Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Vacation Again...

My goodness! The suitcases barely get unpacked before they are repacked and I am off on another adventure!
I enjoyed my time with Aunty Gail and Uncle Edwin, but I let them know I was ready to go home. Lady was to pick me up on Saturday. I keep track. It was already time for church and she hadn't come. I stood still as a statue on my Winnie the Pooh rug in the middle of the living room floor in front of a houseful of people and peed. That was a first. Lady came a couple of hours later. I was embarrassed. She was the main organizer of a big conference -Aunty Delena and a bunch of other aunties helped. My friends from America came to help -twenty-three of them. Lady had to see them off at the airport. She missed me so much, but I couldn't go. So...I had to wait a really long time until she came to get me. I peed. In the house. I never do that. She didn't scold me.
After only two days, Lady was off again to Spain to visit Uncle Wil and Aunt Julie. I only know them by Skype. I'm staying with Jason and his family. I follow Aunty Delena around everywhere. 
Lady has been so busy, and hogging the computer planning the big conference. She said it went well, and her friends from FL brought her a LOT of chocolate. And they brought me my FAV Beggin' Bacon Strips!! Susan brought me a huge bag and Virginia brought me a huge bag!! I'm set. I forgave Lady. 
Lady said she'd post some photos when she can. Her iphoto  is messing up. Anyway Blogville friends, we hope to be back in touch soon. Suitcases. Ugh.