Friday, August 05, 2016


Hello World! Teddy here at the World's Most Famous Beach, stretching 36 miles down the east coast of FL.
Down the road about an hour or so is Cape Canaveral. We can see launches from our balcony or from the beach. Here's a recent launch -top secret payload!

Mommy survived three days without Grandma. Grandpa and I were pretty good. We kept Granpa busy.
They left me the other day and I wasn't happy about it. So I left a surprise on our bed. Mommy wasn't happy about it. No Cheerio for me. I've been sneaking up stairs and leaving little logs here and there, when they are home. Mostly when they leave, I don't leave any surprises. I do it when they are home- just to keep them on their toes. Mommy doesn't appreciate my efforts. I pee on the pads butt that's it. Now if I take care of business outside I get a Blue Mountain treat!

Mommy went to see Donald Duck ( or something like that) yesterday, along with 8000 other people. I wasn't invited. I don't do pawlatics, butt I'd vote for meat, dog parks with separate areas for little dogs, no-kill shelters and more access into AC'ed stores. Oh, and better representation on prime-time TV.  
Can anybody recommend a pet insurance policy company?
 Well World, this is Teddy, looking forward to tomorrow's Pawlympics!