Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh happy day! Lady came back early this morning! Aunty June sent me a new hoodie, which Lady promptly put on me. I survived my stay home alone, with our landlady taking care of me. But she told Lady I tipped over the heater and now it doesn't work. So, I had no heat at night. I had lots of blankies. It does so work. Aunty Meenu just didn't connect it right, and I am not saying who tipped it over. Don't worry, the elements are protected and it has automatic shut-off. It is not hot to the touch. Lady doesn't use those kind around me.

I have many things to be thankful to God for this year:
1. My new home in the Himalayas
2. Lady is with me this year.
3. I have a new cousin named Casey.
4. The vet says I don't have IVDD.
5. I can walk and I am not in pain.
6. I have lots of humans who love me.

I sincerely hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving this year and are able to spend it with family and friends. Don't forget your non-human friends. Thank you for reading my blog.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

That Baby

I'm quite tolerant of the baby human.
Ready to go! My guests left early this morning. She behaved pretty well except for throwing up all over the place. Lady had to give Bill a tee shirt and jacket to wear because there was no time to wash. The dryer is still broken. The repair guys were to come Saturday but they didn't show up -again. They'll be back next month after their school closes. Pallu has her first birthday December 23. It's a huge deal in India. I am thinking about what I want to give her, besides diapers-she pees everywhere. Even I know better than to do that.

Lady's back but not for long...

Oh, happy day! I make sure Lady knows I missed her. She brought that human baby and her parents with her. At first, the kid didn't remember me and cried! But now she's chasing me around again. She threw up on the rug tonight. I went over to help clean it up but Lady stopped me.
Our landlady told Lady she would take care of me while she and Jerry are away, but she backed out this morning, the day before Lady leaves. Lady was so upset she cried! I felt bad for her. She doesn't like to leave me, and this is the first time she is leaving me with someone besides Jerry. The landlady changed her mind and was fussing all over lady, and kissing her face. Just like me! So, she came to learn how to feed me and carry me carefully down the stairs. I'm doing a bit better but I am still wobbly. I had my last injection this morning but another vet put me on a syrup called Geriforte. I have to have it for twenty days. Oh yum.
The Big Girls came today. I was glad to see them and warmly welcomed each one -all eleven!
It's quite cold. Lady and I are sleeping in Jerry's room because we gave up our bed to our guests.
It's going to be so lonely here without Jerry. I'm sure she will miss me. Maybe she will coem back. A little dog can hope.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Bags by the Door

Rats! Lady has bags by the door, and none of them are mine! I know what that means. She bought me a new chew bone, and gave me pizza for dinner. Yep, trying to soften the blow of another trip. Thank the Lord I have Jerry to stay with me. But in just one week, she and Lady both are leaving and Jerry isn't coming back! We hope the landlord is keeping me, but she hasn't agreed yet.
Jerry smelled the evidence on her pink rug. These injections make me so thirsty! What's a little dog to do? I couldn't help it. At least I didn't throw up this morning. Jerry's funny! She says "He put out again." Ha! I am walking pretty well, but I get tired pretty quickly. I have one more shot in the butt and five more pills.
Friends came to see me tonight. One snuck some Kur-Kuri and some chips to me! Kur-kuri is like spicy Cheetos. They're real crunchy, so I got caught! I'm almost didn't get pizza crusts because of it. I ate my chow though.
So, since I am not allowed on the computer unless Lady is here, I won't be posting until she gets back.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Visitors on Diwali

I survived another day and night of frightening noises and bright lights. The tradition is for people to visit friends and family and bring gifts. Here are some of our visitors.
They brought us a gift!
This baby lives downstairs. I make her laugh, so her daddy brought her up for a visit. I was very good and didn't take her biscuit...but I wanted to.
More kids from the children's home came to sing, and make crafts, and have an English lesson. They don't understand as much English as I do! I was good and walked them almost all the way back. Somebody lit a cracker, so that was that! Time to go home.
Lay went to her friends house four streets up the mountain. From their terrace they could see fireworks all over the place! Jerry and i stayed home and tried to ignore the bombs and whistles and screamers.
Yeah, it's pretty. Many houses had lights twinkling.

You would not believe the mess this morning! Of course I had to check it out. Our whole street is littered like this. We still heard some bombs and crackers this morning but tonight it is finally quiet. 
This is one of the little humans who came yesterday. He just loves me and always wants to play with my toys. The kids from the home love coming here to see me. Lady says I have to be sweet to them and tolerant. They are very poor. If I am good, she gives me a treat and lots and lots of scratching!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Survived First Night of Diwali

Well, I survived the first night. Lady gave me lots of treats when the bombs went off, but I threw up this morning. On her new silk rug. She didn't even scold me. At least I didn't flood the hallway as I did yesterday morning. I was so embarrassed! I told Lady I had to go, but she took too long getting some clothes on. She didn't scold me. That injection makes me really thirsty so I drink a lot. It has to go somewhere! That's why we were out late last night, but I didn't last long in all that noise. Here are some shots of our street last night.

