Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lady's Back in India!

I just got word from my human friends that my Lady is back in India! My happy meter is going strong wiggling my whole backside! I have to express my emotions physically. They told me she is making plans to come get me next month and take me home. I don't know where my new home is, except that it is with my Lady. They told me she misses me terribly and can't wait to have her little partner with her. Whenever we move to a new city, I help Lady make new friends in the 'hood. It is a very important job. Humans are more likely to talk to me than to Lady at first! Yep, it's true. They are too shy to speak to Lady, so they make comments about me. I can't wait! Lady is way up north and i am still down south, but not for long! Keep watching here for my next adventures! I'm going to learn yet another language. I already understand Chinese, English, Kanada, and Korean. I will learn any language if it gets me meat!
My Lady is coming home to me.

Monday, February 01, 2010

My bite

Cuddling with Qing.

Qing loves me. I stay with her in the girls' dormitory. I am the only guy!
This is where I was bitten on the neck. The doctor shaved me. I am so embarrassed! I am healing nicely now, and have only one more of the five after-bite shots left!