Monday, June 26, 2006

Lady must be going on another trip. Her bags are by the door along with mine. I think she has to go meet the summer teachers and bring them to our city for a few weeks. She has been making big messes getting ready for them. I get in trouble when i get in the way, and mess up her things. All I did was drag my blanket across her things.I like to be comfortable and I like to be where ever my Lady is. I also get in trouble if I get in her suitcase. I like to lie on her clothes. I like the smell. I mostly like to go with her.  Posted by Picasa

There's Joe, waving. He just returned from a trip to some famous cities in China -Xi'An, Beijing, Qingdao, and Dalian. His school rewarded the grade tweleve teachers with a trip. Have ou ever seen such a big table?  Posted by Picasa

Goldie, Katrina, Angel, Nancy, Betty and Julia came to the farewell English Corner dinner for Anna last night. The food was delicious-well, at least the meat they sent me was! Posted by Picasa

Here are my friends, Claude, Linda, and Belle. Belle wanted me to go stay with her for my vacation, but Betty wanted me more. Ah, to be so popular! Posted by Picasa

ANna (blonde) is heading back to Denmark, and the our other two American teacher-friends are heading back to the states for the summer. The English COrner group held a dinner in the beautiful restaurant in our neighborhood. I didn't get invited because the last time I went, I kept chasing the goldfish in the pond, and I got all wet. What? After all, I'm just a little dog. My friends did send home a doggy bag for me of guess what? MEAT! Posted by Picasa

I am going on vacation again. I will be visiting Betty (little girl). She is out fo school for the summer. I like going there because they give me lots of meat. They are picking me up today. I can tell because Lady has my packed bag by the door.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Jeremiah came over today for an ENglish lesson. Mostly, we just play. He wears me out. Today, he was extra good. He didn't have a tantrum. That's because his mom stayed in the kitchen. Lady gave him a muffin. I didn't get any!  Posted by Picasa

Lady got tired of the paw prints on the wall, and on her legs when i want to have a look. She pushed a chair up for me so I can look all by myself. i check for that cute little female dog that keeps teasing me. I also saw the horse drawn cart outside. Sometimes, I just check out the weather. Posted by Picasa

We looked out the window, and what did we see? Lady thought maybe her prince had come in his chariot! Naw, it's just the movers. A neighbor is moving out and this is one of the way's they transport the furniture. Lady really wanted to take a ride. I am content to just look. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cute, CLever WeEnie DOg May Need NeW HomE

It's not my fault. Lady knows I love meat. She's the one that left the beef jerky treats in her pants pocket. Can I help it if I the only way I could get them out was to chew through her pants? She noticed the holes. If I could have gotten my treat jar open, maybe I wouldn't have chewed her good pants. I knocked the jar off the coffee table, trying to get it open, but it didn't work. I did succeed in spilling a whole bowl full of sunflower seeds onto the floor. The clean one Lady had justed mopped. Lady was NOT happy.
Lady told me that her classes were discussing superstitions. Here are some superstitions her class shared with her:
  • When you sleep, don't cross your arms over your chest-you will have a nightmare.
  • If your left eyelid twitches, it means good luck, but if your right eyelid twitches, it means bad luck.
  • To cure stammering, drink water from rinsed rice.
  • If swallows make a nest in your home it will bring bad luck to the family.
  • If you rub a child with rice it will grow up quickly and healthy.
  • If you walk alone in darkness, you must spit to prevent a ghost from following you.
  • If you have a nightmare, you must tell someone at the beginning of the day, or else it will come true.
  • During spring festival, if you cook fish, you will have enough crops.
  • If you hear an owl hoot, you will have bad fortune.
  • After drinking traditional Chinese medicine, you must spill it on the road, and those that pass through it will take on your illness, and it will leave you.
  • Lucky numbers:8, 6, 9. Unlucky number:4, because it sounds like the word for death
  • At a wedding banquet, you should take two candies from the tray because good things come in twos.
  • Each month on the 5th day, you shouldn't wash your hair, or you will have a headache.
  • If you sit on written paper when you are young, you will not study well when you are older.
  • If a magpie sings by your house, you will have guests.
  • Firecrackers will frighten evil spirits away.

Well, I have learned a few superstitions of my own:

  • If you drag a human's blanket off the bed, and get it dirty, it will bring you bad luck.
  • If you poop on the carpet, you will spend time alone in the bathroom.
  • If you teetee on a rice bag, it will bring you much trouble, and you won't get to go to the market.
  • If you dance or do tricks for humans, you will get treats.
  • If you kiss a human's face or hand, and wag your tail when you're being scolded, it will go better with you.
  • If you patiently wait by the table in a restaurant, wag your tail, and look at meat-eating humans with big, brown eyes, you will be rewarded.
  • If you stand on your human's chest and lick her face at 3:00 in the morning, you will get kicked off the bed.

Do I really need a new home? Not yet. Lady needs me. She is very forgiving. After all, I am just a little dog.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Congratulations Jerry, Skye, Jade and Frannie on completing your college entrance examinations! Lady and I gave them a pizza party yesterday. I hosted, of course. Today, thye all had their oral English examination, so Lady helped them prepare. They all did well because they have been coming to our English Corner for a long time. 95,000,000 students took the college entrance examinations across China on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now they wait for the results. Jerry brought us some beautiful red roses, and the twins brought Lady a bucket of candy! Frannie played tug-o-war with me! . Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I feel stupid, but Lady thinks I am adorable in my Thomas the Tank Engine conductor's hat. Today, Lady gave Jeremiah, Jenny's son, an American style birthday party.Read on for more photos from the party. Posted by Picasa

Lady gave Jeremiah a Thomas Tank Engine musical book. Posted by Picasa

Eating birthday cake! Posted by Picasa

Pin the whistle on the engine! Posted by Picasa

Jeremiah's little friends had fun at the American style birthday party. Posted by Picasa

Here's Jeremiah at the bean bag toss. Lady painted the Thomas Tank Engine. Posted by Picasa

Happy 4th Birthday, Jeremiah! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today is International Children's Day. We found this little one doing some wash in the bucket.It's a good day to think about the conditions many little ones live in. Posted by Picasa

Dragon Boat Festival

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a special day in China. Our friends all gathered with their families and had special foods to commemorate the day. Sticky rice, meat filled buns, and dumplings are among the special treats. Every year, friends give us zongzi (sticky rice) to eat. Check below for my photo. A poet, Qu Yuan, was in such despair when his ideas were not appreciate by the leaders in his own country that he threw himself in the river. To keep the fish from eating his body, the people fed them sticky rice. In river cities, many races are held in long wooden boats with dragon heads carved on them. We didn't have any boat races in our city, but a boat sure would have been handy. It has been raining for days. Lady and I were soaked to the skin last night. You will be happy to hear she has been spot free for a couple of days.

For Dragon Boat Festival Day, many of our neighbors hung these special greens by their door to ward off evil spirits. Lady and I didn't. We don't need to.  Posted by Picasa

Yesterday was Duan Wu Jie, or Dragon Boat Festival. Friends brought us some of the traditional foods for the day -zongzi, which is sticky rice wrapped in along green leaf and steamed. Some have meat inside, and some are sweet. Guess which ones Lady lets me have?  Posted by Picasa