Monday, April 04, 2011

Road Trip

Lady is packing our bags for another road trip. We're going in a car for about 5 hours over some pretty treacherous roads. The mountain hangs over the road and no shoulders! We have to wind wind wind around the mountains. Lady is helping the teachers in a very small school. Lady said we'll be there for a week to ten days. There's no internet in that village so we'll be out of communication for awhile. She's taking tons of stuff for the little school. I tried to play with some of it but got scolded. She's packed my wheels, too. Oh boy. She adjusted them some more and I did walk, lie down, turn around and walk a bit more.
I'm all clean and have my flea and tick goop on. My Pooh coat is clean and ready to go. Lady says it's pretty cold there so she's bringing my heating pad.
I'll take lots of photos and share them with you when I get back.

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