Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Lady has a meeting in the USA so I am going on vacation. For the first five days, I will be visiting the B family with three short humans. Lady is going to visit her family for Thanksgiving, so I will stay with John and Sarah. I'm all packed up: blankie, toys, treats, clothes, towel, medical records, food, and a book I wrote about how to care for me. Lady helped. We're both kind of nervous because these are new families to me. I promised I'd be a sweet boy.
We have a mouse in the house. It ate two lollipops and my beef jerky. It's small, and got out of a sticky trap. We're not leaving traps while we're gone. Don't know how it got in.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Nancy and Vicky came on Monday to get me at the Home. Was I glad to see them! We had a sleepover in their home, then got up very early and traveled all day to get to my new home and my Lady. She was so glad to see me! She has this huge thing on her foot and walks funny. She also has a black thingy on her left wrist. I licked it. I promptly checked out every room in our new first-floor flat. My rug -check, my bowls, check, my blankies -check, my toy basket- check, my mattress-check, my Lady -check! This must be home!! My balcony is much larger than in my old home. I like it. We don't have quite as many windows as in the mountains but still lots of light radiates in, giving me rays in which to bask. 
Lady isn't able to carry me easily, so Nancy and Vicky took me out each day. We have a small park right across from our lane. Two big street dogs live around there, right by the little neighborhood watchman. They are very friendly to Lady but they bark at me. A few more dogs are not happy I moved into their 'hood. Nancy and Vicky get afraid and pick me up. Those dogs will get used to me. 
Nancy and Vicky helped Lady unpack, clean, and put things away. They left on the bus last night. Now Lady has to take me down the stairs. She asked me to please walk down but I said no. So, down we went ever so slowly. She brought me back before I was ready, but what can ya do? Pray my Lady heals quickly, okay? 
It's 35 degrees hotter here than our old place. We have to get out early and go out later in the evening when it cools off. A little black dog gets hot quickly. 
We just got internet yesterday, so Lady and I are playing catch-up.
Photos to come.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


 Lady wanted to see the wall art by a young Lithuanian artist named Zachas.
 Because her paws hurt, Lady took a trishaw tour of the historic district. Flat me went along but Lady forgot to take photos.

 Here's another wall mural.
 Many tourists were flocking around to see the mural.
Lady stayed here in this home stay. Tomorrow she heads back to India and ME. Tuesday is my taxi adventure with my cousins Nancy and Vicky (a boy)!!! It will take us all day to get to my new city with fifty bazillion people in it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Heard from Lady. She is moving slowly with a cane, but still enjoying Malaysia. Her booboos are healing. She's going to a tea plantation tomorrow, and is taking Flat Marley. She got the idea from Asta and Wyatt. I'm having fun with the kids at the children's home. Nancy and Vicky are going to take me down by taxi on Oct 16 to my new home. They're going to stay with us for a few days to help Lady and me get settled. It's going to be hard for Lady to carry me until her foot heals. She can still carry me with a broken arm. I won't wiggle. I can't wait, 
                                          CAN'T WAIT,  
                                                 CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012


 Auntie Virginia had never ridden before.
 Aunty Sylvia was a first timer, too.

On top of the world!!!


Yes, I did! Lady couldn't stand the thought of leaving me behind on her last day in our city, so she took me with them. She thought I would just stay in the taxi with my good friend Mr. Sood. But when we got there, the horse guy said if I didn't wiggle and spook the horses, I could ride! So, Lady got on and Aunty put me up on the saddle in front of Lady. She just draped me across the horse! I didn' wiggle! I had a great time!We trekked to 10000 feet! And when we got to the top, we got off and explored all kinds of things! So many good smells! I drug Lady all over- through the flower garden, by the temple, by the yaks... I rode a yak! But the photo is so close up, you can't tell what I am sitting on. 
Lady and I had a wonderful last day together. Pearly and Rani came from the home to pick me up. Lady cried. But my Lady always comes back!
*Lady here- miss my baby! Got my furniture moved to the capital. Having a great time in Malaysia, but fell on a beach boulder and broke my wrist, cut up my leg, and bruised my heel! Sure need my little fella now!