Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Lady picked me up from my time-share family's last night. I was so happy to see her. Of course I had fun with the Critters, and I like riding in the elevator. But I was ready to get in my own bed with my Lady.
My back end is wobbly. I walk like a drunk. I lose my balance when I pee. So, it's off to the White Coats today. Lady leaves again soon, so she wants to see what we should be doing. I am not currently taking any supplements. In June, I am going with Lady back to our old city in the mountains to stay with Vicky and Nancy for Summer Camp. The government vet there is very good. He helped me more than the Delhi vet did.
That little white tart that lives above me is teasing me and causing me anguish. I have unmet needs. Lady says she'll be glad when I leave again and we don't have to listen to that yappy white fluff who teases me. 
Yes, it is still very hot in Delhi -over 110 for the entire last week, and those temps continue this week. We were out by 7:00 am this morning. Our low is 84 degrees. But I am not complaining. I have nice cool tile floors, AC at night, and a nice breeze on my balcony.  
UPDATE: Lady took me to Max Vet's. I had my annual immunizations and my nails trimmed. He watched me wobble. Basically said I'm thirteen and a dachshund. He put me back on joint supplements for life. I didn't bite anybody so I get a treat. I didn't cry with my sticks either! I got to ride in the auto rickshaw, which I like. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014


It's my pawty and I'll bark if I want to...
Actually, Lady said I was the perfect host. It takes talent not to get stepped on with so many people, and to remember to greet everybody as they arrive, to be polite when they give me a gift, and to remember to say thanks to everybody. 
We had my favorites: chicken fried rice, chicken momos, veg noodles for Lady, veg moms, paneer (cheese) momos, carrot cake, carrots, ranch dip, bone shaped sugar cookies, cheese, and chips. 
Yes, we served in (new) dog bowls.
 We played Pin The Tail on the Cat.
 This is for Sit-Beg-Sit (Tic-Tac-Toe) 
 Dog Bone Toss. Lady put a sponge in the bowl because everytime a bone hit the dish I jumped!
This was for the Hot Dog game (Hot Potato). Brooke won.

The Treat Race: Everybody chose something off the table and held it out and called me. The one I got to first was the winner. I chose Merry's chicken momo! Merry is in the pink dress. 

No thanks, I don't need any help opening my gifts! But thanks so much for bringing me gifts!

 Sabra and the Bone Toss game
 Aunt Delena tries
 Erin tries
Sit Beg Sit game. The Beg team won. I was on the sit team. 
 We'd play a game, and then I'd get to open another gift.
 Lap Race: Erin and Daniel raced me to see who could lap up their dish first. Daniel won!
 Hot Dog Game: Lady played music and everybody passed the hot dog stuffy. If they had it when the music stopped, they were out. 

Opening another gift!
 Can I have some please?
 My birthday cake had a doghouse on it with my name on it. 
 Silly Sabra!
 Aunty Gail and Aunty Deb. I am staying with Aunty Deb now.
 Aunty Gail and Tico brought me homemade peanut butter dog treats!!
 Daniel, Erin, and Brooke made dog bone sugar cookies (eggless) 

 The Critter's gave me a card, treats, and a squeaky toy.
 One pooped pup!
 Brooke and me
Just us guys -Daniel and me.
Daniel Erin and Brooke took me home with them, and Lady went to the airport. We had a super fun 13th birthday pasty, and celebrated 10 years together -Lady and me! Lady gave me a badger stuffy!! Pawfect!

Monday, May 19, 2014


 I mentioned that Nancy and Vicky came to visit me from our old city. I take Vicky for walks in my 'hood when he comes.
 Here's Nancy with her "little" brother, Vicky at India Gate.

They enjoyed seeing the sights in my awesome city.


Hello Blogville furrends! Sorry for the long delay. Lady has been on two trips since Easter. I've been at sleepovers with my time share families. Nancy and Vicky came to visit us from our old city! We had fun, of course. Next month, I will go to summer camp at their house in the beautiful, cool mountains. Delhi is HOT, but not as bad as last year. Temps are running 104 -110. 
So, stay tuned for my BIG PAWTY! May 20 we are celebrating my 13th birthday and TEN YEARS together!! All my time share families are coming. Then, that night Lady flies to Thailand, and I go home with my newest time share family, the Critters (nick name). They were here today helping me prepare pup cakes, and dog biscuits, and my cake!! We're going to have games and prizes and goodie bags! I want to say thanks to all my wonderful Delhi timeshare families!
Well, I was trying to add photos, butt they are on my other laptop and I can't get to them.