crying so much.
Lady told me she went on a vacation while I was gone. She went riding down a river in a raft! The trip was five hours by train and then 2 by bus. Coming home, she did 2 1/2 hours and then another 6 1/2 hours. She slept in a tent. No little dogs could come. Too hot for me!! Well, I am glad to be home where my Lady can take care of me, and I can take care of her.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lady just told me I am going on vacation tonight. I don't understand, because I don't see my stuff packed -no toys, no blankie, no dishes, no mat, no treats- only some dry food and the vitamins Lady makes me take. They are coming to pick me up and drive me far away to a special spa for dogs. I can even go swimming! I get to hang out in an air-conditioned house during the day, but in the mornings and evenings, I get to go out and play and swim. Lady said I can't take all my stuff because I will be with other dogs. I get territorial with my stuff. She said they'd even give me chicken franks and yogurt. I don't see Lady's suitcase, so maybe they won't let her bring stuff either. What if she's not going with me? What if that's why she just has a small bag on the bed? When will I be back? What if I don't like the doggie spa and want to come home? Good thing Lady's number is on my tag. I'll just have them call her to come get me if I don't like it.
Swimming sounds good. The heat has been getting to me. I haven't been eating as much. Maybe it will be fun. I'll let you know when I get back.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Little Visitor

This little guy and his mom stayed with us for a week until today. He dropped stuff for me at meals. I miss him already. My Lady loves this little human! He is trying real hard to walk on two legs, but most of the time, he got around on all fours, like me.

I kept an eye on him most of the time. He is interesting to watch. He sure can make a mess, almost as good as my messes. Lady told his mom to keep their door closed. Well, she forgot, and when they came home, I had a surprise waiting...I got into the dirty diapers and shredded them. "But I had them all tied up in a bag!" You think that will keep me out? I knew the drill. Lady only had to say my name and I put myself in time-out under the table. I stayed there until she called me to go outside. I knew I would get in trouble, but it was worth it.

What is the fascination with my dish? He really liked it. When he got into my water dish, Lady got a bigger pan out with water in it and let him splash all over the floor. It's so hot that it dried really quickly, and the floor was clean! He really liked the water play!
Poor little guy was having some stomach issues and he cried. I understand. I have back issues and I cry. By the way, I am doing much better. I don't go back for injections for a week. But, I am still not losing weight. Lady says it is too hot to worry about it here. I can't walk as far as we usually walk. When we move to the cooler climate, I will get more exercise. I took the baby with me on some walks. He liked it.

Little Visitor

This little human came to visit me for a week. He is just shy of his first birthday. Lady said I had to be on my best behavior, and I had to share. I wasn't allowed to snap or growl.

So what's a dog to do when the baby takes his NEW blankie? Let him have it. His mom didn't want him chewing on it though. Neither did I!

Busted! Actually, I was just smiling at the cute little guy! That's not a snarl. Nobody takes my toy.

The little fellow really love my dish for some reason. He pushed it all over the floor.

I assumed this position under the table at every meal. Babies are good for lots of droppings- the edible kind! This kid gave me lots, but not really the good stuff until Lady and the baby's mom had mo-mo's, or what we call in China, jiaozi. I love jiaozi! Lady's friend had chicken and shared them with me!! This is a good place to be.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Little black dogs get hot easily. In case you are wondering, it is 106 degrees today. Tomorrow's high is projected to be 110. Lady gave me a cooling bath today that helped. I am getting ready for my guests- a tiny human,and his mom. They have been to see me before, but not for a sleepover. They should be here soon. Tomorrow night, a human friend from our last city is coming for a sleepover. She'll bunk with us. I am excited! Guests mean more food. Babies mean more food on the floor!
Lady washed me as well as all my toys and rugs, in case the baby human gets them. She also put up all the stuff he can reach. I know better than to pull stuff off the tables but he doesn't. He just drools and laughs, eats and poops. Oh, and he has bad gas. I hope Lady doesn't blame me for any inappropriate explosions.
He better not pull my tail. Why to short humans like to do that? Lady says I have to be sweet to my guests. Well, of course!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obstinate Walker

