Sunday, March 30, 2008


Lady says it's not love, only lust. I can't eat, I whine all the time. I try to drag Lady out at all hours when I hear the other boys chasing her. I cry when she goes's awful to be in lust. Lady wants to send her far, far, away for tormenting me so. And that big, black bully that bit me on the butt is still hanging around. Makes taking care of business difficult. Well, my hiney is healing, thank you very much. Lady had a retreat to go to. Thank the Lord it was close by so she could come home twice a day to shove a pill down my throat and paint my bottom with ointment. Then, she painted it with a bitter oil so I wouldn't lick off the medicine. Nice try.

Lady's friend Deb came to visit us for a night. She brought Lady a stuffed elephant from another country. I tried to claim it but Lady said it wasn't mine. So, I leave it alone. My Easter pillow is another story. I tore holes in it and pulled the stuffings out!

Lady's vacation is over today. We went to school yesterday to get things ready. Of course, I have to protect Lady while she is at school alone. You remember me telling you about going to watch American idol every Wednesday and Thursday night with Miss Joanne? Well, she moved out of that house yesterday because it gave her hives. They checked it for bugs couldn't find any. Lady says I can't go back. We don't know where we will watch American Idol. I've got to cheer on my favorites! Unfortunately, the only black guy got voted off. I like the guy with hair like a Puli! Lady likes Brooke and David Cook.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Beagle Came!

Happy Resurrection Day! A bit late, I know but we have had internet trouble. The man came and "fixed" our land line, which hadn't worked in three months. Now it "works" but is full of static, and our internet connection is worse than ever. Lady went to church Eatser morning and hid 125 eggs for the Sunday School kids. They had never hunted eggs before. After lunch at church, Lady returned home to me. Under our egg tree, she found a chocolate bunny, some Peeps, Skittles, and gum! I found a nice, new pillow!

I have been having a rough time lately. You know I always have "issues." After all, I'm black, I'm short, I'm Chinese, and I live in India. Well, there's this babe on our street...Lady has another B word for her...anyway, she always flirts with me. So now that she is ready to tango, she bites me in the face! Daily, I drag Lady over there to see if she has come to her senses, and she teases me, then bites me in the face. All the "real" male dogs are coming on our street to see if they can get anywhere with her. It's been quite noisy at night! Our street dogs don't want the other dogs here, so they bark...a lot! Last Thursday night as we were walking home from Auntie Jo's after American Idol, that big black bully that gives me such a hard time ran up from behind me and bit my butt! What a coward. I cried. Lady looked for a puncture wound but didn't find it. She didn't look low enough. After two days, and chewing off the hair around it, Lady found the hole. The doctor came ot our house today to check it and give me some antibiotics. He said he saw two other dogs with the same thing today, only they both had maggots in their wounds! Mine wound is clean. Lady put ointment on it. So she had to shove a pill down my throat. My poor butt is sore and I am miserable because of all the rejection. On top of that, My landlady gave me the forbidden chicken bones and I threw up three times. Life can be rough for a little black Chinese dog living in India.