Monday, May 21, 2012


I am one pooped pup! My pawty was pawsome. People who loved me and help care for me came and shared in my special day. I must admit, I am glad I have been on a diet to prepare for today because I would have popped!
 My pupcakes, and bacon cheese bones, also some rice krispie treat bones.
 Lady made me a cake with a pouch of wet puppy food with cheese cheese frosting. YUM! I was only allowed to eat one third today.

 The birthday boy!

 Christy gave me a bear!
 I had to take a little rest from opening up my gifts. I had to try out each one and show the giver that I appreciated it!

 Padma gave me a box of toys! She really liked my pawty. She dance to our Puppy Pawty Music.

 Sanvi and Padma tied in the game where they had to cut a piece of yarn as long as me from the tip of my nose to the tip of my tail!
 Thought I'd open the bag of chews Vic gave me!
 Playing the bone toss game. Part of the game is where I try to steal the bones!
 Nan's mom cooked chicken for me!!! Thanks, Lady, and thanks, Sallu.
 I was smacking my lips eating the cream cheese frosting!! It's sticky!

 Lady made little pizzas for each one to put on their own toppings. Can you guess which one is mine?
 I chose chicken and cheese.
 Sanvi really liked the pupsicle!
 Where is Ashish's hair? I gave all my guests gift bags with bone cookies, a party horn, cany, and a dog pencil.
 Pearly and Evangeline have a lollipop in one hand (Lady made them) and a pupsicle in the other!
 Hahaha! A cat!

 My loot! Thank you friends!
 Sonya, Nan, and Christy all wanted to hold me for the photo. Good thing I am long!
Well, I guess I will be going back on a diet tomorrow. Look at my belly! I saw Lady packing some treats, and my leftover cake. I'm taking my new pink elephant and Dead Bunny. 
Tomorrow we leave for our big trip. Internet connection is poor to none where we're going, so I probably won't be posting until I get back. I'm not taking my laptop. We're going to very rural areas in HIGH mountains! I'll spend the first few days with my little pal, Pallu in Apple Country. 
Eleven years old is starting out pretty good. 
I thank God for answering my very specific prayer eight years ago when I asked Him for a black and tan dachshund. I was in a new city, new apartment, and alone. Within two weeks, I got a call from someone who told me of a little three year-old dog who needed a new home. When I found out it was a black and tan dachshund, just as I had prayed for, I was so thankful! Up to that point, my neighbors were afraid to speak to me, not knowing if I understood Chinese or not. It was very lonely. After I started walking Marley, many people spoke to HIM! He broke the ice, and we made many friends in the three years we lived in China. Now we're in India, and Marley, again, has helped me to make new friends in three different cities in a strange land. I like to take this opportunity each year to publicly thank God for this little black blessing (well, I thank Him every day) and celebrate Marley. I love you, Marley Parley! Lady

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Mess Makers

It's Saturday. That means the neighborhood girls come over to my house for a Bible Story and a craft. Sometimes they cook. Not today. Today, after learning lessons from Michal, they made pictures with their thumbprints. I had a little difficulty.
 My pal Christy came early to play with me. She and Nan stayed late to help Lady and I decorate for my pawty TOMORROW!
 I'll just hang out with Nan as she helps the little ones.
 Maybe I can do nose prints in my notebook.
After the mess makers left, Lady, Nan and Christy decorated and did more baking. Christy grated cheese. I waited patiently. Nothing. She said I had to wait till tomorrow for my pupperoni pizza. On my birthday, Lady makes my favorites. I don't eat until my party so that I can have a little taste of everything. Wonder if I will get chicken. Lady the vegetarian is not going to cook it for me. Although, she DID make me bacon (grease) and cheese biscuits. Those I got to sample. My diet is over tomorrow! Yippee! It's my pawty and I'll bark if I want to!!
Uh oh. Lady wants to know what Dead Bunny is doing in HER suitcase. Gotta go.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Was She Thinking?

Nan and Vic came to help Lady and I prepare for my pawty. They both like to learn how to bake. Lady found a recipe for carrot pup cakes. It called for mashed bananas. What was she thinking? I don't like bananas! I love carrots, and carrot cake with cream cheese or yogurt frosting, but I DO NOT LIKE BANANAS, even hidden in my pupcakes. She added more honey in an attempt to get me to try them. Nothin' doin'. I do not like them, Sam I Am, I do not like pupcakes with mashed ba-nan! So I sent her back to the computer to look for another recipe. I think she is going to feed the carrot/yuck to the humans, disguised with some nice cream cheese frosting. Well, I'll lick off the frosting.

