Thursday, November 22, 2007

Counting My Blessings

It's Thanksgiving Day and Lady says I should count my blessings. As we took our walk this morning, I noticed the street dogs I usually try to ignore. They were sleeping in the streets, in dirty holes by the road, and in garbage piles. A mama dog Lady feeds (some of my dogfood) is already searching for food. Her ribs poke out of her skin. She looks so tired. I am so thankful I have a nice home, a huge bed, Lady to take care of me, filtered water, good food (even though Lady doesn't give me enough meat to suit my fancy), lots of friends, toys, a rug, my own chair, and coat to wear on cold mornings. I see the street dogs shivering in the cool air. They are scratching. I am thankful Lady puts that strong medicine on my back to keep the fleas from multiplying. I am thankful for my chair, from where I can survey the street and all who come and go, including the water buffalo. I am thankful for the medicine Lady shoves down my throat when I have a cold. I am already feeling better. I had a fever and I was sneezing. When the street dogs get sick, they die. Just last week the little white puppy got sick and died. Yes, I have many blessings. I know I will be fed and taken care of. I know where to find clean water. Lady is always telling me to be sweet to the street dogs and not bark at them. They can't help being poor. And when she gives some of my treats and food to the poor, I shouldn't try to snatch it back.
May God richly bless my readers this day, and may you count your blessings. It's hard to be grumpy when you're thankful!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Still Diwali Time

I can't believe there are even MORE fireworks tonight! They've been going on all day but the big stuff is tonight. Lady says she has only seen these kinds of fireworks done by professionals on the Fourth of July and at the theme parks - not in front of private homes! Huge fireworks burst into several colors high overhead. They also roll out yards of firecrackers and set them off. They take almost thirty minutes to finish popping! My landlord's son said there are 50, 000 crackers in them. Some have 10, 000 or 1,000 crackers. The people across the street are rich so they are setting off the expensive fireworks, and LOTS of them. The neighbor two doors down is also setting off the huge ones. They are so loud! Lady says it sounds like bombs going off. They are so close! They are being lit just 15 feet from our home.
I am glued to Lady and shaking like a leaf. Auntie Al went to church, but Lady wouldn't leave me. I am so glad. She already took me outside before all the loud stuff started, so I am in for the night!! There are NO dogs on the street now. Even cars have to wait for the huge strings of crackers to finish! What a night!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I hate India

Well, I hate India- today anyway. It's Diwali Festival time. You may remember that I am not fond of firecrackers and fireworks. I am a little afraid of them. Okay, they terrify me. Well, they began last night and went on ALL DAY today. Tonight is a really big night for firecrackers and bombs and other kinds of explosions. Festival of Lights? What's wrong with candles? The Indian schools were out today. Lady's kids jumped out of their skin whenever the bombs and crackers went off. Made for difficult learning. She doesn't know why on earth they had school today. The streets are littered with remnants of the fireworks. The street dogs are hiding. Even the water buffalo stayed home today. They didn't walk our street past the early morning. Lady stepped in evidence on her her way to school and tracked it into her classroom. She had to clean it up before the kids came in and noticed the awful smell. Her day didn't start off very well. Then, all day long, "BOOM! KaBOOM! BANG! BANG! BANG! POP! POP! POP! SIZZLE SIZZLE BOOM!" I was so happy to see Lady come home from school. She tried to take me for a walk but I didn't want to go. She had to drag me out the gate. We walked to the end of the street and turned around. I couldn't get back to my house fast enough. Last night I went as far as the bush outside my gate and wouldn't go any further! Inside, I stay glued to Lady's heels. While she is on the bed, I am UNDER the bed. It's safer. The landlord's van is right outside our window- inches from my chair. The car alarm has gone off three times in the last hour. I hate this day. Auntie Al felt sorry for me and gave me some of her hamburger for dinner. Lady gave me some leftover paneer masala. Lady has earplugs but I don't. They help a little but not much. You can't imagine how bad it is. When India won the cricket championships, we thought we were under attack! Well, this is WORSE. Lady says it is twenty times worse than their fourth of July celebrations. Well, this little dog is staying inside and under the bed.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007

Online at Last

The broadband man finally showed up on India time. It's almost as bad as China time. I've been having to write at Aunt K.'s on Sundays. Lady still isn't very happy because her phone isn't working right. She can't call her mommy. And we aren't going to Aunt K.s this Sunday. Lady's praying she can get the phone to work.
Well, I had a traumatic walk with Lady after school today. That big, black, bully with the stumpy tail attacked me again. Last time he left a small hole by my eye. Lady shouldn't see it until it formed a scab. He bit me again but she can't find a hole yet. I sneezed and pawed at my face afterwards, so she thinks he got me. She whacked him on the nose with a stick and he reluctantly backed off. His mommy came out and called him back, but didn't put him in the gate. Several tent children had been walking with us and they ran back. Just a bit up the road, five more small kids ran up to Lady and took her hand.She was walking along with them when she suddenly realized she didn't have her keys!!! Oh, no. Big problem. Did the other tent kids slip them out of her hands? Did she drop them during the melee with the bully-dog? I didn't know. Lady starts praying to God to help us find the keys as we turned around and dashed back up the street. Oh great. Back to the bully. We were looking everywhere and there they were, in the street where she had whacked that bully on his snout. She was so relieved, and started thanking God! Many people were around but no one had noticed the keys! Amazing! Lady says it was God.
I got extra attention because of my difficult time, but no meat. Oh, well.