Diwali is the most popular of all the festivals in South Asia. It is also celebrated by Jains and Sikhs. Because of the lights, fireworks and sweets involved, children love it. It's as big as Christmas is to the Christians. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, although the actual legends that go with the festival are different in different parts of India. For many Indians the festival honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. People start the new business year at Diwali, and some Hindus will say prayers to the goddess for a successful year.Some people build a small altar to the goddess and decorate it with money and with pictures of the rewards of wealth, such as cars and houses.Hindus will leave the windows and doors of their houses open so that Lakshmi can come in. Diwali lamps are regarded as making it easy for Lakshmi to find her way to the houses. 
I guess these neighbors really want Lakshi to find them. 
Many of the houses on our street are adorned with fresh flower garlands or fake ones.

View from our balcony.
This is me headed home after kids lit some crackers in front of us! Despite my wobbly legs, I turn on a dime and high-tail it home! I am currently curled up in my yellow blankie on the sofa in front of the heater. I took Lady out early this morning!

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Because it is Dewali or Festival of Lights, most of the kids were out of school. Lady brought six more kids from the children's home to visit me. I was on my best behavior. I have to be, or I'll get scolded. Lady says I must be patient with the human kids and play with them. When I don't want to play, I just go under the table, or go lie on my blankie. Lady is teaching the kids Christmas songs, so they entertained me. And I entertained them by playing tug-o-war with my blankie! This bunch of kids is from ages 8 to 12.

They made crafts with Lady.
They did a great job! After a fruit snack, and some candy, it was time to head back to the home.
I even let the little guy walk me! Lady was so proud of me!
When we got a little further, some kids lit a cherry bomb and some crackers. I turned right around and headed home, so Jerry had to walk the kids back, and I walked Lady home as fast as my wobbly legs would carry me! Tonight is Little Diwali, and tomorrow night is the big night. Hopefully, it won't be TOO bad! I'll let you know!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back to the Vet Hospital

I had to go back for another injection. I like the riding in the car part, but not the shot in the butt part. The vet has been coming near my home to give me the shot. Lady or Jerry holds me in the front seat and the doctor shoots me. Last time, he told Aunty Jerry to let him see me walk. I promptly walked over to his car tire and peed on it. Maybe that's why we had to hire a taxi to drive us to the hospital! He changed my meds. Now I will take an oral red pill (oh boy) for ten days. It's Methycobal. The injection is Depo-medrol. Lady waas not happy when she found out I shouldn't be taking Carprophen and the Depo-medrol. The vet knew I was taking the Carprophen, but said it was good for me. He didn't tell Lady to stop giving it to me while I was getting the Depo-medrol injections. Sophie's mom wrote Lady and told her about Dodger's List. It's all about IVDD, which the vet in Delhi thought I had. This vet says I don't have it but have something else wrong with my nerves-maybe a bulging disc. Lady was relieved because IVDD is really really bad. On that web page, Lady learned about the drugs used to treat it, and found out about the drug interactions. Lady watched the video that showed how she is supposed to lift me to protect my back. Neither one of us like that way AT ALL. She is supposed to reach between my hind legs with her right hand and then reach across me with her left to support my front legs. Her right hand gets a handful of boy-ness. Probably works fine for the girls, but for us real boys, it is unpleasant. For Lady it is unpleasant. She doesn't want to hold onto my privates. So, we went back to the old way. As long as she keeps me horizontal it should be just fine.
This is the guy! This is the one!
Pet Club India sent me a Happy Diwali e-mail. On their site, they tell about how to help us dogs through Diwali. Seems other little guys don't like it either. Lady did as recommended and asked the vet about a mild sedative. He pointed to an add on the wall and said, "you could try that but it is not available in India. Well, maybe you can get it in Delhi." Big help. It's a wall plug-in that lets out a certain vapor and is supposed to help me be calm. Anybody heard of it before or used it? She's trying something else recommended on the site. It said to give me a treat when the loud noises start. Now I like that idea!! Some have already started lighting crackers (firecrackers) and cherry bombs, and it will only get worse by Friday and Saturday. Any other ideas???

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh No! It's That Time Again!

Lady took pictures at the bazaar yesterday of the signs of the coming festival...the one I dread since coming to India: Diwali-The Festival of Lights. It's a scary time for a little dog like me. Lots and lots of fireworks for days! It is a major festival celebrated by just about everybody.
Everybody's out buying new clothes, gifts, and decorations.

I love nuts, but I am not allowed to eat very many.
Here's Jerry shopping for stuff. She's got her suitcases on the floor. I wonder why? Her sister came to stay with us while Lady was gone to the beach, but she left today. I really like her a lot. I sure hope Jerry doesn't leave us. I will miss her. Her gives me chicken when Lady takes her out to eat. She makes me chappattis and fried paneer. If she goes away, I hope she comes back like Lady does when she leaves me. 
Lady bought colored lights and draped them on our balconies. We'll leave them up for Christmas after Diwali. We have candles everywhere. We don't celebrate The Festival of Lights -we just celebrate One Light -Jesus Christ -the Light who pierces the darkness. So, for us it is the Festival of Light- a change to share about our Light. I'll keep you posted.