Sunday, September 16, 2007


Lady's been having internet issues, so I have not been able to update my blog. I've heard my friends are concerned about us. We're fine. Some things in India are about like things in China, such as trying to get anything done! We are on a long waiting list for our internet hook-up. We're told that paying a "facilitation fee" may speed things up. This is the kind of fee you get no receipt for. Anyway, we're at Aunt Kay's using her connection. While Kay and Lady were at church, I held down the fort. When they came back I seized the opportunity to rush out the gate after three cats who had been tauting me. Lady wasn't happy with me and made come back inside before I had a chance to catch one. Speaking of cats, I tried my best to get to the cats that crawled up inside our landlord's vehicle. Lady thought I was stuck, and crawled under the van to try to get me out. She was happy when she discovered I wasn't stuck at all, but just chasing another cat. But, she made me come in anyway. She WASN'T happy about getting down on all fours trying to get me.
We have been having torrential rainfalls. It makes walking difficult. The water in the streets comes up to my chest and i get covered in mud. It's hard to avoid the water buffalo patties when you can't see them. Lady was still at school working on Friday when it began to rain so hard. The playground turned into a lake. Rain blew in her windows and doors and soaked the floors. It comes so fast. I had to wait awhile before I could go out and teetee. I never go inside. I put on my raincoat and went out. It was only drizzling. Lady walked me for quite awhile because she was afraid it would rain again and we wouldn't be able to go outside again before bed. The tent children rush up to Lady and shout, "Auntie! Auntie!"
We ordered pizza from Domino's. I ate the garlic cheese bread and Lady's leftover crust. Aunt Al gave me dip.
I've had a lot of visitors lately. Lady and Auntie Al named the spayed female Doe, because she looks like a deer. Doe really likes me. She tries to climb through the gate. Sometimes she howls to get my attention. She manages to get our landlady's attention, however, and she shoos DOe away. When she wags her tail, it doesn't go side to side but around in a circle! My other regular friend is Dino. Lady says it's a he, but I get confused because some parts are missing. I think it's a girl, and I sniff her a lot. S/he doesn't seem to mind. Anyway, when Dino wags his tail his whole hind end wags. Lady gives them both treats.
So, we're both fine, just very busy. Lady had Open House at school last Thursday. It went very well. All of her students' parents showed up. The students sang some songs. Friday, they had an American picnic for their social studies unt. Lady made potato salad. They had KFC, and apple pie! I didn't get any though.
E-mail me and I will write back when I can. We sure will be happy when we get broadband!