Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stupid Human

Lady is not too fond of irresponsible humans with dogs who don't use their safety leash. This fluffy gray dog in our neighborhood barks at me often. Usually, the man uses the leash, but today, he let that dog run loose and he ran right for me. I looked like Dumbo the flying elephant as Lady tried to pull me out of his reach. She was NOT happy with that human. You may remember we have had a lot of vet bills due to dogs attacking me. She doesn't like anyone messing with her baby. She didn't scold me for barking back at him. He barked first. The man didn't even apologize!! Stupid human.
We had guests for the weekend -two young ladies from the capital city. They loved our cool weather. A bunch of ladies came over Saturday for a training. They drew on each other's hands with henna. Good snacks, too. Lady took the girls sightseeing. They rode horses and yaks and taxis. I stayed home. The girls left this morning only to come back when their train was cancelled due to a landslide. They left after lunch to catch their second train four hours away. We had another bunch f neighborhood ladies here today. They made jewelry. The baby from downstairs came for awhile but she distracted her mom so that she left. I tried to entertain her, but she wanted my toys. She has a whole basketful to play with. I a not allowed to play with hers. Don't worry, I was a good boy. We had sun today, which was nice after all the rain. I've been a muddy boy. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Cow!

Our high temperatures don't see 70 degrees anymore. The humidity is high. Our clothes won't dry. I climbed a rock pile, took care of business, and couldn't get back down. Lady had to rescue me. Then, I didn't feel like walking back home, so I wagged my happy mete, planted my paws firmly, and batted my baby browns, signalling Lady to pick me up and give me a ride home. 
Last night as I walked Lady, two cows had forgotten to go home before dark. The white one turned around when she saw me and headed for me. Jerry took off running, and Lady and I didn't hesitate too long either! Cows go after small kids and short dogs. We always have to dodge their poop. They are holy here, considered the mother of all life because people drink their milk to live. And other reasons, but that is the main one. The cows have the right of way here. Hey, I yield. Indian cows have a distinctive hump on them. Their horns go every which way. There's a big caramel-colored bull in our 'hood we call "Rock Star," but we haven't seen him lately. He is a big beefy guy who thinks he owns the road. Well, I guess he does here. All cars yield to the cows.
Lady took this up in the mountains. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


No, not me. My e-mail address:littledogmarley@hotmail.com. I am so sorry if you have received some bogus ads apparently from me. Hey, I am not salesman, so you know I didn't send that stuff, but I know it is annoying. Lady wiped out all the contacts on my list in hotmail so that maybe you will stop getting them. I write here. I write back from my email. If you email me, I will write you back, with Lady's help of course. My nails get stuck in the keys. I won't let her trim them. Uh-uh. No way.
I do love to read your comments and get e-mail, so do write me.
The high today was 62. I wore my Pooh coat tonight because I start to ache in this chilly weather. The sun was hiding today. Lady put her suitcases away so maybe she is sticking around for awhile. She says we're having more company though. I hope they bring treats.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Full House

I was right about that suitcase -Lady took off again, but she's back. I helped Jerry paint while she was gone. She brought that baby and her parents with her. We had dinner, then the power went out. That's always fun. Lady was afraid someone would step on me. So we went for a walk, and guess what? LOTS of humans had the same idea. Nothing else to do.
Lady said she had a great time in Apple Country but she came home with lots of insect bites. I licked some for her. I am not so sure she appreciated it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've Got Mail!!!!

What a day! First, my Lady comes home, and then I get mail! I got not one but TWO cards from kids in Florida, USA. Lady got one. Vannette wrote me and asked me if I like to play outside. You bet, Vanette! Of course, I am not allowed to play outside without my harness and leash. I can play on the balcony without them though! Thank you for praying for me, Vannette.I love the horsey card.
Karsyn doesn't like to read but is very good at math. She wants to inspect bones when she grows up, or perhaps be a detective. Thanks for writing me Karsyn, and tell your brother Ethan hello for me. Aunty Marilyn, please tell Buddy Boy hello. Lady wants to thank Lauren, age 6, for writing her, too!! 
Lady unpacked two suitcases, but only put away the big one. Uh-oh.

Lady's Home!!

This morning my happy meter was wagging off the scale because Lady came home! She road in a taxi all night to get home to me! There are two major holidays in India these days, so trains, planes, and buses were full. Lady said she passed buses with people crowded on the top in the luggage racks!! I cleaned her face really well, lavishing her with kisses. She brought her suitcases in and I got really excited! Lady ALWAYS brings me something. Grandma sent me Slim Jim Beef Jerky which Lady didn't let me open myself -she fed me a piece at a time! Grandma also sent me a new squeaky toy. I rooted around in her suitcase looking for other stuff, but she whisked some stuff away and hid them.
 Of course, I unwrapped it myself.

Thanks, Grandma! I love my gifts! Lady gave me a Beggin' Bacon strip! yum! More to come!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Back at Home

Well, I am back from my vacation at the Children's home. The kids brought me back home to Jerry. I think she missed me. Lady's not here -I looked. She is still in the US with her mommy and daddy. But still, it's good to be in my own home. Aunty didn't give me the right dog chow. I wouldn't eat it until she added real chicken and rice!! I've got her trained! She even fixes me chapatti's, a flat read like a tortilla only made with wheat flour. I know, because I watch her carefully as she makes them.
Lady always brings me surprises when she comes home. I wonder what she'll bring me?