The day didn't start out too promising food-wise. Is there anything sadder than one tiny little pancake on one's plate? Lady said I was lucky to get even one since I am on a diet until Sunday. At first, I just stared at her in disbelief, waiting for her to add more to my plate. I had waited patiently as she mixed the batter and fried them up. Oh, the disappointment. I backed away from the plate to show my dismay. Lady just left it and went on cooking. What's a little dog to do? Of course, I ate it.

Lady said that little dogs with pawty's on the horizon should be on their best behavior. Oh, poo.  

Friday, May 18, 2012


Only three more days until my Adoption Day/Birthday Pawty on May 20!! Lady and Nan came home from shopping with a bunch of bags! They wouldn't let me see what they were wrapping. I helped Lady get my gift bags ready for my special guests. I'm only having human guests because I don't play nice with real boy dogs, and street dogs don't have all their shots. I love puppies, but they don't have all their shots, either. So, only human guests. Lady's making pupcakes and pupsicles for us! She already made some treats for me -bacon and cheese! I drooled so bad she gave me some to taste.
My bag is out. Lady is starting to pack our suitcases and all the stuff she needs for her school trainings. We are going to two different schools. The first one in Apple Country I have been to, but the second one by Tibet, I have not been to. Lady says it will take us two days to get there.
My pawty is going to be pawsome! If you can't come in the fur, maybe you can be here in thought!
If I haven't told you yet, I will be eleven!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Nickname Game

Lady calls me a lot of different names. Turns out other humans call their furkids by different names, too. One of them, Sarge, is sponsoring a Nickname Game (click the link to see more).  I saw it on Nola's blog. So, since she is playing, I decided I would, too. Here's how it works:

  1. Sometime between May 11th and end of the day on May 18th, create a post on your own blog where you list all of the nicknames you’ve been called by your peeps.
  2. Invite your furiends to comment with their own vote for his/her favorite of your nicknames.  For the following week, your peeps all have to call you ONLY BY YOUR WINNING NICKNAME!  BOL
  3. Leave a comment for me so that I know you pawticipated
 My list:
1. Booger
2. Sugar Booger
3. Marls
4. Cheese Stealer
5. Quitchewingyourbutt
6. Sweetheart
7. Marley-Parley 
8. Baby Boy (I'm almost eleven)
So, which one do you like best?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy mother's Day

I hope all you furriends give your human moms extra licks today. I woke Lady up with doggie kisses. I rolled over and let her have the pleasure of scratching my belly. I let her fix me breakfast. Then, I took her out for a walk. It is important to see that our human moms get the proper exercise, and fresh air. I greeted her enthusiastically when she came home from church. She brought some friends so I greeted them, too. I show Lady I love her every single day, not just one. I didn't make her a card the way Nan and Vic did, and I didn't give her roses the way Kira, Ezzie, and Wyatt did, but I showed her loved her just the same. She didn't scold me for jumping on the sofa again. I just gotta learn to put the pillows back.
We sent Grandma a mug with our photo on it. We Skyped her tonight (her morning). She was already using it! Happy Mother's Day Grandma!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day Trippin'

Lady took me along to her Breast Cancer Awareness training today! I was invited! Nan and her mom trained the women with Lady. Vic and two girls did the children's program. After the programs, the hostess fed us lunch. Vic shared his paneer (local cheese my fav) with me. It too over an hour by car to get to just this side of nowhere, and then we had a hike to the house.
 Riding in Vic's lap. I had lots of laps to choose from, but mostly I prefer Lady's.
 She just ate and left!
 I had to be careful of this drop-off -straight down!
 I had a great time exploring.

 This photo is for my grandma in FL. She likes flowers. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma!
 The view

 Lady thinks I am one handsome dude!
 This stuff grows everywhere. Mostly I pee on it. Aren't you supposed to pee on the pot?

 Vic helped me up when it was steep and had those huge rocks on the path.
The road
The view. I'm pooped now, and Lady's getting ready for guests tomorrow. Think I'll help by staying out of the way.