Saturday, March 30, 2013


Recently, I had a sleepover at Aunt Holley's cuz Marisa and family went somewhere. Aunt Holley lived in our same city in the south when we first moved to Bangalore. She had several furkids. Her two-legged kids are all but grown and don't live with her. So, I think she enjoyed having me around. Flat me is having more adventures in Florida, this time at Lady's beloved beach. 
 These are the dunes by my grandpa's house.
 Lady loves her beach! She says she feels closer to God here.
 Flat Marley is King of the Castle!

 Sea gull!
 Lots of life on the beach!
 Scurrying sandpipers.
Looks like Flat Marley had a great day with Lady on the beach.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Lady and her best friend Jean took Flat me to EPCOT Center in Florida! Looks like flat me had a great day. EPCOT celebrated 20 years of the Flower and Garden Festival.
 Flat me and the wizard fo Oz.
 Lady took Flat me to Mexico!
 So many beautiful flowers!
 And to Norway...

 EPCOT had many topiaries -this one is in China.
 AFRICA! Lady took flat me to the African exhibits.

Flat me and the elephant.
Aunty Jean took some more photos that she will send to us, and then I will post them. 

Monday, March 18, 2013


Lady took flat me to Texas to visit her cousins and their kids. She sent me photos! Looks like I had a good time!
 Sitting in the old buggy with Ethan and Bella. This looks like fun!
 Ethan and Kenna took me in another antique buggy!
 One of Lady's cousin's horses.
 Bella and Flat Marley talkin' to the horses.
Swinging with Kenna.
 Flat Marley supervising Colton working out. Plenty for kids and dogs to do at the ranch.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Friday, March 01, 2013


I had a surprise visit from Aunty Pam and my buddies Joseph and Titus. They brought a cool gift they got from Lady! Lady said it is a gift from Ezzie, Kira, and Wyatt!! Aunty Pam saw my Lady in Thailand! She said Lady misses me too much. Lady showed my book to everybody. We'll, it was good to hear Lady is doing okay. Aunty Pam said she'd take some photos for Lady. I had fun playing with my new tug-o-war toy with the little humans. Boys are fun, but I love Marissa.