Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Auntie Arrives

Remember me telling you about eating the rat poison in the old principal's house? Part of the house is used for the school. Well, I went back today to welcome Auntie Jo. SHe arrived from the US at 5:00 AM. She is here to teach music. She is older than my Lady. Now that's old! I went in the house but Lady wouldn't let me explore. Later, Auntie Al and I went back to pick her up and walk her to our house for an early dinner. Lady made quiche and I cleaned up the dropped cheese. Auntie Al made fruit salad. This morning, Lady made pancakes. She makes little, plain ones for me. She and Auntie Al eat them with chocolates chips or cranberries. I just love pancakes. I will dance and sit and speak for pancakes. Whatever it takes.
After dinner, we walked Auntie Jo back to her new home. She was really sleepy. The mosquitos about carried Lady off! We ran into Lady's new language tutor, Dhanu, and walked ot her house. We met her landlord who invited us in for coffee. I was ready to go inside but Lady said we had ot get home. We don't go off our street after dark, and darkness was fast approaching.
Saturday is Lady's day to do chores so I have been helping. I go up to the roof with her when she hangs laundry. I let her know when someone is at the gate. I soak up the rays while I am guarding the house. She won't let me get on the fresh sheets though, because I haven't had my bath! We have company coming tomorrow! Our friend Katrina is here from China. She taught with Lady at the same university. She was a frequent visitor to our home. She would even come and walk with me when Lady was too sick to take me out. She's a good friend.
Yes, I stay busy on Saturdays, supervising Lady doing chores, and cleaning up dropped food off the floor. I'm exhausted now! After all, I am just a little dog.