Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hello World from the World's Most Famous Beach! We survived Hurricane Matthew! Our house is still standing. We lost some roof tiles, all the soffit and fascia (whatever that is), gutters and drains, and some trees. Butt we are all safe, the roof doesn't leak, and we are grateful! Lily ( the Burmese Mountain Dog) needs a new roof and all new furniture, and a new wall. Butt they are okay. Taco and his family just lost stuff like we did. Sammy and some of my other friends are still out of town. 
We evacuated on Thursday to our friend's home in Daytona near I-95. Their 'hood had lots and lots of tree damage. Everybody lost power early Friday morning. We just got ours back today (Monday) at 4:30! We lost all our food in the freezer and refrigerator. I tried to retrieve some of it butt was thwarted. 
We came home Saturday afternoon. Mommy was cleaning up the yard and I was enjoying the grass on my cable. Then I threw up. Twice. Then Mommy said I fell over and got all rigid. Scared her to death! She thought I was dying right then and there. Then I relaxed butt couldn't hold my head up. Mommy called the emergency vet I went to when I ate the dark chocolate. She was afraid they didn't have power butt they did! They said come on up. So Grandma held me in the back seat and we all went to the hospital. By the time we got there I was coming out of it. They say I had my first (and Mommy hopes my last) seizure! I had a blood test butt didn't have to stay. I am taking a liver booster for a month then they will check my blood again. We don't know why I had a seizure. Maybe the stress of the hurricane and being in a different home. We don't know. 
So, we are feeling very blessed to survive both the hurricane and my seizure!
Mommy hasn't been able to take any photos. Maybe later. 
All for now World! Teddy signing off.