Sunday, June 29, 2014


Life is good in the mountains. It is a lot cooler than Delhi. Nancy is hard at work studying for her finals. She is finishing her second year in her Bachelor of Technology program. I help her study -make her stay on task. I give occasional licks of encouragement.
Nancy told Lady not to worry about street dogs here -the leopard took care of them! She reminded them I am NEVER to go out without my harness. Even I know that! 
Lady went to a meeting in Thailand, and now she is on her way to Nepal for another training. She has a large territory. She misses me, but is glad I am cool and loved.
The vet was out of Royal Canin mini Adult, so Lady bought Adult Pug. Do you think my nose looks shorter?

Saturday, June 14, 2014


We had a pretty good trip up, despite our annoying driver.

 This is like an Indian road stop where you can eat, go poop, and exercise. Lady had to pay a guard 20 rupees to watch me so she could go in and take care of her needs.
 Made it to Wyatt's house!
 I love playing with Wyatt on the balcony.
 Baby Nolan came over to see me. I gave him a Marley stuffie so he can remember me when he moves to the US.
 I think he is saying thank you.
 We're having a chat.

Tate likes to go naked like me. His mom made him wear a diaper. I am waiting for ice cream.
Nancy and Viki came to see me, too. It is so nice and cool here!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Our bags are packed and by the door. Tomorrow we're getting out of this heat and head to the mountains. Nancy said it is hot there, but it's 35 degrees cooler there than here. Another day of 115. Lady had to go to an embassy to pick up a visa. Over an hour in an auto rickshaw. She wouldn't take me cuz of the heat. Her feet got sunburned and baked -in the auto rickshaw!
We're going to see our little buddies Wyatt and Tate! Lady's got lots of work to do, but she can do it better out of the heat.
We have an all-day trip tomorrow, so this little dog better hit the sack.