Lady gave me some trouble again this morning. Whose walk is it, anyway? It's mine, right? So who should choose which way we go? Me. Right? So, I thought I had her trained. If she goes the wrong way, I put on the brakes until she heads the correct direction. I don't like her to lead. It's my walk. If she gets ahead of me, I put on the brakes until she stops and allows me to get ahead of her and LEAD. Now, I know the rules. Lady insists that the shortest one be on the inside, so I abide by that rule most of the time. I like to cross roads, so Lady is always shifting me to the inside. I've got to check everything out -especially dirt piles and tires, and the ladies, of course!
This morning, Lady just wouldn't go my way. I got her to go out our gate, and on the busy road, but I wanted to cross the divided highway. Why? Because it's my walk and I wanted to. I'm not afraid of cars and autos. Lady says I should be, and it is a problem. I wanted to keep walking down the big highway, but Lady insisted on turning around. So what if my tongue was hanging out and I was walking a bit slow. I wanted to keep going. I put on the brakes. Lady outweighs me and tugged hard on my safety leash. I gave in but I sure didn't have to like it. Yes, the temperature was climbing. It was only 8:30 and already around 90. Yes, I was moving slowly, but I didn't want to miss any of the smells. I tried to take Lady into the little park by our house, but she squashed that idea. Said I wasn't welcome. So what are the street dogs doing in there?
Lady says I'm obstinate. I think that means I'm an independent thinker.
Okay, so I was really pooped when we got home. I figured if I got tired, Lady would carry me home. She already carried me up and down the stairs. I give her an upper body work out!
And some stranger tried to pet me this morning. Bad idea. He thought better of it. He didn't even ask my Lady if it was okay.
This evening, we walked pretty quickly. It is still hot. I didn't get to go swimming as Lady did this evening, but I heard her mention something about a cooling bath!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Diet Shmiet

Lady took me back to the vet tonight for two more injections. We took an auto rickshaw as usual. We went at 7:00 pm because it is just too hot for little black dogs to be outside any earlier. I like riding in the auto rickshaws. I don't have to strain to see out. It's open on both sides. Lady took photos of my vet and his assistant. The tall one shoots me and the shorter human muzzles me and holds me, but he is very kind.
So, I am supposed to be on a diet to lose some weight so as not to strain my back, right? Lady has been making my food for dinner, and giving me expensive dry for breakfast, plus all those vitamins. The assistant weighed me and...I gained two pounds! Lady was discouraged. The vet said I am eating too well! Too much protein. He said I am a geriatric dog, whatever that means, and I don't need so much protein. Lady countered that I am full of energy. He said it is because I eat so well, but I don't need all that protein. When I was doing stairs, I didn't have the weight problem. But doing the stairs gave me the back problem! Lady says we will just have to walk more. These shots increase my appetite. I am hungry all the time, so it is hard for Lady to ignore my begging. I am really good at it. Very subtle, you know? I stand in the kitchen looking up at her and make just the slightest whimper. When she looks at me, I set my happy meter to wagging! It works!
We'll skip four days this time, weaning me off the shots. I am doing better. I didn't cry and didn't need any Carprofen this week. I think I look great, what do you think?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Home Again Home Again

I had a great time with those little humans, Rachel and Peyton. I sure love their mom. They gave me a ride home today. Lady was so gad to see me! I tried to tell her I missed her, too. She understands my body language, and my attempts to speak.
Lady made us some biscuits and gravy for dinner, with fake sausage. I know it is fake because Lady is a vegetarian! But I love it anyway, and wanted seconds. I wonder what Lady did without me? Not much, I guess.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


It's a special day today! My lady had fun surprises for me. She gave them to the family for me. I have a nice Easter outfit, chewy toy, and yummy bones and treat! Wow! They sure are good!

The family took some pictures of me. I hope you like them!

They have been calling me "momo." Do I look like a momo dumpling??

Tomorrow lady comes back. I am so glad. I like this family but I miss my lady. I hope she had a good trip.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


I am having a sleepover with two short little humans named Rachel and Peyton and their mom and dad. It's been fun! They love to pet me (I wish they would give me lots of snacks, but lady told them I was on a diet!) I sometimes like to lay down by the mom. Boy does she move alot. Every time I lay down, she pops up and goes somewhere. I follow her but it get tiring after a while. Will she ever sit still??

The kids love to play tug-of-war with me. I'm just not up to it right now.

The dogs in this neighborhood are kind of mean. They bark at me. I just ignore them. Peyton brings a stick along when we go for a walk so that they won't hurt me.

The picture of me's SO hot here!

I hear tomorrow is a BIG day! I can't wait because I know I have a special treat and a special outfit. So, I'll write and show off my new outfit tomorrow!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm Ready!

This is the night I have been waiting for! I am going for a sleepover at Rachel and Peyton's house! They are coming for me in the car. And that's a good thing, because the auto rickshaws are on strike today. Lady had a terrible time getting to school. After thirty minutes, she took a taxi for almost four times what a rickshaw costs. She had to take a taxi home as well. It's a good day for taxi drivers!
So, Lady has care instructions, my food, my vitamins, my mortar and pestle to crush the vitamins because I will spit them out, my blankie, my mat, my Easter outfit, my dishes, and my blue baby. I am packed and ready to go!! I'll be back Monday. I know Lady is going to miss me! She sent a surprise for me.
I had a surprise for her when she got home from school! No, not what you think! She noticed the egg tree on the dining table was knocked over. She looked around and saw the empty milk biscuit wrapper on my rug. Busted. I am NOT supposed to jump on furniture, or steal biscuits. But I am in too good of a mood to be scolded! I greeted Lady as if she had been gone for a week! That's when she got suspicious and looked around. She didn't scold me too much because she will miss my little black self.

Packed and ready to go!
Close up of a wet dog in the tub, well, shower actually. I had to let the shampoo stay on for ten minutes.
I'm a clean boy!