Saturday, June 30, 2012


 Caught some rays...
 Trained for the destuffing Blogsville Olympics event...

 Supervised the little mess makers...
Checked out Uncle's new (er) bike. This pic is especially for Uncle Floyd, Aunt Virginia, and Aunt Corrie. We prayed for its use. Forgot my doggles and helmet.
Lady's got her suitcase almost packed and hasn't even gotten mine out yet. Uh oh. Guess I'm going to the Home.


Nan brought a thumb drive with pics from my recent local trek.
 Started off so pretty...

 We passed by a school.

 These trees are so huge to a little dog like me.
 The view.

 Man! Some really old mail here.

 King Marley!
I'm hot, so I found a puddle to cool off.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Play Date

 My little buddy Padma from downstairs came up to play. She loves balloons. She'll look at Lady and say, "bu LOOOOn? bu LOOOOn?" Until she goes and gets her one. I hate balloons. She sat on my day bed and wondered why I didn't go over there. I was petrified that thing was going to go off as she squished it and bit it.

 I'll just play with Hedgie, thank you very much.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


No, another monkey didn't try to get in my house. Recently I went to Vic and Nan's home for dinner, and we forgot my bag with my toys, dish, and blankie. So, they gave me a blankie and dish to use, and a stuffie to play with!
 It has a rubberband in the arm so it flies across the room, and screams like a bird from the Amazon! REALLY LOUDLY!
 Vic had it when he was little, but he gave it to me. Good thing, cuz he really wasn't getting it back after he let me play with it. I loves it. 
Saturday was Christy and Pranjal's birthday, so Lady and I gave them a party. Lady made pupcakes, but they were chocoate. I got to have the other stuff though. I love Masala chips. Christy is from the Children's Home where I stay when Lady can't take me with her. 
I'll be going there next week when Lady goes to Nepal. I've gotta stay here and train for the Blogsville Olympics! I'm training for De-stuffing event. I'm a pro. I de-stuffed a bear this morning. He's missing a nose and an eye. I haven't decided all my other events yet, but I am excited!!! I hope you are going to pawticipate as well!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


 Thanks to Lady's camera issues, I missed the recent Pee Mail photo contest. Thought I'd share my pics with you anyway. Here's me reading the  "High Times."
 Some very interesting articles here from some very interesting characters!
 After I was gone for two weeks, I had a LOT to catch up on! Peeing on the pot takes on new meaning here.
This is one of my most favorite places to check the news. The neighborhood street gang members regularly leave mail here.
The rains are making everything lush and green. And they help cool things off for this little black dog. Well, gotta go check the evening news.


Sunshine Award, June 2012

Thanks, Garth Riley, for giving me this Sunshine Award!
Click on his name to check out his page. He makes us laugh!! He brings us sunshine. Be sure to check out Pet Blogs United because Garth is featured today!! Congratulations! 
Hey, I've got lots of sunshine to share from up here in the foothills of the Himalayas, even though it is monsoon season! The rains came later this year.
Well, as per the rules which accompany this award, I am todo the following:
(1) Answer 7 questions below
(2) Pass the award on to 10 furends (all that is required is to list the blogs you are giving this award to, but I've written a little bit about each)

(3) Let them know they received the award

Okay, now for the questions:

1. Favorite number?  Mine is 5202004, my adoption date!
2. Favorite non-alchoholic beverage? MILK!
3. Facebook or Twitter? Neither, I just blog. My mobile doesn't do anything but make and receive calls.
4. What's your passion? Keeping Lady company, fishing, trekking, treats, and travel! 
5. Favorite pattern? Pond ripples - means there's something to try to catch, and I like fluff on rug.
6. Favorite  day of the week? Saturdays because friends always come over on Saturdays, and i usually get to go shopping on Saturdays. We sleep later on most Saturdays!
7.  Favorite Flower? Fart Blossoms, anyway that must be Lady's because that's what she calls me sometimes. 
Now for passing on the award!
1. Gardening With Wyatt 
 Wyatt is an Airdale Terrier in the US. We love his awesome photos and gardening tips!
2. Jo's World  
   Stella and her human Jo, try to keep the Zkhat in line! Stella makes us smile!
3. The Life of Lily the Dachshund and Her Humans 
We just love Lily! She is one of my MOST favorite girls. She writes about her sister Muffin, and her human family, too.
4. Jasper-isms 
Jasper is a tweeny dachshund who really makes us laugh! His mom takes great pics of him. 
5. Finn's Dog Blog
Finn is a two-year old bulldog who is so funny! Check him out!
6. Dachshund Nola 
Another of my MOST favorite girls, Nola brings me sunshine! Maybe I'm not the first to tell you, but I just had to have you on my list.
7. Kalyxcornucopia  Baxter the dachshund cracks us up! We had to add him!
8.We 3 Doxies 
If you haven't already met her, be sure to check out Puddles! She is a hoot and def gives us Sunshine!
9. Da Weenies of Florida 
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10. Chronicles of a Dachshund Named Texas 
Texas and Bubbles are dachshunds, and David is a smooth-coated collie that just towers over him! Texas makes us laugh as he tries to train David! 
 So, there ya have it! I hope you'll get a chance to check out these guys!  

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Nan and the little mess makers came back today. Nan forgot the cable for her mobile so I still don't have the trekking photos, BUT Lady got a new camera thanks to some help from family and friends!
 The new toys I told you about.
 I love my Hedgie!
See Dead Duck? Be sure to read my poem about it.

 I'm just trying not to get stepped on.
 Twelve little mess makers came today, including a new one who is afraid of dogs. Oh, pleeeze.

Nan and Christy, my favorites, eating pupsicles Lady made!